Helicopter In Iranian President's Convoy Crashes -

Israeli Military Intelligence Chief Resigns Over Hamas Attack

The Israeli military has disclosed that the chief of its intelligence directorate has resigned after taking responsibility for failures leading to the October 7 attack by Hamas. Major General Aharo ... Read more

Israel Strikes Iran With Missile

Reports have emerged that Israel has hit back at Iran in reprisal for the last week’s drone attacks. It was recalled that Iran had deployed over 300 drones including cruise missiles where it ... Read more

Israeli Security Cabinet Orders War Cabinet To Respond To Iran’s Attack

The Israeli security cabinet has authorized the three-man war cabinet to decide on Israel’s response to the Iranian attack following a late-night meeting Saturday. The authorization comes aft ... Read more

Niger Republic Breaks Off Military Cooperation With US 

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Facebook, Instagram Suffer Glitch

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Donald Trump Wins As US Supreme Court Rejects Bid To Remove Him From Ballot

Former US President Donald Trump has emerged victorious as US Supreme Court unanimously struck down an attempt by Colorado Court to remove him from the Republican presidential primary ballot for alleg ... Read more