Blood-soaked Canada: Trudeau’s Government Gave Ass

UK Prime Minister Recognises Tinubu As President-elect, Vows To Work With Him

United Kingdom Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, has written to president-elect Bola Tinubu ahead of his May 29 inauguration. In the letter sighted by newsmen, Sunak vowed to work with Tinubu who was de ... Read more

Policing The Elite’s Technocracy: How Do We Resist This Effectively?

As has been carefully documented, under cover of the ‘virus’/‘vaccine’ narrative, the Global Elite is implementing long-planned and profound changes to 200 areas of human life. ... Read more

The Global South And The Ukraine War At The UN

[B][I]In UN debates over Russia’s war in Ukraine, Western countries are still pledging to back Kyiv militarily, while non-Western states are more inclined to call for a negotiated peace. Thus fa ... Read more

We Are Being Smashed Politically, Economically, Medically And Technologically By The Elite’s ‘Great Reset’: Why? How Do We Fight Back Effectively?

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How Ukraine Can Score Another Win At The UN

[I][I][B]The UN General Assembly has been a notable barometer of international opinion about Russia’s war in Ukraine since it began. With the one-year marker approaching, Kyiv can secure a diplo ... Read more

Illegal Wildlife Trade Continues To Threaten African Elephants

Illegal killing for ivory continues to threaten African elephants. To help guide responses to the ongoing poaching, a Read more

Blood-Soaked Canada: Trudeau’s Gove

Mr Justin Trudeau (Canadian Prime Minister)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has not hidden his dangerous leftist ideo ...
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