Rage Against The War Machine: What Rage? ‘when Wil

LAGOS Election Violence: The Real Issue

A young Igbo man, victim of Lagos Election violence  at Abule Ado Last Saturday

Whether Lagos is a "no man's land" or not is not the issue here in the 2023 presidential and gubernatorial election in Lagos, Nigeria. The issue is that, are Igbos and other non-Yorubas eligible to vote on Lagos State? Are Igbos and non-Yorubas in Lagos eligible to contest election in Lagos State if a political party give them their ticket? ... Read more

Just Before We protest The Outcome Of #NigeriaDecides2023

Chima Christian

As initially warned, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has delivered what many Nigerians have come to describe as a “sham.” All careful analysis pointed us to this endpoint. Again, I am more disappointed with the leadership of the opposition political parties, their presidential candidates and campaign councils than I ... Read more

Naira, The King

For several months , naira- related issues have principally hugged our television channels and unarguably topped most of our radio programmes. It seems every gathering or place gets awash with the same matter - naira . Our religious homes and centres were equally not spared. School children, whatever their colour, age, and tribe are similarly not e ... Read more

The Musings Of A Ruga Girl—Shoola, My Purred Friend

Cats, also known as domestic cats, are small carnivorous mammals that have been domesticated by humans for thousands of years. They are popular as pets all around the world due to their playful, affectionate, and independent nature. They are known for their agility, grace, and sharp senses, particularly their excellent night vision and hearing. Cat ... Read more

The Time Has Come For An Idealistic Revolution In Nigeria.

Prof John Egbeazien Oshodi

Nigeria is ready for an idealistic revolution; the time has come to begin. During the 2023 election season, Nigerians in a supposedly democratic environment were clearly subjected to political and economic slavery more than ever before. Physical force is always used by the state and federal governments to quell the vast majority of Nigerians' ... Read more

Misunderstanding the Nigerian Understanding

[I]Let us forget our differences—Dr. Azikwe[/I] [I]Let us understand our difference—Ahmadu Bello[/I] [I]Let us understand the misunderstandings of our differences—[/I][I]AbdulBalogun Chukwud[/I][I]i[/I] "Misunderstanding the understanding" can refer to a situation where someone fails to comprehend or interpret a concept, ... Read more

Winning By Stealth

For all who know me one of my pet hates are people who talk too much, overblowing their importance and going on ego trips, plastering Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media portals with their ostentatious lifestyles (- often fake!) looking for public validation. Truth is nobody needs to know who you are unless you have a serious ins ... Read more

Before They Begin Igbo Point-And-Ki

Felix Oboagwina

April last year, I wrote an article, titled, “Didn’t Tinubu Just Goo ...
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Dear President-Elect Bola Ahmed Tin

Bawo Egbakhumeh

Dear President-Elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Now that you have won, maybe i ...
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What Oyo Muslims Should Say, When N

Amazing God. Unrivaled greatness is His, alone. Many a man, in history has tried ...
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LAGOS Election Violence: The Real I

A young Igbo man, victim of Lagos Election violence  at Abule Ado Last Saturday

Whether Lagos is a "no man's land" or not is not the issue here in the 2023 ...
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Why Anambra Can't Afford Herd Menta

Emeka Ozumba

A Physics teacher in Islamabad, Pervez Hoodboy, wondered: "How is it that otherw ...
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