Six Options Open To A Party/counsel Where He Has C

Migrants Die, Leave Libya Given Health Challenges They Face In Detention Centers

[I][B]Despite being taken to prison or having their homes attacked by armed gangs, the migrants did not desire to return to their respective countries. However, they were forced to do so due to the injuries sustained from beatings and illnesses contracted while in Libyan detention centers. Furthermore, they were treated negligently, similar to anim ... Read more

Olije And Gov. Adeleke’s Sense Of Nationhood

If there is any recent evidence that placed the Osun state Governor, His Excellency, Senator Narudeen Ademola Adeleke Jackson, among the few public office holders in the country that their sense of nationhood is stronger than their tribal loyalty, it is the recent news report that he (the Osun state Governor, His Excellency, Senator Narudeen Ademol ... Read more

A Psychologist's Plea To Bola Ahmed Tinubu: Embracing Humility, Apologizing To Nigerians, And Building A Nation Together

Dear Fellow Nigerians, In these moments of vulnerability, I stand before you with a heart weighed down by the burdens of my past mistakes. My intentions were never to deceive you, my fellow countrymen and women, but rather to chase dreams of education and success that I believed would one day serve our nation. As a young man, I grappled with the c ... Read more

Taming The Beast Within: Needed Measures Against Animalistic Traits In Nigerian Law Enforcement Officers And State Security Service Agents

Prof John Egbeazien Oshodi

Revealing the Beast Within: The Power of Uncompromised Psychological, Medical, Financial, and Ethical Testing in Identifying Animalistic Traits in Nigerian Police and State Security Service Officers In the heart of Nigeria's legal battles, a stark reality emerges: the prevalence of animalistic traits among law enforcement officers within the ... Read more

An Open Letter To Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun: Concerns Regarding The Arrest And Subsequent Release Of Mr. Wale Adedayo, Ex-LG Chairman, Ijebu-East

Dear Distinguished, Open Alliance, a coalition of civil society organizations working to improve openness and accountability in government, has written a letter to the Governor of Ogun State, Dapo Abiodun, to convey its concerns regarding the arrest and recent removal of Mr. Wale Adedayo, the former Chairman of Ijebu-East Local Government Area, Og ... Read more

Special Needs Education In Nigeria: Concept, The Challenges And Remedies.

photo credit: The Nation Newspaper

[B]CONCEPT OF SPECIAL EDUCATION[/B] Individuals with special needs have potential too, which through effective and efficient training can be developed to the maximum. Special education is designed for children and individuals with exceptional requirements. Special education is an individually planned, specialized, intensive, goal-oriented in ... Read more

Empowering Women For Sustainable Economic Development

Prof Protus Uzoma Nathan

All over the world, women play a vital role in the economic development of their countries, as their presence is prominent in various fields such as agriculture, industrial organisations, organised and un-organised sectors. Thus, women empowerment and entrepreneurship is a veritable sure-foot for sustainable global development and financial freedom ... Read more

Fuel Reform That Is Making Nigerian

Attempts made by previous Nigerian administrations to remove the fuel subs ...
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Erisco And Money Miss Road- Why Nip

Frank Tietie Esq.

Blue Band is probably Nigeria's most beloved and favourite home grown margar ...
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Strategizing National Board For Ara

Prof. Yahuza Suleiman Imam (Registrar/CEO, National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS)

The National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies (NBAIS) is a national examinat ...
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Dark Powers In The Music Industry:

Once upon a time In Uganda, there was the rumour that musicians used witchcraft ...
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A Psychologist On Tinubu vs. Atiku:

Psychologist John Egbeazien Oshodi

Tinubu vs. Atiku: A Dispute In American Courts - Regardless Of The Final Outcome ...
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