Promise And Fail People 

By Odimegwu Onwumere
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Odimegwu Onwumere

There was a powerful Dibia in a town in the East. According to how my Master narrated his ordeal in the hands of proud and arrogant clients, he was so powerful that his clients were good at promising how they'd build a heaven on earth for him, given the mud house he had and lived in.

He was circumvent and told them, "The people that would build a house for me have not come." The numerous boasting-clients were surprised. Accordingly, they made their empty promises and never came back with results.

One day, the Dibia saw a trailer carrying different building materials heading to his compound. "The people that would build a house for me have arrived!" the Dibia shouted, and called his kinsmen out to help him relocate his sparsely belongings to one room in his brother's building. They did. His primordial house was brought down and a new building was geared.

The irony was that he never discussed the building with the people that came, neither did they promise him of building a house for him. They planned it in their closet and took the bull by the horn.

When this story was told to me, it dawned in my heart the aged-long matrix that says empty shell makes the greatest noise. People who are up for you with good tidings do not mouth of their plans towards you. They take you by surprise even in the absence of a camera.

So, empty promises abound in our society today. Many do that for vainglorious publicity and pride.

Today, I pray that our destiny helpers take us by surprise. Ihia!

~Odimegwu Onwumere
April 26, 2024.