Why We Need A New Transport Architecture In Yenago

Strategies For Combating Decision Fatigue, Maximizing Daily Productivity

Aisha Musa Auyo

Oxford Dictionary defines decision fatigue as a difficulty in making a good decision experienced as a result of the number of decisions one needs to make. In psychology, decision fatigue is defined as mental and emotional exhaustion due to excessive or relentless decision making. According to Bob Pozen, a professor at MIT and author of Extreme P ... Read more

Consequences Of Stirring The Controversy Pot In Nigeria’s Entertainment Industry

“Nor mind Portable, e just wan make himself popular” The foregoing sentiment was assertively shared by a professional colleague of this writer in his take on the controversy which Portable is presently enmeshed in as a result of his purchase of a vehicle for N27 million, and paid N13 million, and agreed to pay the balance later. As wide ... Read more

The MMA Judgment And Resurgence Of NBA-Balkanization-Disease In The Legal Profession

Sylvester Udemezue Esq.

(1). The status of the NBA as a voluntary organization, has been settled by appellate courts. The reality is, no one has forced anyone to subscribe to NBA's membership; as of the day of subscription, every application to the membership of the NBA knows the legal and practical implications of being a member of the Nigerian Bar, namely: *that one ... Read more

Leadership And NDDC’s Stakeholders

Jerome-Mario Utomi

The struggle for the emancipation of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria from all forms of socioeconomic shackles that impedes infrastructural development, environmental justice and social mobility has been on for years, but recently gained momentum. Essentially, one leadership lesson from the present disposition in the region which flows from, an ... Read more

Building Hope, Not Demolition: The Case For Compassionate Housing Regulation In Lagos

In the bustling heart of Lagos, a city pulsating with life and dreams, the specter of home demolitions looms large, casting a shadow over the aspirations of its hardworking citizens. The recent spate of house demolitions in Lagos State has sparked a wave of concern and outcry among the populace, who have invested not just their finances but also th ... Read more

Despite Campaign Of Calumny And Innuendoes, Governor Obaseki Has Respect For Edo's Traditional Institutions

In the heart of Edo State, where tradition intertwines with the threads of governance, Governor Godwin Obaseki stands as a beacon of respect for the time-honored institutions that have shaped the region's history. Despite swirling public opinion and insinuations, the evidence of his reverence for traditional rulers, especially the Oba of Benin ... Read more

As Regina Daniels Celebrates Husband's Parliamentary Excellence

Amidst the dynamic political landscape of Delta North, the esteemed Nollywood actress Regina Daniels emerges as a pillar of encouragement for her husband, Senator Prince Chinedu Nwoko, a prominent Nigerian lawyer, philanthropist, and politician, and popularly known as Ned Nwoko as he has been marked by an exceptional commitment to legislative affai ... Read more

70 Years of US Covert War Against E

Thomas  Mountain

It has been 70 years, at least, since the USA began it’s covert war agains ...
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Social Media: The Undiscussed Artif

Ganiu Bamgbose, PhD

Whatever be the discussion now, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the icing on the ...
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The Africa Biogenome Project: Advan

L-R: Sinte Wilfred and John Idumange

Introduction Biotechnology, the application of biological systems and organisms ...
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Tackling Nigeria's Ecological Chall

As the impacts of climate change become increasingly pronounced worldwide, Niger ...
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Rivers Politics: Fubara Raves As Wi

As noted in part one under this header on Monday, April 29, 2024, Governor Simin ...
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