Another Disastrous Bbc Interview By Kyagulanyi

Uganda’s Village Life Shaped Me So Much

Dear readers, I was totally in shock in my first year in England when I found out that there were people born here that were not taking the advantages the country has to offer. Instead, they were dee ... Read more

Togolese Journalists Loic Lawson And Anani Sossou Jailed Following Minister’s Complaint

Journalists Loic Lawson (left) and Anani Sossou were arrested following a complaint by Togo's Minister of Urban Planning and Land Reform over social media posts discussing alleged (Screenshot: YouTube, Mises à jour au Togo)

New York, November 15, 2023 – Togolese authorities should immediately and unconditionally release journalists Loic Lawson and Anani Sossou, and reform the country’s laws and regulations to ... Read more

Ghanaian Soldiers Beat And Arrest Journalist Nicholas Morkah, Wipe Phone

Ghanaian morning show host Nicholas Morkah was filming soldiers attacking a man when the soldiers began attacking Morkah, according to news reports. (Screenshot: Courtesy of Akyemansa FM)

Ghanaian authorities must swiftly complete their investigation into the soldiers who attacked and detained journalist Nicholas Morkah last month and hold the perpetrators to account, the Committee to ... Read more

Dr. Kazibwe's Interview On Health Economics Was A Bit Disturbing

Dr. Kazibwe

Dear friends, I recently watched a video of our former Vice president, Dr. Specioza Wandera Kazibwe, and she was talking about several issues, including the health economics (HE) she studied at Harva ... Read more

Why Bobi Has Failed And Why He Needs Besigye Now More Than Ever

NUP’s president, Kyagulanyi aka Bobi isn't doing Besigye any favours by working with him or inviting him at the opening of the NUP offices. He is simply gradually abdicating the responsibili ... Read more

Elections In DR Congo: Reducing The Risk Of Violence

[I][I]There are many risks looming over the next electoral cycle in the Democratic Republic of Congo. To mitigate these risks, the government should ensure that all parties can campaign freely, and Af ... Read more

Another Disastrous BBC Interview By

Deserved criticism is the strongest form of patriotism. Mindless loyalty is simp ...
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