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Community Forestry Is Being Hijacked By Global Log

Donors Are Beating Besigye With Sticks Not Carrots!

Friends, I like the clean politicians, feels clean. That is the feeling i'm increasingly getting as I start reading Daniel Kalinaki's book, ''[B]Kiiza Besigye And Uganda's Unfinish ... Read more

Crypto-currency and the future of Mama-preneurship in Africa

The tradition of good communication requires that one has to define hard words before going ahead to use them in her text or speech. This tradition binds me too. I will first give contextual definitio ... Read more

Infrastructure key to intra-African trade

Ken Ukaoha knows something about infrastructure and intra-Africa trade. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Kenaux International Concept, a shoe and garment manufacturing company based in ... Read more

Irregular migrants turn to Morocco – Spain route

Thousands of irregular migrants from Africa are now considering the Moroccan to Spain route in an attempt to reach Europe by land, says the Migrant Project. The anti-irregular migration campaign gr ... Read more

The Dangers of Amhara Chauvinism in Today’s Ethiopia; The End of the Abyssinian Empire

The Amhara people of Ethiopia built the Abyssinian Empire with firearms from Italy in the late 19th century, and in doing so adopted a uniquely African brand of ethnic chauvinism. Anyone familiar with ... Read more

Donors Are Beating Besigye With Sti

Friends, I like the clean politicians, feels clean. That is the feeling i'm ...
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Community forestry is being hijacke

Wednesday, 10th October 2018 – A new investigation from Glob ...
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