Fostering Sustainable Industrialization: Private Sector Partnership in Sub-Saharan Africa's Economic Progress

Oxford Business Group and ARISE Collaborate to Showcase Sustainable Industrialization in Sub-Saharan Africa

By Kingsley Ogbonna

Africa, August 2023: Oxford Business Group (OBG), a global research and consultancy firm, has collaborated with ARISE IPP (Integrated Industrial Platforms) to develop an independent video that highlights the progress of sustainable industrialisation in sub-Saharan Africa, namely in the West and Central parts of the continent.

The “Growth Perspectives Video,” draws insights from OBG's recent Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Report and is accessible for viewing and download at

As sub-Saharan African economies experience rapid growth and development, governments are increasingly turning to the private sector for expertise in co-developing industrial zones. In response to this, Oxford Business Group and ARISE IPP have collaborated to shed light on the pivotal role of sustainable practices in shaping the region's economic and social landscape.

The “Growth Perspective Video” underscores the significance of adhering to international best practices and principles of sustainability, particularly as businesses in the region continue to evolve and engage in global trade. It features the success story of the Gabon Special Economic Zone – GSEZ Nkok, a flagship initiative in Africa that has attracted significant investment and elevated Gabon's position in the global timber industry.

Gagan Gupta, CEO of ARISE IIP, noted that following the establishment of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, there has been a notable surge in stakeholder interest for the development of ESG-aligned physical, environmental, and social infrastructure. This encompasses a spectrum of essentials ranging from electricity, internet, and roads to sanitation and education.

“This demand is sparking attraction from African nations towards foreign direct investment (FDI) and international trade, thereby injecting dynamism into their employment landscapes. ARISE's overarching objective is to facilitate Africa's evolution into a sustainable, globally recognized manufacturing hub," Gupta added.

Through the joint efforts with Oxford Business Group, Chief ESG Officer of ARISE IIP, Bhavin Vyas, conveyed that they managed to delineate how their industrial and infrastructure establishment, comparable to their own, aligns with the SDGs, thereby amplifying their ESG commitments.

Marc-André de Blois, OBG’s Director of Video Content, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration: "The video production aims to highlight how sustainable industrialization can drive economic growth while ensuring environmental and social responsibility.”

"By partnering with ARISE IPP, as our African Industry regional partner, we aim to bring attention to the positive impact of sustainable industrialisation on sub-Saharan African economies. This video provides valuable insights into how nations can leverage the private sector's expertise for their economic and societal advancement," he said.

The partnership between OBG and ARISE comes at a crucial juncture, as nations across the region seek avenues for resilient economic growth while addressing environmental and social challenges. The 'Growth Perspectives Video' serves as a powerful tool for policymakers, investors, and stakeholders interested in sustainable development strategies.

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