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Killing Nigerian Judiciary Softly

Stephen Adebanji Akintoye: A Teacher Of Teachers.

When he set out on his journey for intellectual quest in 1943, the World was not in the position to fathom the magnificence of his brilliance. The World knew that education had great benefits. It knew that with education, one's horizon could be honed. One's depth could be deepened. One's breadth could become boundless. With education, t ... Read more

Abuja Children’s Recreation and Crime

[QUOTE]Abuja, the Nigeria’s Federal capital territory is remarkably beautiful. Aesthetically, it can rank as one of the most glamourous cities in Africa. The city is rated as one of the best planned settlements in West Africa. The idea of creating a new federal capital for Nigeria came about when it was discovered that the then federal ... Read more

Between Igbo Presidency and Amaechi's Usurpation of God’s Powers

Rotimi Amaechi's recent declaration that the Igbo should forget about the presidency in 2023 "For refusing to support the APC…” is both self-adulating and hypocritical, and must be treated as the rant of a drowning and diminished political gladiator. Such asinine statement can only come from a man who has been dealt a political sle ... Read more

Taiwan and same-sex law

Rev Gabriel Agbo

[B] The Taiwan’s parliament has just voted to legalise same-sex marriage, making it the first country in Asia to do so. The legislation is now awaiting the president’s signature to take effect. It is about joining other nations that have legalised homosexuality. They are about to make the worst mistake as a nation and they will pay heav ... Read more

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches Mr. Buhari

[B][I]“For four years, Mr. President, the nation has accorded you such servile obeisance on the understanding that you inherited a weak state and that anything after Abacha was tolerable. The people were optimistic that you had the credentials to lead them to the Promised Land. What will now pass as your mystical image of a great achiever and ... Read more

Respectfully, Sir, Senator Akpabio’s Defection Case Has Not Opened Any New Frontiers for a Constitutional Amendment?

A. [B]Introduction (An Aside): Expelled or Defected?[/B] A breaking news on August 08, 2018 came under the head, “Senator Akpabio Officially Dumps PDP for APC.” (see accessed May 18, 2019). had summarized the news report thus: [B] ... Read more

Faces of Buhari’s New Cabinet

After the first inauguration of George Washington in 1789, he said he would need a group of highly intelligent and patriotic men to govern the country with him. He proposed that he would appoint them and he alone had the right to fire them but their appointment would be subject to confirmation by the Upper chamber of the Congress – the Senate ... Read more

Faces of Buhari’s New Cabinet

After the first inauguration of George Washington in 1789, he said he would need ...
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Is Buhari Really Seeking a Second-T

It is shocking to read in Nigerian media the postulation that president Muhammad ...
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Free Speech and Consequences, DSS,

It all started when the Byzantine Emperor, Alexis Comnenus, requested aid from t ...
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An Open Letter to the Ijaw Nation,

For about a year, I have deliberately avoided issues pertaining to the Ijaw Nati ...
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Imperatives of redefining Nigeria’s

By any measure, Nigeria deserves to be called “Giant of Africa” by v ...
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