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Nigerian  Electricity Sector: A House Of Fraud

Time To Borrow A Leaf From The Chadian Army

Apart from the few recoveries of covid-19 patients and curtailment of further spread of the killer coronavirus, no news is now more refreshing, heartwarming and assuring than “Operation Boma Wrath," a reprisal offensive by the gallant Chadian troops on Boko Haram terrorists, following an attack on a Chadian military base on March 23 that kill ... Read more

Covid-19: Western Racism And Africa

At the apogee of European imperial ambitions and territorial acquisition of Africa, a British historian and philosopher, John Atkinson Hobson swimming in the delusion of arrogance and intellectual disdain maintained that the aim of colonialism was `more of the white man burden to bring civilization to Africa as that would lead to universal happines ... Read more

Coronavirus Also Exposes The Ills Of Nigeria’s Leadership

Good day and I hope this message finds you safe during this unprecedented Coronavirus pandemic. Nigerians have faced many harrowing challenges since our country's inception, not the least of which have included the Nigerian Civil War, Boko Haram, and the high mortality rate of its citizens. Coronavirus is the latest challenge to impact us and i ... Read more

Covid-19: Nigerians exhibiting false sense of security

"Federal authorities and NCDC continue to do their utmost in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet it is taking about 3-4 weeks to contact trace some travelers who returned into Nigeria from the U.S. and other hotspot countries. "Regrettably from most Nigerians who should be observing social distancing, we are witnessing a false sense of security, ... Read more

5g, God's Generals And The Hordes Of Mordor

"Fry their brain and lungs with 20G, as long as they receive recharge card money or they are promised a position in 2037, an average Nigerian is cool. He is totally void of a questioning mind and he never challenges the status quo. In my opinion, the zombie vaccine is already at work in most Nigerians. Pathetic! Biafra must be restored!"- Innocent ... Read more

Why The Conviction Of Funke Akindele Cannot Stand In Law

Inibehe Effiong

INTRODUCTION: The trial and conviction of actress Funke Akindele and her husband is legally flawed. The fact that they pleaded guilty does not foreclose a discussion on the case because the flaws that I intend to highlight are constitutional and jurisdictional in nature. Issues of jurisdiction can be raised at any time. I have read the followin ... Read more

New Corona Hunger and Poverty in Nigeria

In as much it is inappropriate to underestimate the danger embedded in the escalation of Coronavirus, at the same time, the insensitivity of the government to the "Corona poverty and hunger" in the land is a matter of concern as government continues to shut down States and peoples sources of livelihood without putting in place strong social welfare ... Read more

The Novel Coronavirus Pandemic at t

It feels like we all are part of an apocalyptic movie; one with a science-fictio ...
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COVID-19: If I were the President 

Lanre Oyegbola

First I would move that the government create intervention to support Nigerians ...
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Open Letter: Mr. Donald Trump, Pres

Greetings: We write to you as representatives of the Yemeni-American organizati ...
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Some Lessons from COVID-19

Idris Katib

The pandemic called Coronavirus has brought the world to its knees.It has taught ...
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Coronavirus -If the Government can

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo

African countries have been under suffocate of diseases that have been ravaging ...
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