Now That Ada Jesus Is Gone, Odumeje Should Learn H

Vision: God Will Approve Disintegration of Nigeria!

God Almighty will approve the disintegration of Nigeria, according to the vision I received on the Prayer Mountain, if the state and non-state actors fail to show restraint. In the vision of the Night-3am-4am on the 23rd Day, 22nd Hour of the Fasting, I saw the Terrible Vision of Nigeria’s Disintegration as reluctantly approved by the Council ... Read more

Does Nlc Become A Toothless Bulldog?

Auwal Ahmed Ibrahim Goronyo

The Nigerian Labor Congress, NLC has slowed in its activities and become sedative in its pressure of protecting Nigerian workers' and pensioners' interests. For many times NLC has become less active like what Nigerians know it in its responsibility of protecting the welfare and the conditions of workers and pensioners. It happened in ... Read more

Nigeria, A Paradox Called Federalism

Going by available information at Wikipedia, the world’s information power house, Nigeria is among the roughly/about 25 countries in the world where the federal system of government is practiced today. Interestingly also, these countries when put together represent 40 percent of the world’s population. These countries includes but not l ... Read more

Should Africans Eulogize Idris Debby Or Calumnize Him?

Since it was announced that Chad's President, Idris Debby, had died on the battlefield after three decades in power, the commentaries being expressed by many analysts, political observers and politicians can best be described as mixed. It is not an exaggeration to say that since his death was announced that he has been hailed as a legend and ge ... Read more

Bawa: Renew Efcc And Move Forward

In line with one of the recommendations of the presidential panel led by former Court of Appeal President, Justice Ayo Salam, which investigated the commission and Ibrahim Magu last year, a new Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was born. This is so as Abdulrasheed Bawa is now the first EFCC chairperson not to have been an officer o ... Read more

  N-power Controversy

The recent manifestations surrounding the operation of social investment programme in Nigeria especially, the N-power scheme, seem to further justify the position of those who see it as more of political calculation than developmental pursuit though, the government claim that it is designed to uplift millions of Nigerians from poverty. While lun ... Read more

Pantami, Magu, Diezani, Badeh: All Sense Of Right Is Lost Under Buhari

Umar Sa'ad Hassan

At the very least,the Jonathan administration pretended to care.Where it didn't want to replace an official under fire,it staged a probe that either withered away or ended in the exoneration of the accused.No matter their short-comings, they at least respected nigerians enough to want to be seen doing right. In search of what they truly deserve ... Read more

Esn And The Planned Massacre Of Ndi

I want to warn the operatives of the Eastern Security Network, ESN, a subsidiary ...
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Prof. Bugaje As NBTE Executive Secr

prof. M. Bugaje

An African proverb says all men are equal but not all men are equal to the task ...
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Covid-19 Murder of Tanzanian, Burun

Late President John Magufuli

The Covid-19 Murder of the Tanzanian, Burundian Presidents by the agents of glob ...
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Why separatist IPOB is thriving in

Though the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has denied any role in the attacks ...
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Is Nigeria In Trouble?

The title of this piece is a poser triggered by a blunt remark by Mr. Godwin Oba ...
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