Happy 73rd birthday President Buhari: The change Symbol

Change is an inevitable thing in a man's life. Whether a man likes it or not it is what comes naturally in his being as human. This can be evidently seen in growth , physical appearance and ways of reasoning.

Happy birthday our amiable change pilot. You have proven it rightly to the Nigerian society and the world that though you are 73years old today but you are still agile , vibrant and intellectual upright with your continuous international relationship, engagements and bi-lateral trade in bringing peace and harmony to our country.

The fight against corruption, creation of employment opportunities for the unemployed and cordial relationship with other countries which you have exhibited in the last seven ( 7) month show you are more than ready to implement change.

In 2014 our amiable president ( President Mohammed buhari ) was branded in the change attire by the All Progressive Congress ( APC ) towards the 2015 election. Uncertain of his approach to governance my greatest concern then , was were will the dice roll to, either negatively or positively in the administration of government.

March 2015, the youths, women and men denied themselves the pleasure of a sound rest and trooped out en-mass to vote President Buhari as the GCFR of Nigeria with chants of the slogan " Sai buhari, Sai Baba, Change" wherever they found themselves. In seeking an overwhelming support for our current president, the youth became an unpaid volunteering movement for the success and victory of our President's election.

Today , majority of the youths are getting worried on a daily basis. We feel neglected , the women and men feel disappointed and wonder what exactly is been done. This is not to say we do not appreciate the way corruption is being worked upon.

Our dear President , as you celebrate your 73rd birthday today we humbly advise you to shun political hypocrites and sycophants who are always around you to paint the economy perfect in order for them to seek for political relevance and recognition in your government to the detriment of the masses. Telling you all is well with the unemployed youth and Nigerians.

Sir, we humbly plead with you to come urgently to our rescue. The rate of unemployment in Nigeria is alarming and its like the country is sitting on a " time bomb " waiting to explode. Our roads are death-traps for the Nigerian masses, we cannot be assured of our safety on these roads any longer, our hospitals are now getting less functional and can be regarded as a mini-store room where the treatment of common headache can not be assured.

Business are folding up on a daily basis as a result of poor electricity and lack of infra-structural facilities. Our higher institutions are now grooming educated illiterate's who cannot find solutions to the lingering economic challenges which concern their calibre.

Sir ,as you celebrate your birthday today , I plead with you as a matter of urgency to urgently stand up and act in relieving the masses of these burden and suffering.

Sir , once again , we humbly wish you a happy birthday and pray that may God's grace continually be upon you as you lead our great country at right.

Happy birthday Mr President.
Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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