Loyalty: The bane of Nigeria predicament–

Very often, I ask myself why is Nigeria faced with a lot of predicaments (terrorism, corruption, prostitution, armed robbery , cyber crime) and why young Nigerians will do everything within their myth and even go extra mile to travel abroad just to be a second class citizen abroad forgetting that success is from above not from abroad.

The primary and secondary school students often recite the National anthem daily at their assembly ground and also the national anthem is also been recited at special government programme’s and occasions, I observe that we have taken the National anthem as a normal rhythm without observing the lyrics of the National anthem whereby playing priority to some insignificant things in our society.

Yes, we have good voice’s to recite the national anthem but how many Nigerians can confidently say he/she is fulfilling the lyrics of the National anthem.

Disloyalty is an everyday issue/activities which is now an epidemic syndrome and is now eating so deeply than HIV Aids or corruption in our everyday lives.

This can even be seen in our relationship life among the youth where relationship and marriage is no more based on love, trust, understanding and sacrifice but based on contract marriage and Relationship.

We now ask what you are ready to offer me or what I’m to gain materially and financially in this relationship and the end result is what has mostly caused corruption and what the government is battling with on a daily basis to solve.

Where every opportunist who find themselves in position of authority have to embezzle billions of naira that would have been used to build good roads, provide good health care system, provide good and qualitative education, provide infrastructure and create employment for the unemployed youth are been used to service and maintain their contract marriage and failed families at the detriment of the Nigeria masses.

Lack of loyalty to the course of a brighter Nigeria has continually weaken our governmental institutions most especially the military in combating terrorism and other societal vices.

Also the civil service is contributing to the high rate of corruption in our dear country “Nigeria” due to their disloyal to the country but been loyal to some set of people and their stomach.

If we are loyal to Nigeria as a country, we will be more interested on how there will be constant power supply, good roads, good health care system, jobs for the unemployed, respect for the rule of law etc rather than embezzling tax payers money for selfish personal interest.

The interest of Nigeria and those who elect us should always be our priority and not the political party that gave us the platform to emerge

Loyalty is about been faithful and committed to a said obligation/task without any doubt of individual interest or allowing an individual interest supersede the obligation and objective task been given.

If all Nigerians are loyal to our dear country and most especially our politicians and leaders are loyal to the electorate by fulfilling all the promises they made during the electoral campaign, Nigeria will be a better place to live inn.

God bless the federal Republic of Nigeria.

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