Professor Obafunwa , The Change LASU Needed

Barely two weeks from now a great achiever and change maker will be completing his first term of four (4) years as the Vice Chancellor of the prestigious Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo. This world class forensic pathologist cum barrister of law has been able to transform, restructure and reposition the university from the doldrums it was in prior to his coming.

This great achiever called Professor Oladapo John Obafunwa has been able to change LASU from “glorified secondary school “the university has been known for , to an institution that can compete with its peers .

I don't need to campaign for this illustrious son of Ilara in Epe of Lagos state for a second term in office as the Vice Chancellor of LASU as his outstanding and visible achievements are there to speak on his behalf. Within the last four years, the university can now boast of a LASU radio station. The Vice Chancellor has been able to reduce the level of cultism activities and examination malpractices to the barest minimum; he has been able to build structures, including Faculty of Science, a more befitting central library,Senate building amongst others to boost and give room for adequate and qualitative learning. He has also been able to ensure prompt release of students’ examination results and transparency in the mode of students’ admittance into the university.

Yes, there have been crises in LASU, they have always cropped up once in a while due majorly to some selfish staffs who have turned themselves into a cabal who always aim to wrestle control of the management of the university. Despite these distractions, the Vice Chancellor has ensured still that the students did not suffer too many disruptions in the academic calendars in the past four years.

Great men with vision and purpose who add value to our society are rare to find in our dear country in present times at present but when we are opportune to find such men as professor Oladapo Obafunwa , we shouldn’t allow them go.

Professor Oladapo Obafunwa should not be used as a sacrificial lamp for the cabals within the university community who have continually drawn the interest and glory of the university backward.

The reappointment of professor Obafunwa for a second term may just break the jinx of the cabals who are always ready to thwart the efforts of Vice Chancellors in the past.

The reappointment will also give room for the consolidation of the Vice Chancellor past efforts on the restructuring and repositioning of the university; turning LASU into a university students and Alumni will be proud of in the future is the aim of the Professor and all hands should be on deck to help him achieve this in the interest of all stakeholders.

Long Live Lagos State University
Long Live Lagos State.
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