What Does Boko Haram Want??

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Nigeria been a peaceful state an environment to transact business that is full market opportunities , a virgin land for business ideas and development, where investors are always eager , hungry and thirsty to invest their resources in, has now suddenly turn to an environment of "Dark Town" where insecurity, kidnapping and other vices are scaring investors to invest in the country and also denying peace and harmony among its citizens, terrorism which has destroyed a particular region of the country ( North -east ) has collapsed the education, investment opportunities and restricted the activities of the government to an arena in the region.

How we came about terrorism still gives me a sense of concern as a young Nigerian having noted the common love Nigeria shared in years past despite their difference in language,culture but still believe in the brother concept as a united Nigeria, although tribes and tongues may differ but in brotherhood we stand but since the year 2010 where some masked group called " boko haram " has hold the peace of the North East and Nigeria as a whole into randsom destroying our common heritage, depriving us of inter boundary peace and relationship , inflicting fear and terror on our religious circle causing more division in our religious society and the continual shedding of innocent blood in the country.

Often and often , I ask myself what does boko haram really wants , is it to islamize the country but I get more worried when I see great muslim clerics, mosque has been burnt and strong faith based islamic individuals been killed , convincingly I know its not about the islamization of the country , I even ask , is it about their hatred for western education but I can see this group making use of the social media and the electronic gadgets to pass their terrific messages to the government or to the public and also the use of modern weapons which are invented by scholars who‎acquired western education , then convincingly I know its about western education.

Then I ask myself ,what then does boko haram wants from Nigerians , are they a group of people been sponsored by some foreign allice to destroy the peace and progress of Nigeria having noted that nigeria been the giant of africa or are they sets of miscreants some cabals within the country are using to distract The government from performing its functions to its citizens or are they a sponsored movement to fulfil the political prophecy that Nigeria will dis generate come year 2015 ?

In combating terrorism , firstly the Nigeria government must be able to understand what boko haram really wants from the Nigeria government and its citizen and who are those sponsoring them and why North East is their target , if our National intelligence Agency and the department of state security in collaboration with the Nigeria security forces and support of the government , can get the answer to these questions , were are closer to combating terrorism in nigeria , we must first understand the genesis and root of terrorism in Nigeria before going on a war with these masked group called boko haram , as terrorism has never been part of our way of life in years past.


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