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His Eminence The supreme Mufti Zubairi Kayongo, on one of the Muslim by Abubakar sematimba
His Eminence The supreme Mufti Zubairi Kayongo, on one of the Muslim by Abubakar sematimba
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The Unity of Muslims in the entire world and Uganda in particular can be achieved by their own initiative not third force, but why it has taken ages to achieve, is a question to be asked.

In his article Abubakar Sematimba reveals how governments played a leading role in hindering this goal

With the guide lines from the Holy Quran and the teachings 'Hadith' of the beloved Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him unity can be realized.

Quran 5.59 Allah say 'And if you disagree on a certain matter then refer to Allah and His messenger''.

In another verse, 49.9 Allah said 'And if two factions among the believers should fight, then make settlement between the two'.

During the burial ceremony of Sheikh Uzairu Kiruuta former District Khadhi of Masaka, the Mufti Sheikh Ramadhan Shaban Mubajje, made an historical statement, in his words the Mufti said

"Little did I know that Sheikh .Huzair Kiruuta could bring us together? Had I known I would have asked him to do it''.

The question here is, can the Muslims of Uganda attain unity, some one can argue and say yes or no.

Taking you a bit back, during the burial of Haj Tamale at Lukalu in Mpigi District, former Mufti Sheikh Obeid Kamulegeya made a statement to the mourners before the burial service and said.

''The burial service of Haji Taamale has united the Muslims of Uganda, and if some one ask you one day, when was the first time the Muslims of Uganda united, tell him or her that it was observed during the burial of Taamale''.

The two statements from prominent Muslim leaders, shows that Uganda Muslims are capable of uniting the 'Ummah' Islam, without even consulting the third party, but who can help to identify the gem within them self's remains a big question.

It is just unfortunate that we realize how important people are to us after their death.

Also the statement made by Former Mufti sheikh Obed Kamulegeya, is a reminder to the elderly Muslims of Uganda that, some thing has to be done, to bring about unity, because it has never existed before in actual sense and the meaning of the word.

It is also an eye opener, and a challenge to the Muslim youth the world over and Uganda in particular that; they have a mountain to climb.

They have to read and understand the history of Islam, and then use the vital information gathered to bring about a lasting solution to the issues which has greatly contributed to the disunity among the Muslims of Uganda.

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