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As the world is celebrating the 10th of May as World Mother’s day, it is important to reflect on how Islam elevated the position of mother, and what are you supposed to do, to bridge a gap between you and your parents, mother in particular.

God ‘Allah’ decreed to worship none other than Him and to treat our parents with humility, this law is well stipulated in the Holy Quran. We learn from this part the obligation of worshiping God, and never to neglect our parents.

It is because of God the creator that we are living on this earth, then our mothers who natured us from their wombs.

Women do make abortions, abandoned their children due to various reasons, but if my mother and yours persevered the tests of time to see to it that you exist, they then deserve a great reward.

Rewarding our mothers for the love and care they have accorded to us, it is next to impossible, you can not pay for the nine month or two years you spent in your mother womb.

You can not pay for the sleepless nights and days your mother offered to you while crying for being sick and wetting your cloths.

The Quran talks about ‘FISWAALU’ a two year period which some scholars urge to be the maximum period of time a baby can be breast fed or spend inside the womb of its mother.

The messenger Muhammad peace be upon him states that, ‘’through obedience to your mother some one will attain paradise’’.

You are supposed to be obedient to your parents so long as they do not call you to associate other gods with Allah, ‘Shirk’.

’And when they call you to associate any thing with Allah, do not obey them, treat them with humility on earth’’. Quran.

It is reported in one tradition ‘Hadith’ of the Prophet, Alkama, a companion of prophet favored her wife more than his mother, this angered the mother for years, and when death came to him, the prophet called Alkama’s mother and intercede on his behalf.

The messenger of Allah assured the mother to Alkama, that without her forgiving Alkama for what he wronged her, he was to be among the people of hell.

It is said that the prophet ordered his companion to collect fire wood to burn Alkam before he reaches his creator,

The motherly love engulfed Alkama’s mother, who immediately changed her position and forgave Alkama. Had Alkam died without being forgiven by his mother, he was destined to hell.

In another Hadith a man came to prophet peace be upon him and asked, who among my people must be my ‘SUHUBAT’ close companion, the messenger responded by saying, ‘UMMUKA’ , your mother, the man repeated the same question for three times, and on the fourth time the prophet said ‘ABUUKA’ your father .

This Hadith shows that we must provide for our mother’s welfare three times more than our fathers; though we must not ignore the responsibility we have over our fathers.

People abuse their parents directly or indirect, they hire for them hospices or Nursing homes to avoid being ‘disturbed’ by their aging parents.

They don’t want to stay with them in the same houses because; the wives and children desist and hate to associate with elderly people, reason being old.

But remember the treatment you are offering your parents will be the same offered to you by your children as you age.

The messenger of Allah peace be upon him said ‘Obey your parents and your children will obey you’.

The Quran nuggets a mare word ‘UFFIN’ to your parents. And this is just act or sign of showing a disgruntled person.

All in all, as the world celebrates world’s women day, it is important to note that every day is a mother’s day, we have to show love to our parents especially mothers, and never to forget our fathers. we have to give them the priority in whatever we are doing, they are a reason for our existence on this earth, undermining that factor will lead some one to leave a disjointed life, all religions and beliefs emphasizes the importance of treating our parents well, mothers in particular, it is the only way to succeed on earth and in the hereafter life.

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Abubakar Sematimba is a Journalist and Teacher, founder of blessedly-Ugandan. A foundation that promotes home made products and services.

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