Abubakar Sematimba
Christians the world over have just commemorated the crucification, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is Essah or Isa in the Islamic religion. Muslims on the other hand with the guidance from the holy Quran, and the teachings of their beloved prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) completely denounce this merriment; however, Islam recognizes the right to worship of non Muslims, as long as they don’t interfere in others beliefs.

Muslims basically have only two days to celebrate in a year, Eid, elfitr and Eid Aduha. The two days occur after fasting the holy month of Ramadan, and during the pilgrimage (Hijja) days respectively.

Muslims are guided by the Quran and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. According to the prophet, whoever comes with his own ideologies, will be regarded as ‘Bida’ innovation, and will not be accepted before Allah.

The religion of Allah was perfected, in Quran Allah say: ‘Today I have fulfilled and perfected your religion’.

Easter according to the Muslim doctrine, does not exist, and not worthy celebrating.

Once you involve in this jollity, then you will not be rewarded, in any case you are likely to receive the Anger of the creator Allah.

Whoever invents something which is not in line with what I taught, it will be given back to her/him’. Hadith.

According to the Quran, the messenger of Allah Jesus was not crucified, neither did they kill him.

’And their claims that we killed Jesus Christ the son of merry, the messenger of Allah, they did not kill him neither did they put him on cross, but Allah made him to look like themselves’’.

What can a Muslim do in this kind of situation?

You must first of all ask Allah to strengthen your faith (Imaan) such that you can have the guts to internalize and understand your religion Islam.

After realizing that, stand firm to the fact that Jesus was not killed and resurrected, therefore say no to Easter celebrations.

Let the ummah go back to the Quran and the teachings ‘Hadith’ of our beloved Nabbi (S.A.W).

We must embark on doing only what will profit us on the day of Qiyaama.

The ‘Dunia’ world which we cherish so much as if we are to stay on it for ever, must only be used to invest what we are going to reap on the last day.

The time we are wasting is one of the valuable bounties ‘Amaana’ which Allah will ask us about on the day of resurrection.

If we spend our time in the remembrance of Allah ‘Zikri -Llah’, our problems will be solved. And this is evidenced in surat Nuh Allah says (Chapter 29:71:10) ‘’And I said remember your Allah, for He is ever forgiving…’’.

All in all, Easter celebrations are not part of the Islamic teachings, Jesus Christ was not crucified according to the Quran, neither was he killed, he was raised to Allah, and he will come back to accomplish his tasks Inshallah. It must however, be noted that, the same religion Islam, gives freedom to non Muslims to practice their own beliefs without fear or favor, God ‘Allah says in the Quran (Chapter 30:6:109) ‘you have your beliefs and I have mine’.

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