The long awaited boxing fight between Floyd May weather Junior and the Philippine Manny ‘Pac Man’ Pacquaio, lastly took place at MGM grand garden Arena at Las Vegas in the United states of America, on Saturday the 2nd May 2015.The fight was watched by millions of boxing lovers around the world.

The fight which went a distance up to 12 rounds, left the world with divided feelings, some give it to the American tactician and others to the Philippine hard puncher.

The latter did not show much of what he worth on that day, may be due to the tactics and intelligence of Floyd May whether Junior, who did not give him a chance to express his worth in the ring.

Many thought the Philippine boxer with his strength and speed would have earned him the welter weight belt on the day but it was not going to happen.

The prowess of May weather showed that he is simply the best ever in his weight, thus he ended the fight on high note, and was declared the winner, courtesy of the three judges, who decided the fight in his favor.

The argument that ‘Mr. Money’ as Floyd is affectionately known had to win because he is an American, and because the fight was held in his back yard on American soil, does not hold any water.

Right from the outset May weather showed that he is simply the best welter fighter on planet earth.

Floyd used his foot work so well, his reach was superb; he scored highly using his jab which was not noticed by many who are armatures in the boxing sport.

Asked by the Interviewer immediately after the fight, Manny Pacquaio said that he thought he had won the encounter, however, he was shocked with the out comes.

Sincerely speaking, Manny’s general performance on Sunday, was not enough to grant him victory, to the worst may be it would have been a draw but not a win.

Pacquio had to offer the world more than what he delivered on the day, if his intension was really to snatch the unification title from the un beaten May whether.

Pacquio him self while talking to the media was quick to point that many of his blows missed to land on the stylish Floyd’s body, he flapped almost the entire fight like a butterfly.

Asked why he did not come up with a proper plan before this encounter, to over come the Mighty May whether, the seemingly disappointed but strong Philippine senate had no clear response, only to argue that Floyd kept on running a way from him through out.

The fight was attend by celebrities from all over the world and the Arena was filled to capacity.

The possibility of the rematch was not mentioned and from the look, that clause that states so was not part of the lucrative historical deal, which culminated into the weekend fight.

The possibility of both fighters to hang their gloves seem to be far from reach, with May whether disclosing to media that he will have a fight around September this year.

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