Gen. Ssejusa Cautions Criminals In Government; Your Time Is Almost Up

By Abubakar Sematimba

Uganda’s embattled General David Sejusa Aka Tinyefuza has cautioned the criminals in Uganda Government that soon or later they will be brought to book to account for their atrocities inflicted on the people of Uganda.

Addressing a cross section of Journalists gathered at JEEMA offices at Mengo in Kampala, the seemingly angry General clarified why he visited the Mengo based political party.

Driven in a sleek black Mercedes Benz, the General entered a closed door meeting with JEEMA officials at around 2.45pm and lasted for more than an hour.

‘We had a great discussion with JEEMA Officials.I am pleased to be here’, said the controversial General.

The General disclosed the country wide campaign he and his group have embarked on.

‘We are working on a common goal, first to work together with other political organizations to see to it that we save our country not to become like Central African Republic or Somalia’.

Secondly capacity building, on this note, the General said, we are not only focused on removing the Government but also to keep power, and defiantly president Museveni, his family and what he has accumulated.

He said this was important to save the country from what can happen after president Museveni.

We want to assure the president and those who will come after him that nothing will happen to them, so they should not cling on power fearing that they will lose their accumulated property.

The General cautioned individuals hiding in the Government to wait for the long hand of the law.

You people must not hide in groups; you are going to be brought to the courts of law to answer for your dubious acts.

He pointed out the Electoral commission Chairman Eng. Badru Malimbo Kiggundu who he accused of abusing the law.

The General also talked about the criminality element in the way the National Identities were issued.

He said that foreigners were registered and given national IDs however, this matter will be tackled at a later stage.

Gen. Sejusa also cautioned the Uganda Police to stop arresting innocent youth.

“These people have an Agenda to ‘clean’ the city before 2016 elections. They arrest innocent girls calling them prostitutes, how can over 61 girls be prostituting in one place?” the seemingly angry General asked.

Lastly he reminded the general public not to look at the forth coming General election only, but also to be mindful on the happenings en-route 2016.

The meeting was Chaired by JEEMA President Counsel Basalirwa. Gen Sejusa was accompanied by Alhaj Nasser Ssebaggala, Forum for Integrity President Emmanuel Tumusime among others.