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Europeans traded in Human being for so many years, and had centres in different African states where they collected their 'merchendise' before being exported to the west and Europe respectively.

Among the many places the island of Gorée that lies off the coast of Senegal, opposite Dakar From the 15th to the 19th century, was the largest slave-trading centre on the African coast.

This Island was famously used for this lucrative business.

These slave traders could invade villages, burning people's grass houses,shooting at those who could dare escaping from 'umlungu'or 'omuzungu' a term used to refer to a white man in African languages.

Those who where caught got chainned and they had their right toes chopped off in order not to run away, You can imagine how inhuman slave trade was.

Among the fruits of the Berlin conference of 1884 was the abolition of slave trade, although some African states remained dealing in that filthy business up to present day, Mauritania being number one on the continent according to statistics.

A new type of slavely came into existance, this time Europeans started dealing and collaborating with some greedy African rulers, who exploited their people and took them as more or less their property.

Life became so un bearable for the ordinary people, that they decided to chase for 'greener pasture' in Europe.

After some years the trend changed ,those who where being forced before, they started to do it voluntaliry and at all cost to reach Europe.

In Uganda for example people sold their property,body parts, some could sell their kidneys to get money for a ticket to Europe.

others sacrifised their children, and later boarded depilated canoes to reach the showers of the 'promised lands' of Europe,Italy,sweden,spain and the united Kingdom being the major ones.

One African brother claiming to be coming from Nigeria, while being interviewed why he dared boarding a dipilated and congested boat after recieving the news that tens and hundreds of people have perished in Medittereanean sea.

He responded by saying in his own English 'i had already bought my ticket of two thousand Dolars, so i didn't want my money to lost'.

So he was determined to die in the sea other than loosing his hard earned money.

The world monitary organisations like The International Monitary Fund,( I.M.F),World Bank, and many other world money lenders worsened the the situation of the African people.

Debt servicing could not and stil can not give African children a space to breath, and the ruthless African rulers are also partly to blame for this predicament.

They collect developmental money from donor nations and organisations like the European Union, and share it with their extended families living their people to swim in absolute poverty.

I can remember Revered Allan boesak President of the World Alliance of Reformed church of South Africa and ANC Starwart, who was convicted and sentenced for years in the gallows, for channelling money meant for poor to politics.

The economic factor forced poor Africans to run away from their countries not knowing that European countries have also been hit by severe economic depression and some have not servived up to present day.

Greece, spain Italy, portugal are some of the many examples.

If that is the situation then why more than 150 people including children and women perished in the Indian ocean,running from the flying pan to fire as the saying goes.

The government of Eritrea announced through its Ambassador to Italy who came to the island of Lambadoza to recieve the dead bodies from the sea,that they will take back all the Eritrean Nationals who perished in the sea to get a 'decent' burial.

It is rudiculous to think of using millions to get back the dead bodies, when you can use that same money to creat centres in Asmara, where innocent tax payers can get free information about the criminals who con them, to pay exhorbitant money ,promising them heavens and earth when they reach Europe.

I call upon my fellow African leaders to stop being greedy, please give people quality education , such that they are not a burden to society, not just sending them to schools without giving them support.

In Uganda for example President Museven came up with a program of education for all 'Bonna basome' but the nationals translated it to Bonna Bakone, let them all rote,.

It failed to kick start, this can be evidenced from the products of that program

A University graduate of Bonna basome program can not deliver at all, can not construct a sentence, so he is a waste and burden to the society .

Withought support how do you expect a child to get proper education .

you as a leader you have collected his money from the Donor countries meant for his education, and channelled that fund , to other stuff like buying military hard ware to keep your self in power.

Let us educate our people that Europe is not a heaven but it is on earth, and people their sweated to reach where they are today.

Africa has the potential to reach the heights where Europe is and more, because of the resouces that it posses and you can not find them any where on earth.

Many Chineese, Europeans and American are rushing to colonise this continet again, let us wake up.

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