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Africans and fellow members of third world ,I greet you with third world greetings.

Today ,I want to talk to us about the THINGS I LIKE ABOUT AMERICA as a NATION and, her citizens as Yankees.

If you disagree with me ,it is because you are designed not too see things from my perspective and for that wait not for my apology.

Sweet America , a land of milk and honey, to the extent that they've made it unwritten resolution that Junk food and canned food must be the best way to feed, so you can catch one of the diseases which accompanied all the preservatives obtained in canned food.

America so rich and blessed ,yet you have to work 3 jobs to put food on the family table. So rich that one cannot afford to eat in the restaurant where he works, one cannot afford to shop in the shopping mall where he works.

So blessed that one cannot afford to fall sick in the hospital where she works.

A land so rich in knowledge that most of the time you start wondering if it is better to go back to dark ages, than to live in civilization.

A land so democratic that they voted BUSH in as the president, EVEN when God in his infinite mercy gave them Obama who rescued them for INEVITABLE DOOM as designed by REPUBLICAN, yet they wanted to oust him and bring back, that path to perdition, which is all around Republican party .Republicans love to declare Wars on other peoples soil, send innocent Americans soldiers to die and kill other innocent people that did nothing wrong to the soldiers or America as a nation.

All this is to enable the elites of the Party make maximum profit by supplying Caskets and Flags to bury the Soldiers they sent to senseless War.

The other Republican elites supply Bullets, Guns and sophisticated Ammunitions which they love to test on human beings that were born outside America.

A land so blessed with security that they saw SADDAM in their dream as a threat ,and they invaded his country ,destroy Iraq and destroy American economy at same time and same breath.

A land that love her citizens so much that they encourage LAZINESS and make provision for lazy people through social welfare, despite the fact they know, there should be No food for lazy man, but they prefer to reward lazy bones, after all the best way to control person is to control the stomach, so make them lazy and they will rely on you to be their mind and head.

African will always tell us “No food for a Lazy man” .

A humanitarian conscious people that hate to see innocent blood spill on their soil, yet there is no year on earth they are not dumping missiles on another population in another country, maybe to them any human that is not AMERICAN should not be living and breathing.

They will call you terrorist but will bomb a population of civilians that has nothing to do with whatever crime they invaded the poor country for.

That is my beloved US of A.
I have been a radical writer, with radical ideas from radical perspective ,with a mind of an African. And with African learned English, I am one of those that consider it a great insult to say that an African speak QUEENS ENGLISH ,because i have not heard anybody say that Americans speak queens English ,rather they come up with American type of English that comes with terrible waste of effort, also i have not heard that Europeans speak good African .

It also churn my stomach to hear Africans quoting Pink skin[Caucasians],instead to quote fellow black Africans .That is last thing you will get from me -quoting somebody who is not Afrikan ,unless to recollect a derogatory situation. If there is need to quote somebody ,the west need to come to Africa and get the real idiomatic expression in Igbo dialect.

I do not write to impress the queen nor any English professor, not after they've twisted our own language, sense and pronunciations, also leave us with battered mentality, now my people are changing their names to sound ENGLISH like, or accept the amended version giving to them by the west, if the [westerners] can pronounce ARNOLD SCHWARZZENEGGER and did not ask for abbreviation ,they can pronounce any AFRICAN name without re-modeling it or making mince meat of it, imagine them pronouncing CHIKEZIE as CIKEZE ?.

I do not write to be graded for a PHD, for I have a DHP IN AFRICA ,i do not write to get nominated for some NOBLE LAURATE ,I write from the mind, mind of an African ,born in Africa raised in Africa schooled in Africa and got a full blooded African gene .

I write with mind that tasted the wrath and evil plantations and manipulations in Africa as deposited by the crooked Pink skin, who came as our colonial masters and left as colonial monsters. They taught us how to depend on them for bread, butter, ground nut and even clean water. They taught us how to use guns to settle dispute that takes only 6 elders to settle in those days, now they supply us arms on credit ,so you can kill your own brother with a bullet bought on credit, they won't supply you medicines or food on credit but that which brings death.

Atimes I imagine why those that bought the guns and bullet from them failed to pay them with bullet holes in their head or heart, so they will understand that value of their merchandise, it is not limited to A THIRD WORLD CITIZEN.

They taught us how to give them our NATURAL ENDOWED MINERAL RESOURCES ,such as DIAMOND,GOLD,CRUDE OIL,PRECIOUS STONES , they will take it back to west and brush it apart and sale particle of it to us, at a higher rate than the money they paid us for the entire package in the first place.

They never wanted us to learn to how make our own fishing NET ,but they taught us how to fish ,with the boat they sold to us and Net weaved by our brothers that were serving them as a lowly paid servants .That means we have to depend on them for replacement of the fishing materials. They made us the goose that lay the golden egg but was casted to the desert to rot away.

I will not spend time on how they perfected the act of looting by selling ideas to our leaders on how to steal public fund ,deliver it to them ,bank it in their bank and they will turn around and give us that our own money as LOAN and charge us interest that will make our great grand children indebted to them for life.

I also noticed the tendency in every human to philosophize, by trying hard to mis-interpret me ,that is why they developed tendency to hear and grasp what i did not say, and understand what i did not mean, and in that process they drew far reaching ,albeit a times dangerous implication from a simple statement.

Therefore what I am writing here is not an assessment of America ,but a fact that is on the street ,which anybody resident within internet distant will attest to .

If i have stepped on your toes in any of my writing ,i am sorry to say that i make no apologies, it is because you are standing on a sacred place and you are lucky that i am not wearing a spike studded boot ,and if stepping on your toes will make you to shove that treacherous leg out of our way and move back into a shed ,then i will love to stump harder.

I know that i must have bitten the fingers that must have fed me ,one time or another ,but if that is your finger ,i am also sorry to announce to you that no apology will be coming because ,you fed me with bent and crooked finger , if biting it will straighten it ,i will love to bite harder or make suya with your fingers.

I like all the sacrifices America made, to make the world a better place, for instance ,they made DOLLARS world currency and they will make sure that they use it to determine how much water you drink in your own little village cost, and they will use it to crash your economy if your Government refuse to take orders from anybody in white house.

They may not be another Roman empire ,but they have a big erection that make them to determine which nation is hostile and which one is friendly and they only use American gauge to measure terrorism. If they Bomb the shit out of your city ,then you are a TERRORIST but, if you fight back you are an insurgent/Rebel.

If they invade your nation without provocation or reason , they are fighting terrorism and protecting American interest, but fight back and have BOMBERS pounding your civilian population as if people are pest to be exterminated.

They love the world so much that they practically have US ARMY base in all region of the world, if you breath fine air they will drop bomb that will pollute the air. if you have spring water running in your hamlet ,they will make sure that it is contaminated, that way they will send research team that will earn your money and pretend to be working on your problem, which they are good repairing, but what baffles some of you is that if they cure you of headache they will inflict you with epilepsy, that way you can never get rid of them ,because they always have experts that will predict doom, if you do not listen to them and allow them access into your innermost part.

Some will think it is a bad thing ,but ,think of the price they are ready to pay to make sure that the world tremble before them. When they stationed Military all over the World that means they have MILLIONS of young men who are eating with a loaded Gun, sleeping with a loaded Gun and waking up daily armed with a loaded Gun , imagine if one day ,American economy collapsed and they are unable to fund two or three of the bases, that will make about 5 million soldiers jobless and a jobless soldier is a potential serial killer or assassin for hire, not to talk of bitter man that wants to use his Gun to make statement the American way.

The world should appreciate the predicament ,because those men cannot fold their hands or get rid of the only companion they have grown to love for 10 years or more, what the retired or sacked soldiers will do is to come back to American soil and start showing what they can do with guns.

Which means epidemic of the gun will be unleashed, so many serial killers and armed Robbers will have name card and advertise on newspapers and America will need help .

Instance is with Russia ,when they were unable to maintain their over stocked AMMUNIATION ,many of them started coming to open market and falling into the hands of TERRORISTS and the World has never remain the same .

Unless they will ship the Soldiers out, the same way British shipped out their criminals to AUSTRALIA ,where they drive the aborigines into hinterland and posses that land till date.

in case you do not know Australia is a black country ,owned by blacks but British send thier criminals to that place as a place for banishment and the rest is Western history.

I want the world to appreciate the length our big brothers went, to make sure that the world is a democratic place. They invaded Iraq to foist democracy which is thriving in America out there.

America is so democratized that is you have a brother that is a GOVERNOR in Florida and cousin that controls FOX news, you are already a president of America even if your overall vote is 30%.

Today in Iraq ,if America should leave the place ,the people will emulate all the good things they learn from America. for instance ,it is after America liberated Iraq that Suicide bombing started which is another birth control. It is also made known that American press keep counting the USA soldiers that died in Iraq ,and should not waste time with the Iraqi who were killed in Thousands, both Civilians and soldiers ,plus the homes they helped reduced to rubbles.

Do not ask me who is supplying all the casket and flags used to wrap the dead bodies of American Soldiers.

In fact it was a big favor what Americans did to Iraq by testing all the newly made bomb on thier soil ,and they did not charge Iraqi's penny for watching such a free show of dissolution, if we have to compare the exposure HITLER had when he did what he did, and the exposure in today's world and what Americans are doing, then they will be paired with Hitler or they might be a pole ahead, considering that HITLER never had CNN,FOX AND BBC as his brain washing tool. The only thing you can say America took in that place is the oil field and we all know that they won't hold it for long ,i can swear with anything that very soon before next 400-800 years the Americans will leave the oil in iraq.

America love justice so much that if anybody should conspire to steal any public fund in America ,that person will serve a sentence that will equal the life expectancy of a healthy man.

If any foreigner ever dream of defrauding American government and, then made an attempt, that person better ask PRESIDENT NORIEGA what it means to be kidnapped from your sit of power and transported to another nation to face trial. But some people will now start questioning why should American Government encourage African leaders to embezzle the same public fund which they called crime in America ,and deposit it in American banks, buy houses that cost 7 digits, send all their families to live the life of a king all the days of their life in America.

Some will say that it is injustice ,well to me ,there are two standard of justice in America -One for the Americans and two for the rest of the world. If you violate the number one ,it is war,if you violate number two -they are third world without value for life.

Did i tell us that when an America tried to defraud African government through conmen ,i mean when conmen will tell them that there are over invoiced, abandoned money, Government fund that need to be diverted ,this Americans will start salivating and in the cause of ripping off the African government fund ,the hunter became the hunted and FBI will open one big file against that nation as if the American is doing that nation a favor by conspiring to steal them blind ,but had it been it was against America ,they will even kidnap the person that got duped because it was a conspiracy that back fired. So America is great in aruru ani way.

Child upbringing is another place Americans are doing great. They made a policy that in the next 50 years every person living in America then must be a Zombie, that is why they encourage parents not to teach their children the way to live. Therefore any child that know how to dial POLICE number is independent, if the parent ever stamp their feet on the ground and say to the kid ,”No way for you to live abominable life", the kid will simply pick up phone and police will lead the parent out in handcuff. So tell us, why such kids will not become a serial killer at 20 ? or become a first class junkie or assassin for hire ?,they took a child away from parental care and stuff him into foster home ,where nobody cares if he live or dies, if he will contact Hiv or Aids ?.

That reminds me of one aji butter whose father tricked into coming with him to Nigeria in 90,s and when they arrived the father who have arranged with his brother to take care of the 12 year old girl, took the Girls passport and went back to USA. By the time the girl understood that the short visit have changed to long term ,she became irritating to the core. One morning her Uncle scolded her on her attitude and told her that she must start going to the school he arranged for her ,she ran away and went to a POLICE station nearby and ask a policeman on duty to come and arrest her uncle. The Police ask her to make formal complaint and she made a statement that the uncle raise his voice on her and violate her human right, meanwhile the policeman was waiting for her to tell him the crime committed by the uncle and, the girl was asking him to come and arrest the uncle. The Police ask her again what was the crime of the Uncle ,the girl said to the policeman ,are you this dumb? I just told you Dude, and the Policeman gave her a good back hand slap .The girl cried her head off and ran into the Chief of police office to report POLICE brutality and after the police Chief heard what happened ,he arranged for a good spanking on the girls butt and after the spanking he told the girl to sue the Police for protecting her life.

To cut a long story short ,the girl later lived and graduated in Nigeria and went back to states ,she was very thankful to the father for that action because most of her friends before she left ,some are junkies, some has two kids as in single parent fashion and some are half past insolvent, but she became a Medical doctor and model that the friends love so much and wish they were taking to Africa like her to become somebody later in life.

To show that they[Americans] have the faith and mind of people at their palm, they started AMERICA LOTTERY VISA ,they will give Green card to people that they want to help ,such as those that will be used in one scientific experiment or another, because there is no other way to explain the situation .Those that are residing in USA that want Green cards are too many and they are not getting any ,but Americans will invite fresh people from THIRD WORLD and give them green card ,even those giving green card never ask ,if it is possible to have a free lunch at the expense of a shylock .

America love to help the world so much that they will do anything from Toppling a legitimate Government to killing off those that will challenge their supremacy, but in America the likes of CHECHNEY AND GEORGE BUSH are leaders, some will argue that this men has a very low i.Q but it doesn't matter. what matters is that they must please those that put them in powers ,therefore there must be WAR,S all over the world ,so that the sponsors will be shipping out Body bags ,American Flags which they use to wrap Coffins and citations, bullets and guns. I am sure that some of you will be asking ,why is it that the children of this men never went to any of this senseless [to others] wars ,then i will not make haste to tell us that ,there is still a difference even in FIRST WORLD ,there are those that got the best part and those that got the dirty part .

CURRENTLY ,i heard that America wants to locate another GUANTENAMA BAY in Africa and they called it AFRICOM, they said in open language that it is a base that they will use to monitor and protect AMERICAN INTEREST in Africa. They did not say that it is a place to help secure African lives ,but to monitor AMERICAN INTEREST ,which means anything that is not beneficial to them should go to HELL AND STAY IN BLAZES ?.I will not be surprise if one African head of thieves will give them SPACE to hoist their command and violate HOST INTEREST while protecting American interest.

The last thing that will happen to their democracy is to have another Republican that will continue BUSH MAN agenda, that way American Economy will be so bad that Somalia will be giving them aids.

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