The Progress Of My State Is Paramount On Tuesday Report Card, May 26 2015

HE Gov Willie Obiano, Akpokue Dike Aguleri
Governor Anambara State
Sir, I bring to you another beautiful greetings as a royal citizen watching your back and wishing you a good future,good tenure and happy ending.

Sir, the New Commissioner for Information started well by reacting belatedly to the BBC tainted and painted news ‘’which provides @ ANAMBRA the bedrock of Human meat Restaurant ‘’as Televised by BBC and syndicated by some junk newspapers in Nigeria, as much as it would,ve been best if the office of information is active in such matters, when such tainted stories appears they should be the one that will take it up with speed of light ,investigate the story, if it is real, they will be on top of it with reaction and assurances, but when it is bundle of cheap lies ,they will also kick out the truth the hard way ,that way it will show they understand the consequence of keeping mute in light of such malicious attack against the Central state in the south east.

Meanwhile her reaction was more of attack on Ndi Anambara than the brutish press that broke the news ,she was sounding as if all the state were in conspiracy against you ,what baffles me is,what will affect the Governor if somebody is selling human meat in a restaurant ? is it not an individual trade and the penalty on the head of the culprit ,so for her trying to link it to those that speak up for a better state and against some of the things that are not moving on fine is childish and erroneous to be candid. I still insist that your Government should cut down on aggression for they are building a monument that will create more enemies instead of friends, it will not kill them to be polite and explain issues to satisfaction of readers even to aggressors .

At the Car park behind the sectariat there are tons of electronics Bus stop packages littered there ,it has stayed up to 2 weeks gathering dust and soaking water and sand.

The contractor should be kind enough to mount it ,but on that, i have my reservations. Do we have enough energy to power the Neon or are we going to use Solar energy ? if it is Solar, are we going to maintain it or allow it to run the first 3 months and broke down and we discard it as usual ?,because not only in Alaigbo but in Nigeria we do not have maintenance culture and even with many years of our sojourn abroad ,we still do things the wrong way.

On that purchase ,i am surprise that the state did not partner with ELECTRONIC DEVELOPEMENT INSTITUTE AT ABBA/Nando road leading to Igbariam.

We have Science and Technology Incubator centre at Nnewi.

Sir,we should be using such indigenous companies that are on the ground to do this kind of work ,thereby generating business for them and sustaining such establishment ,importing all this kind of thing is not doing the state any good, it,s like that plastic Police Cubicle we bought and the Bus Stop stand we also imported ,we have good companies in the state that can do it ,mount it and maintain it at interval and we can get taxes from them and they will get support from the Government , it is a win win situation ,instead of wasting our fund importing this kind of things that can be procured locally at a cheaper rate and better quality.

As the Chief security officer of the state ,may i inform you that the management of the CAR PARK AMAOBIA ,beside Health Center and SSS,fire service are working with Police on mufti to extort money from the less privilege ,the Police will seat at the back of a green private Van and send out the Thugs to corner Okada or Town services and drag them to the bus where the policeman will aid the thugs and extort money from the innocent. This is our state capital and it shall not be condoned that thugs will have another avenue of extortion even without fear that they are very close to our DSS and Governor,s lodge ? Respect should be giving to some certain domains .

Sir,it is obvious that your people have taking some good steps and reduced the numbers of WILLIE IS WALKING sign posts that littered the state ,atleast it has reduced by 40% and it shows that you cares for citizens cry ,only that many sycophants surrounding you will never allow you to do the good work you were elected to do ,good a thing some are gone and many more to join them.

Sir,as we are in rainy season ,it,s time to make sure that our drainages are kept clean for easy flow of flood into canals,many of the water channels are clogged and when it rains as usual the whole road will be flooded owing to the fact that the water channels are blocked.

His Excellency ,Just want to remind you that the Pedestrian bridge at MCC Onuicha ,which is one of the three started and almost completed by your predecessor is still pending ,it needs a little touch here and there and it shall be due for commissioning and usage.

Rest i forget ,i will frankly say that your media men are trying mana oforu nwa ntakiri [it remain small] ,they seems to see Sir Peter Obi every where they thread ,i read last week and from ABS commentaries that Peter Obi went to Mission Hospital at Onitsha to give them financial help and your media boys went to town that he is running parallel government ..I scratched my beard and some pimples within that area to understand why it should be considered anti Government and it beat me silly.

I remembered during the days of Obi that many individuals build schools ,including Prof Charles Soludo the one that promised us DUBAI TAIWAN ,when he started building a school at isuofia Peter Obi was there live and direct to appreciate his kind gesture ,because he would,ve preferred to take the project to another state and Anambra will be the loser,so was the case with many others even those that disagreed with Obi,s style and Government ,but once it is for the state and not against ,i see nothing wrong with it.

Sir, I know that last week ,same Obi went to Adani Nsukka and Enugwu Governor personally called him to thank him for his magnamity.

Everything is not about show off ,i have even begged Okwute if the state do not like such donations ,i will show him more than 3 places in my town that needs the money and we will accept it with basket of thanks.

To make this as brief as possible ,I would,ve educated some of your e RATS on what they refused to understand that there is no competition between you and okwute ,so later today I will present a second part of this Report on the Roads awarded by both Government and how it progressed ..

Thanks for another Tuesday ,this is yours in the service Mazi Oderaigbo

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