My Governor Must Hear This On Tuesday Report Card

His Excellency ,Duke W.M OBIANO
Sir ,my Honest and sincere greetings this beautiful Tuesday.

Hope you’re enjoying your VACATION which is on it,s days 10 in United states of America, hope you meet things in good conditions when you get back ?

Sir,I want to go straight into the decays in our Government which is my state ,so that we can see how to clean up the mess and put in place a preventive measure to check mate further occurrence.

Sir, as we speak all the Money in our ASUDEB and MDG Purses have been depleted to the last .Check right round the state, there is no MDG or ASUDEB PROJECT that is on going ,before now the two Establishment always bring out Contracts twice a year and that helps in expanding the dividends of World Bank intervention to our rural and Urban schools and places.

During the days of PROF OKUNNA as the HEAD OF MDG ,our state use to be number one in Nigeria for many years and there are lots of project to show for it,but that was in the tenure of Gov Obi.

We all know that the two Agencies are not state owned ,which means the purse cannot be controlled by the state ,the state is just managing the projects but for the state to wade into the account and transfer them to SUNDRY account is a fraud ,which we will like you to look into and see who and who were involved in that scheme ,as the money were transferred into unknown account ,it Is as good as gone with the wind .

Moving on –Sir ,there is a clandestine move to do a cover up on a great Conspiracy that defrauded the state of a whopping sum of 15 million Naira.

In October 2014 , there was an ANNUAL FESTIVAL that HELD IN ABUJA named ABUJA CARNIVAL ,a yearly event ,all the states participated , Anambra state use to send her troupes under the supervision of a Director of CULTURE who will go with the TROUPE ,but the said 2014 ,we did not participate .

In February 2015 ,the MINISTRY OF INFORMATION AND CULTURE submitted to you the File for signature, indicating that they went to the Carnival, so they can withdraw the money from state Government .

They made sure that you are VERY TIPSY and they smuggled the file in and you signed it ,from what they said during the plot , they said “if you want HIM to sign anything ,wait until he is drunk”.

Then in March they got the Warrant to cash the money and they actually cashed it ,the whole 15 MILLION NAIRA, cashed it with all intention to defraud the state .

Sir,I do not have any problem with a man’s vice ,but the way we manage it is the problem .since they think that the best way to perpetuate fraud is to wait till you are Drunk ,I will simply suggest what my old man will say “Ugwu muta igbaji ukwu ,Agadi Nwanyi amuta ,orikata ozue ike” [when Hills learn to wear somebody out while climbing it ,an old woman will devise another means of resting at intervals on top of that Hill] .

Once you are loaded ,I will suggest you give the powers to your deputy to hold brief and sign documents that needed very urgent attention ,because that DR NKEM OKEKE ,I am not sure he can handle a bottle of STAR .That way he will hold brief for you ,until the effect wears off .

By the way since the Deputy Governor Sir Victor Umeh has been retired politically by IYOM EKWUNIFE ,I think it,s time to give Dr NKEM OKEKE back his position with all POMP AND PAGENTARY,moving on... .

They conspired ,huddled ,plotted and succeeded in withdrawing the money and pay same into the MINISTRY OF INFORMATION account with ZENITH BANK. The bubble bursted when the Director who is suppose to retire the money ,whose office oversees the said CARNIVAL started asking for all the files concerning his Ministry ,so that he can compile a handover note as he is due for retirement from Civil service ,that was when the game started ,they were playing all the games known to them ,so that the man will retire and they will retire the money permanently , but since the Man was so insisting on all the Files belonging to his office ,they called him and wants him to partake in the play and plot, so that he will join them and share the 15 MILLION NAIRA they swindled from the state.

When the Director refused to be a part of that ugly and shameful act ,the plotters are trying very hard to see if they can maneuver or return the loot to the state treasury .

Sir, such issues are many under your Government and because they knew that you seldom read reports or ask questions on any padded Expenditure ,so they are capitalizing and milking the state dry.

In the Days of your Predecessor ,he VETS file with fine tooth comb to make sure that every thing is properly stated and he uses his calculator to make sure that nobody loses one Kobo or inflated anything with one kobo. Nobody likes it then but my old man again will say "Nwanyi nua di na abo ,omalu nke ka ya nma"[When a woman marries twice ,she will rate the two spouses]

Sir ,after the death of Ifeoma Anumba and the discovery that your Government owed her STIPENDS unto death,I started to look into the predicaments of the FORMER PRESS CORPS that were relieved of their functions without THANK you , talkless of SEVERANCE PACKAGE . We all know that every Reporter COVERING GOVERNMENT HOUSE including OBIAGU are entitled to the same STIPEND of Ten Thousand Naira ,so I wonder why many of them are not been paid but that is a discussion for another day.

Sir,I discovered that The M/D OF NATIONAL LIGHT is victimizing one of the FRONT RUNNERS of that Paper ,Mr John Ndu a correspondent with repute and formerly the Newspaper correspondent attached with your Press Corp.

He went to cover the event of INEC giving out the CERTIFICATE OF RETURNS to APGA CANDIDATES that won the house of Assembly in INEC OFFICE AWKA ,and he took Permission from the Editor of the NEWSPAPER MR CHRIS AGHANYA .The Editor granted him the permission to cover the event ,he went and covered the event but coming back the MD was furious and demanded that he should be queried .

He was queried and he answered the query ,providing the consent of the Editor who I spoke to and he confirmed that he gave him the permission . But the MD for reasons best known to him decided to SUSPEND him ,it got interesting when I learnt that the MD was boasting that the GOVERNOR ask him to Fire many people . So My concern is –is the state so broke to start retrenching or is there particular set of people targeted for retrenchment ?.

When I send message to Mr John Ndu for his version of what transpired ,he said that HE WAS SUSPENDED and that he reserved further comments ,even though i found his response arrogant ,my duty will not warrant me to give him a sharp retort which he deserved from me.

Sir , if you ask me I will say that it is too early on your mandate to allow pedestrian workers using your names for Vendetta and marking up future enemies and hostilities for your Government. The MD of NATIONAL LIGHT MR CHUKA NNAWUIHE is wrong on the actions he took against JOHN NDU on this matter because the Editor gave his consent. I tried to reach the MD on the matter but he did not reply to our mail after 72 hours . Which also may be because he has the mandate of the Governor to fire but i am not one of the people he will fire and since he is not responding ,it simply means na "ogbaru nkiti kwelu ekwe" [When you give your consent ,no need for comments]

Kindly call your SSA on MEDIA to order ,that he wore a broken mask on many occasion to attack OKWUTE is not baffling after all he is facing a difficult task ,for him to see if he can square up the task he take on MASK becomes a road he navigated ,but what irritates me is the latest one where he attacked Obi and also using ABS on MONDAY TO EDITORISE ,his pseudo this time is OBIORA AGHADINUNO [This Agha di na uno nwelu ike iputa mbala soon].

His beef with Obi is that ,FMR GOV OBI who started putting our schools back on track still visit schools and give them financial help,from his pocket and it is not election time ,nay we say that he is trying to campaign but he is just been PETER OBI .

Had he stopped the act ,your E rats will say he started it because He was giving out Government fund ,but now he is not using Government fund but his own private fund and contributions ,yet they think he is competing with you ?sorry they said he is running a pararrel Government .

If there will be competition on such aspect it will be between PETER OBI and other EX GOVERNOR’S but Nnam will say “onabu ahaghi esibe ogologo” [You cannot measure height with another unless you are of equal height ].

What Peter Obi is doing is suppose to have recommendation because other Governors once they leave the seat of powers ,they will forget the down trodden and move on but this man still wear his Normal in-expensive wears and gives immeasurable to the poor ,but instead for your boys to say Thank you they go the way of the absurd .

His Excellency Sir, such move by Peter Obi is suppose to be applauded ,it is suppose to be reported by ABS and encourage other well to do citizens of the state to follow suite ,that way the Government will still take the glory ,same way the Government is taking now on ANAMBRA STATE exceptional grades in ACADEMICS ,including JAMB,NECO ,WAEC E.T.C which all is handwork by providing a super set standard by returning schools to Churches and they brought back Morality to our schools and Land .

As long as the goodies are coming to the state ,it is a plus and not minus .So when this boys are making noise over it ,it shows that some of them needs to be educated .

James dragged me into his childish rant as I said above ,I was,nt surprise or shocked but what makes me wonder, is that ,he did not ask self this SURIDEGE he is playing ,can He dance to it ? ,Does he think that throwing stone from a GLASS HOUSE is a bullet proof venture ? .

I will not like to start with him because he may wonder why and when it gets to this ? I may expose his dealings with MEDIA and PRESS and it will be weekly events.I do not wish to start because I do not know when ENOUGH is ENOUGH.

He should know that Erection does,nt and will not scare an old Grand mother ,after all we cannot tell what made her old in the first place.

Attacking Peter Obi will always bring counter result ,the same man fought steadfastly throughout his tenure ,the first Tenure was a living hell and he withstood it ,withstood the OBJ frontal attack,survived the PDP hoodlums that besiged the state ,in a short word I will say “onusigo ogu bu onwu ,oburuzie mgba bu egwuregwu” [He,ve fought wars and survive ,talkless of this OLYMPIC STYLE WRESTLING ]

Have a lovely week as we move over to NEXT TUESDAY REPORT CARD

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