The cry of an OLD OWL "atoba uto si wepu aghugho"

My Governor Willie M Obiano,
I salute you and bring you good and great wishes from my family .

My old man will say "ebe nwata na ebe akwa na atu aka,nne ya anoro ya,Nna ya anodu ya" [when a child is crying and keep pointing in one direction ,the mother or the father will be in that direction].

Mazi Odera always say ,oyim agam agwa gi bu ajo oyi ,mana agwaram gi agwa bu ezi enyi [My friend i would,ve told you is malicious and decitful,but i told you ,is true friendship].

Sir,i will not mention again the political labyrinthal Hell that your advisers weaved for you in Anambra state ,it,s like a mine field and a little step in the wrong direction will trigger a politcal Hiroshima .

I will not dwell on my advise to reconcile with Peter Obi,it is not for Peter Obi after all he is not contesting for anything and will not contest for anything in Anambra state, that has been over flogged, but yet ,i will sum it up with a saying from Pericoma which says and i provide "Nwata buru nmanwu uzo ya na oso,nmanwu buru ya uzo nkwukwu ezue ya aru"[when a child is trotting before a masquerade ,it will be a breathtaking run,if the masquerade is ahead of the child,that one is a trauma ].

I will say nobody can beat a man with OFO NA OGU and as of today ,like me or not ,hate me with passion or describe me anyway that pleases you ,i will tell you a candid truth --PETER OBI ji OFO na OGU ndi Anambra and wrestling him is like wrestling the gods but i digress .,,,moving on ,,

Sir,the onion of todays missive is to appeal to you..

[1] You went to see and Congratulate Buhari on his wining and you asked him to extend the goodies even to the states that did not vote for him..

[A] i begged you also to do what you preach ,extend the same hand of fellowship to the people that fought in opposite political party .

Congratulate the Winners and Sinners because at the end of the day ,they are still your subjects,brothers,sisters and ono na ulo ,nolu ndi no na ama,ndi no na ama jelu ndi no na ulo [The people at home are representing those outside and those outside are representing those at home].

Since i came to Nigeria and stare politics in the eyes ,breath politics and romance politicians ,i discovered that true- true ,there is no permanent friend in politics and no permanent enemy ,if EL RUFAI ,TINUBU can be seen in same room with Buhari despite what they said about him in previous election ,then i may be forced to agree that ,it is only permanent interest that matters ,but to old school like me ,i believe in permanent PRINCIPLE .

[2]The 21 PDP members that contested in Anambra state ,let,s not go into how they lose or how the winners won ,but what is important is that ,two days ago they were led by Egwuoyibo Okoye who was the former APGA CHAIRMAN ANAMBRA STATE ,sorry i better re-phrase who adjudicated his throne ,he led the 21 men to Government house and when they came out ,they made a pronouncement that ,they have suddenly found LOVE on their way to DAMASCUS but this time AGU OKA . No matter how we looked at it ,there is always a price Tag for those that reason through the stomach.

My advise is this ,you can also reason with APGA candidates who lost to other parties to forget Courts and tribunals .

I am not bothered about the Tribunal outcome after all ,most times they sale to highest bidder and the bidder will also pay more to appeal court and spend last kobo at Supreme court ,but the issue is the chains of enemity that goes with it .

Now in this case my beef is for Anambra state not to go into the hands of APC ,i can tell you the hard truth and believe me when i say this ,many of this people that dance around you will do to you what PDP Governors,Vice President,Party Chairman and E.T.C did to President Jonathan Goodluck ,they will find reason to aid your defeat.

I staked my time,money ,energy ,friendship into making sure that APC did not succeed cutting you into bits the first time and i am also not ready for them to do same now,it is like ira mbe ji aku na ikwu udo.

Sir,reach out and make peace with all the candidates ,you have immunity as the Governor to accept everybody in your state unless a court of competent jurisdiction says otherwise.

If you embrace this people ,they will also throw their weight behind you in 2017 and i tell you ,you will need all the help you can get against that forces of darkness that will come in with what they do best in 2017 ,lying,cheating and screwing people in elections.

I am signing off but i won,t forget to tell you again ,Sir,what you owe your allegiance to is things that will make the state to prosper ,to have peace , move into grace and to give you peace of mind.

Great thing that the LRC is gone ,your problems are half solved.

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