Is Igbo Leadership Cursed?

8-years Peter Category Obi was at the reign of Anambra state affairs,same period he was chairing the SOUTH EAST GOVERNORS FORUM, that was the only time they speak in one voice, sit around one table, talk and whisper as one family Ndigbo were treated with deserved respect then as a unit.

Since he left office,the race has turn to oke na oso ngwele na uzo,no more cohesion,no more solidarity,no more brotherhood,no more igbo affairs,it is now rat race .

My old man will say ,if you do not plan for it ,you will never work for it .nenezienu igbo political life,ona ada ighara migha ,the elites are no longer holding the staff of boldness,they suddenly walk round cap in hand with a bended knee ,as if that has been a way of life ,but the truth is, such way is always a tufiakwa route in igbo culture .

Our Governors are supposed to be our voices ,the advocates for the people but the only voice they have is the voice of oppression,tyranny,usurpation,self aggrandizement,family heist ,spending on frivolous goods the common wealth of the people,but what puts me in a quandary is that not even one of those Ndi Igwe in Alaigbo has the gonads to speak up in favor of the masses or kwanu call those political irritants to order .

Everyone of our revered Igwe acts as if na onwero ife na eme .

Like it or not we have 4 years to walk the political wilderness,but who will be our Moses to lead Ndigbo through the Red Sea,Jebusites,through the hostile neighbors that will lay siege with poisoned Chalice as if they are getting us our MANNAS .

Like it or not ,ndi igbo it's time to reconvene at our mkpuke ,to reevaluate,restrategize ,restructure and chart a new course ,because anyi no bu na oku ma uguru apuoo and beside we've walked the snake infested water of Adaka River and how can we be petrified with just a pool of water on our path ?

Do not forget ,nobody gives you your due because it's the right thing to do ,you get what is yours because you ask for it ,fight for it and take it wherever you find it .

Have a great morning from Oderaigbo
Mazi Odera

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