Ladokites Callously Politicising A Calamity

When did we become so desperate at stopping by anything and any means to score cheap political points? Do we have to injure the dignity of this community which is already bereaved and mourning; must we resort to callousness and insensitivity to claim the attention of the public; do we have to stoop so low? We must all desist from using this occurrence for political mileage; or is politics that important to us that it ignores the feelings of the bereaved?

Must we use this opportunity to hit out at our political rivals even while we mourn the dead in somber and gloom? Seeking to lend political colour to the tragedy that befell this land shows how coldhearted some people are. I’ve heard people make correlation of the recent happening with the election that brought in these present Union officials; read some unnecessary written innuendos and shook my head somberly at how reasonable and unreasonable Son of Man can think.

Alleging that the happening is the repercussion of covenants made by some persons or group of persons that may have joined camp out of their desperation with demons and satanic agents to win the recently conducted Union election is callous. Though some points stated cannot be disputed and worth thinking of solemnly but politicking with this pathetic situation is morbid, inhuman, devilish and being unfair to the deceased.

Politics doesn’t worth being played upon the lives of our fellow students and I don’t think anyone with human emotions would do such. Playing politics about it will only stir up outrage and create divide at this time when we need to be in one accord to seek the face of God for divine protection from the Untimely Death monster that terrorizes our hinterland. May God deliver US all. AMEN!!!

Oluwatomilola Boyinde, TOMINIGERIA, Central Press Council, Union of Campus Journalists, LAUTECH. [email protected] , @TomiNigeria, 08032434218, 2AF2EB9D.

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