A Wail For Nigeria

“Our leaders are rebels, and companions of thieves. They all love bribes and chase after gifts. They do not defend the cause of the fatherless; the widow’s case does not come before them”. – Isaiah 1:23

The greatest tragedy that befalls a nation is for the nation to have incorrect leaders: greedy rulers who pose as leaders, men without character or life example for people to follow or learn from. How can these be leaders?

A leader is a man who charts a course for others to follow, who is willing to lay down his life for others and who thinks about the welfare of his follower rather than his own interest; a man who would feed the people rather than feed on the people; a man who bears the burden of the poor and the needy, the widows and orphans, women and the children. But these are not so, they only chart the course of thievery, robbery and roguery. A nation with rebels and thieves as leaders –men who love bribes and chase after gifts – is an unfortunate nation.

The problem of Nigeria is the kind of people she has as leaders. These rulers bear rule, only to advance their cause and satiate their over-bloated and insatiable appetites. They rebel against righteousness and against the path of life. The suffering of the people is their greatest joy, so long as they themselves are satisfied.

They join camp with demons and satanic agent to oppress the people. They run up and down, blackmailing and being blackmailed. They run to and fro in their restless pursuit of the incorrect. Their bellies are a bottomless sepulchre, seeking always to be fed. Their activities have denied the nation of the grace to circumcision. Though the Lord would appoint for them a Joshua, the people would not be circumcised because their leaders of fifties, and the leaders of hundreds and the leaders of thousands and the leaders of millions are uncircumcised and have refused to be circumcised.

Our leaders incurred a curse upon the land. The land bleeds as the blood of the innocents are shed, and there is none to defend their cause, none who cares.

Let us raise a lamentation for Nigeria: perhaps Heaven will hear and come to deliver her from the shackles that those conscienceless marauders have put on her neck. Otherwise she will soon be dead. The people have tarried for too long around this mountain. Being chained down by the neck, the nation cannot move forward.

We must raise a lamentation, so that Heaven may hear and arise for our help; otherwise Nigeria will soon become history. These fetters must be broken, and it is only God who can do it. And even, God is indeed patient with us, if not, our nation ought to have come after Sodom and Gomorrah judging by the level of corruption and sins that are manifesting in all facets of life in Nigeria.

Let’s seek the face of the Lord; he has to deliver us by all means. Arise my people and raise a cry for Nigeria. God will surely deliver us. Amen.

Oluwatomilola K. Boyinde, a staunch believer of the Nigerian Project. 2011.

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