Aregbesola's Fawning Pests And Their Limitless Sycophancy

To call a spade by name, this government has failed in some of its essential duties. The earlier we come to term with that the better for us to chart a way forward. Even though as obvious as the failure stares at our faces, the 'Aregbesola-is-always-right' comrades are yet to acknowledge that. Kikiowo Ileowo's hurriedly written innuendo rejoinder to my article titled "A Prayer For You, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola" is a pointer to this fact.

Kikiowo and his/her ilk have got no shame, at all. Celebrating the payment of workers' half salaries for January in the month of March is not only barbaric, but callous, inhuman and being insensitive to the plights of the downtrodden. Truth be told, nothing is worth celebrating. So, you all should just bury your heads in shame, and stop insulting our sensibilities.

Comparing Osun with other States incompetent to pay workers salaries for us to take consolation in that is insulting, and more like spitting on our hunger-beaten ugly faces, courtesy of the human caused economic downturn in the State. It is non of our business. Osun is our State, not Ondo or Ekiti.

You junket from one page to another on facebook, criticizing Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose while the shelter that homes you engulf in fire. You keep defending the crass impunity and senseless inanities of your "lord" with a sealed conscience and blocked senses. Don't you people have the mind to call a spade by name and tell when right is right and wrong is wrong?

Sometimes i wonder if you fawning pests, bootlickers, yes-men, political halleluyah boys do thing what tomorrow behold, or even fear God. Crashing your valued opinions, and playing the second-fiddle to people in authority is burying your sense of respect and human dignity. Sycophancy has a limit, i think. You all know the truth, and instead of letting the truth set you free, it has become a bondage for you and the State. Posterity will not Judge you with fairness.

You're vast becoming (if not already) social pests and parasites, threats to democratic process and more a danger to our society. With your unnecessary and distractive praises, you pushed this State into the Dean's Blue Hole of infrastructure and economic development logjam. That Enough i think is Enough for you. Enough!

Some of us still support this government, daily we pray for its success but that would not stop us from speaking truth to power. It wouldn't stop us from condemning the gross incompetence and misplacement of priorities being exhibited daily.

In truth, like Dr. Olapade Agoro noted, Osun State is in serious economic mess, and in need of help. The political banditry hyping and noise making gimmicking we must all be told has no more room now in our survival game plan, if we will all escape with our heads on in the sinking boat.

Anyway, I believe! Osun will be great again; the dried “spring” will come “living”, and the virtues of the ‘State of the Virtuous’ will be felt and seen beyond our shores, so I believe.

Oluwatomilola Boyinde, Initiator & President, Ijesaland Renaissance Initiative, writes from Osogbo, State of Osun. [email protected] .

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