A Clarion Whisper To President Jonathan Goodluck

My Able President Jonathan Eberechukwu Azikiwe, President of Federal Republic of Nigeria

Sir,I come to you the only way it is easier to reach politicians this days ,which is the only way politicians neglect but it is the most effective way to reach the world in General and politicians in particular.

Sir,this election seems as if PDP are bent on making you lose this election,and from all indication ,it seems they are not telling you the truth.

The days of depending on last minute magic are fast gone ,this days opinion matters .

Today as i write ,the opposition has taking over the social media ,they are selling to the Nation and the world an old fowl with meningitis ,which if reverse is the case ,i am sure they would,ve buried PDP on pages of Internet media for having such a disaster as a candidate.

First they were caught Red Handed printing and multiplying INEC PVC card and instead of them feeling sorry ,they took over the aggression and mount a stronger opposition attacking and accusing PDP and DSS ,i waited thinking that PDP would,ve nailed them on the cross ,but to my surprise it fizzled out without fanfare.Then one is left to ask ,what again do PDP want God to give them as weapon of winning this election ?.

God Blessed PDP again and gave them another great opportunity when the APC candidate said that he borrowed money to buy Form ,instead of PDP going all out to know the Bank manager that lend him such amount without collateral ,they all went dumb ,instead of PDP making waves to know how he intends to manage a campaign when he borrowed 27.5 million ,they kept mute ,instead of PDP asking APC to explain how they intends to pay back the loan after the election ,will it be from his salary or from PTF fund ,PDP went to beer palour for isi ewu and Nkwobi and forgot that APC does not play fair and also in politics there is no friendly match.

Fast forward to APC RALLY in Lagos,the question was- why Lagos ? well ,we all know that it is TINUBU,S play ground ,where he can manipulate things ,other parties will prefer Abuja but APC choose Lagos and that showed who owns the game ,but PDP did not even utter one word on that .

In that Primaries , where both Atiku and Buhari they gave each delegate 5,000 USD in cash and yet with all the PDP muscles ,they did not even mention it on any place including free social media.

Not even to ask ,where did a man who said he borrowed 27.5 million got the huge amount wasted ? ,well ,that also showed why they choose Lagos ,TINUBU money and his call on where and why .

Little wonder he single handedly choose who will ran with the ticket and who will be his Running mate ,but the area that made me to wonder what kind of brain we have in PDP is ,they did not decode an ordinary political math which OBASANJO played,,Obasanjo supported a very sick Yara Dua and with a hope that the pressure of the Job will get him and it did ,thank God the puppet OBJ though he had turned out to be his nightmare ,the rest is story for another day.

So today Tinubu wants to use such again ,he brought out an old sick man who faints at the sight of PODIUM ,it get worst that he forgot the name of his running mate and yet this PDP men refused to use that and teach APC some political lessons.

Imagine who Tinubu gave to Buhari as Running mate ,a man that is scared of his shadow and all Tinubu wants is ,hoping on whatever ,that if Miracle happens ,they he just have to twist some trouble here and there and the heart of his stooge may fail ,then his pet dog will step inn and we know what Tinubu did to Lagos ,as it is now ,Lagos is like inheritance of Tinubu and he wants to acquire NIGERIA too and he found a willing ally in Buhari who at 73 still wants to have what he despised in 1983.

We know APC control Print media ,not that they have more money than the PDP but because they understand the game of politics ,so what stopped PDP from buying over social media by empowering online bloggers who will make a mince meat of the APC stooges ,instead the PDP NATIONAL PUB SEC said few weeks ago that the party does not have any person they employed on social media that those working for them are Volunteers and i shouted that this people are not serious ....during a Presidential campaign and the biggest party in the land are banking on Volunteers ? do Volunteers buy the Data they use to access network with VOLUNTEER card or with money ?

Fast Forward ,the Roads and industries your Government resurrected all over or say nationwide are more in numbers than what the North has ever done through out the 40 years they were in power,but who will project those works for PDP ? i forget the Volunteers will search them out and do it free of all charges.

Now lets proceed to the greatest weapon APC handed over to PDP but PDP were so DUMB ,yes i mean DUMB enough to let it go .The Issue of Buhari not having one single ACADEMIC CERTIFICATE ,had PDP committed such blunder ,that is enough for APC social media to run JONATHAN out of campaign but not PDP ,they smiled ,smoke some pot and life continues.

Had PDP hired or paid enough people to help them on social media ,BUHARI has so many garbage and baggage from his days as PETROLEUM SECRETARY IN 1977 down to when he truncated Democracy in 1983 and up to when he rob PTF blind with his hand in glove with ABACHA ,yet PDP were so carried away by whatever that makes them dumb that they missed that altogether and they hope to win the election ,then i ask with what ?

Now let me quickly whisper to you this ,,
THERE IS NO SINGLE POSTER OF PRESIDENT JONATHAN in KANO ,Kano that we can say is less hostile ,so imagine what it will be on other Northern parts.The funniest part is that even PDP GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATES did not even add the picture of Jonathan in their individual posters. So what are the duties of the Presidential campaign team in the NORTH ? ,What are the duties and commitments of PDP in the North is they cannot promote PRESIDENT GOODLUCK out there ?,unless they have fashioned a way to make sure that Buhari Won at the expense of PDP INCUMBENT POWERS .

Contrast it with what APC is doing in the south ,it is because of the powers of the social media .

Do not underate the powers of social media ? ,now every mobile phone is ANDROID inclusive and can go to internet ,so facebook and social media is now at the hands of every Nigeria.

Sir ,if your you must fight this fight and be rest assured ,it is time you engage the powers of social media and engage them well.

Sir ,i wish you GOODLUCK and pray that you will wake up and understand that if you are to play with BULLIES ,you can either run and hide or meet them at the trench of BULLIES with a heart of a bully.

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