O'Ye feeble minded leader, what kind of shepherd art thou? How will thou leaveth thy flock and runneth for cover in the face of death? How will thou leaveth thy flock in the cloud of thick darkness for them to be smitten with rod by the wicked haramites? How will thou leaveth the people you lead for the cursed haramites to terrorize and runneth for cover, and dwell in a safe place, taking to the instruction of the emperor of thy brotherhood.

How wicked and heartless art thou? How will thou do the biddings of thy brotherhood and hearken unto the voice of it emperor who said unto thee: “Flee from any form of evil that thou think might befall thee inside the house today, and dwell in a safe place, 'cos your enemies plan no good for you, as revealed to me by our great Shakula”.

Who art thy enemies? Thy enemies are my enemies for you are my anointed. Your anointment as the great lord of the house of lords went beyond physical; we battled in the spirit and we won. We anointed thee to lead the flock and not to run for your dearest life when the haramites struck; for we have strengthened thee with all the power needed to triumph over them. My protection is upon thee, they shall do no evil unto you, for you are the anointed one.

But behold, your action angered my spirit for the mandate given unto thee is sacred and thou hast with thy display of cowardice, desecrated the temple (house) of the lords. It is my plan to unleash my wrath upon thee and the general house for it has in time past refused to behave itself in manners defined in its book of law and thy iniquities stinks to high heavens; but my prophet pleaded on thy behalf. I shall therefore overlook thy iniquities and the iniquities of other lords and give thee, thy brotherhood and the house of lords, the last chance to make thy ways right in the sight of my sons and daughters, the temporal inhabitants of this homestead.

Thus, I beseech ye therefore, fear not the haramites: they that were against the sitting of the house of lords; they that brought cloud of thick darkness upon the lords, they that turned daylight into darkness; they that made the rain fall without sign in the sky. They that used mystic power to prevent the lords from performing their duties, they that disrupted the peace in the house of lords and threw it into disarray; they that are against the building of the unifying wall of this homestead; they that are enemy of progressive unionism in this homestead.

Fear them not, for the haramites you see today, thou shall see them no more. Do not fret when they succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes. Do not fret, for the power of the haramites will be broken and put to shame. Do not fret because of their evil acts, for like the grass they will soon wither, like green plants they will soon die away. For those who are evil will be punished and destroyed. A little while, and the haramites will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found. The haramites will perish. Thy enemies I shall destroy; for thy enemies are my enemies, and my enemies are like the flowers of the field, they will be consumed; they will soon go up in smoke.

O'ye Haramites, rejoice not in thy camp for it is not yet uhuru for you all. Mock not the lords and say not unto Shakaus, your god: "Bless the great rage of Shakaus, we rejoice for this victory; you have dealt bountifully with them, for their sitting was no success”. My wrath shall soon come upon Shakaus, your god; I shall visit it with fire and brimstone, it shall be destroyed and it house make crumble. Just as destruction came upon the Babylonian's Marduk, Assyrian's Hadad, Tent of Dagon, Altar of Baal and the Pole of Asherah; destruction shall come upon Shakaus, your feeble god.

Lo and behold, O'ye Haramites, no matter how you seem to be succeeding over the efforts of the house of lords, ultimately you will not win! Thou plot evil against the house of lords and rejoice for their sitting was no success; but I laugh at thy wickedness, for I know thy day of judgment draweth near. Thou draweth the sword and bend the bow to bring down the house of lords, and to slay the lords. But thy swords will pierce thy own hearts, and thy bows will be broken. I have seen a wicked and ruthless man flourishing like a luxuriant native tree, but he soon passed away and was no more; though I looked for him, he could not be found. Thou hast the chance now to change from thy evil thoughts and wicked ways for my judgment will rage like a consuming fire and destroy thee and thy feeble god.

Hear! Hear! Hear! Words from my prophet and bishop of this great tabernacle! He that hath ears, let him hear what the spirit sayest; thus says the Most High!

Oluwatomilola Boyinde, TOMINIGERIA, P.R.O, Union of Campus Journalists, AND, All-Nigerian United Nations Students & Youth Association, LAUTECH. [email protected], @TomiNigeria, 08032434218, 2AF2EB9D.

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