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In Nigeria,there are three main religion,the Christianity,the Muslim and the African traditional religion .Their faithful reach their creators through these religious groups. The faithful see the words or preachings of their leaders as being sacrosanct hence the words of these leaders are the words of God. Having discovered this scenario,many religious leaders have gone beyond their boundaries since there is no check in their activities. Many of them see themselves as the link between humanity and divinity hence none of their faithful will have the temerity to question their actions or instructions in the house of prayers .We all know that in any organisation where principles of checks and balances plus that of separation of power are not strictly applied,the leaders will automatically become dictators. Many of these our religious leaders have become automatic dictators.

In the Christendom ,many church leaders especially the Pentecostal leaders have turned to colonial masters to their members. The members respect their religious leaders more than they respect the God that these religious leaders claim to represent. Many of the faithful have been turned to slaves in the house of God by their religious leaders .They will tell you not to take alcohol when all brands of alcoholic wines and beer are well stocked in their refrigerators. They will tell you not to commit adultery or fornication when all the beautiful women and girls in the church are theirs .The most annoying aspect of it is that they will be buying presidential jets incessantly while their members can not feed three times daily let alone meeting up their other financial obligations.The leaders will justify their actions by quoting what St. Paul said in the book of Corinthians that he who preaches of the gospel must eat of the gospel without first realising that St. Paul was earned his living by tent making . They will preach to you that blessed are those that suffer in this world because heaven is for them but they themselves are living in one of the costliest houses in town garnished with the latest brands of cars in the country .Their children are in one of the best schools in the world studying one of the most lucrative courses while your own children are either out of school due to financial constraints or studying one of the unemployable courses in one of the sub-standard schools in the community .

They tell you that Jesus is coming soon but they are busy setting up 50- year projects. They tell you that you should gather your riches in where rust will not destroy them,but they are busy buying and building houses in conspicuous areas of the country and abroad,establishing higher institutions all over the country even when they believe that the schools will function at least in the next 1000 years but they still tell you that Christ is coming soon. This was what Obasanjo saw in his regime when he commented that he saw church leaders hovering around him without knowing that they came to him not to tell him what the lord said but for Chief Obasanjo to help them in the accreditation of their schools.The members of their church whose alms,tithes and collections were used in establishing the said tertiary institutions will still go on to contribute their manual labour in the building process but at the end the members or their wards will be shut out of the school due to their inability to pay the exorbitant tuition fees. The way the church leaders will present the second coming of Christ,their members will see it as something that will happen in the next few minutes hence no need of venturing into long term projects.The most gullible members may even forget pursuing their education to tertiary level forgetting that the bible said in the book of Isaiah 45:18 that ....For thus said the Lord that created the heavens;God himself that formed the earth and made it;he has established it,he created it not in vain,he formed it to be inhabited:I am the lord;there is none else. This is because these church leaders have turned their followers into religious slaves no one understands that all are equal before the lord and that the pastor can still make mistakes .

Meanwhile,I equally believe that this world is ephemeral but the truth is that no one even Jesus knows when it will be. We had the likes of these religious leaders in the bible,in the person of Jonah who initially avoided going to Nineveh but was divinely forced to be there ,after preaching to the people of Nineveh about the impending doom,instead of returning to his country,he opted to stay at the periphery of Nineveh to witness the downfall of that great ancient city unbeknown to him that God is the sole-controller of the universe who is also sovereign hence God can change his course of action without being questioned . The summary is that Jonah was disappointed in that the expected doom never came to the people of Nineveh. We have had a lot of them in our contemporary generation who are popularly called doomsday pastors. These lunatics have given a lot of dates when the world would come to an end but those dates came and passed uneventful .These pastors should be reminded that it is a sin to prophesy when the lord has not said anything. My bible told me in the gospel according to St. Matthew 24:35 that heaven and earth shall pass away,but my words shall not pass away.They have even forgotten that one thousand years will be like a second before God. They manufacture their doctrines and force their members to obey these manmade doctrines. Many of them spend their holidays abroad with their wives or concubines(whichever that are available) forgetting that the said cities where they spend their holidays abroad were built by people that these church leaders would best address as unbelievers who believe that God created the earth and made man the caretaker hence the onus lies on us to,not only develop it, but also make it a better place for the generation unborn which negates this madness of Christ coming soon hence no need of developing our climes. Other activities of these church leaders including the leadership crises rocking many churches will be covered in my subsequent articles.

In the Muslim world,the imams are seen as the representatives of Allah here on earth.In the name of Allah,most Gracious,most Merciful, these imams will go on teaching their faithful what they personally want or by following the political developments in the country.Consider all the Muslim countries where there is uprising,the crises get worse every Friday immediately after the services at the mosques. The question here is why must the intensity of the crises be increased immediately after the prayers at the mosques on Fridays?A good thinker can easily understand that these Muslim faithful must have been incited by their leaders while in the mosques. Some sects in the religion will tell you that western education is forbidden even the undeserved lives they live are products of western education. They use communication gadgets, among other things, which are products of western education.The last time the Nigerian army dislodged Boko Haram from one of their camps,they found condoms,sex-enhancing drugs etc from their places of above,my question now is;are these materials not products of western education which these idiots said are forbidden?Aye Kweh Amah of Ghana in his novel,The beautiful ones are not yet born,called these lunatics chidodo birds who hate excrement but feed on the maggots that feed on the excrement.

These Muslim leaders tell their faithful of 72 virgins that are kept for them in paradise if they stupidly die in their useless act of utter folly even when their own children are studying one of the best courses in the best universities in the world

.These deceitful leaders will not agree to die first to blaze the trail for their followers but they will convince their gullible followers that there are phantom virgins when they die in their useless act of 'jihad, hence their followers will lay down their lives without first asking their leaders to allow their children go first in other to encourage others.These leaders saying that western education is forbidden retire as professors and are still receiving their pensions.They only perpetrate their selfish motives through their gullible followers who they do not want to be liberated from their primitive instinct.They teach their followers to kill any enemy of Moslems even when the holy Qur'an teaches otherwise .How can I serve a God that cannot fight for Himself? If the God one serves cannot fight His enemies himself,then that God is not worth serving and this maxim should be sounded to the stupid followers. If the said God is strong as alleged then let Him fight for himself and not allowing His followers to kill innocent citizens .Other sinful acts of these muslim leaders will be revealed in my subsequent articles.

In the African traditional religion,these native doctors deceive their faithful just like their counterparts in other religions.They cause enmity among the members of a family and dissolve marriages through their false prophesies.They have sex with widows in order to help them and debauch a lot of girls seeking their help.The most annoying aspect of the whole scenario is that they take up professional title of a 'doctor'.It is common to see these illiterates being addressed as 'Dr oturuogbajie' etc. The struck that breaks the camel's back is that they contribute greater part of our health challenges through the herbal medications they give to their unsuspecting and stupid followers. These herbal preparations are the major cause of renal failures in our patients presenting in our hospitals. Some of these philandering native doctors act as vectors for the transmission of the deadly HIV-Aids and Hepatitis B and C since their desperate clients can easily acquiesce in whatever these self-acclaimed doctors tell them to do in order to get remedies to their problems. More of their atrocious conducts will be discussed in my subsequent articles on this subject-matter.

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