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There is no gainsaying the fact that some people are out to mess up the Jonathan-led government. During and after the campaign for 2011 national election many politicians swore that they would make the country ungovernable for Jonathan if they did not win the election.Jonathan,in his kindness ignored those threats,if the likes of Obasanjo and Buhari were the presidents when such threats were made by such politicians,believe you me,those politicians would be behind bars by now.Today ,we are all witnesses of what is happening these days,many of these politicians that made those treasonable threats are now members of ALL PROGRESSIVES CONGRESS and they want us to believe that Jonathan is incompetent in ruling the country.

After the Nyanya bomb blast,Jonathan continued his earlier-scheduled PDP rally in one of the northern states and APC expectedly criticised Jonathan for making such journey when the country was mourning.How many of these APC members put on sackcloth or declared fasting in their states to show they are/were mourning?They should thank God immensely that they have a gentleman as president if not they should have been behind bars. Let them go and ask Pastor Tunde Bakare how many times he was arrested by law enforcement agents during Obasanjo regime. The said Bakare is a christain just like Obasanjo but that was not an excuse for Obasanjo to spare the man of God anytime he preached against Obadanjo government.Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm is not when you preached against Obasanjo-led government but today any urchin can boldly abuse Jonathan on the pages of newspapers and Jonathan will still allow them to be. Very soon the missing Malaysian plane will be linked with Jonathan government. An idiot will go and defecate at the back of his house and start blaming Jonathan for not providing toilet tissue for him or for poor sanitary conditions of his own environment.I so much like Nigerians for one thing,we always abuse any opportunity given to us hence the need to abuse this freedom of information given to us by Jonathan.Where were these progressives during Obasanjo and Abacha regimes?During Obasanjo regime did the Nigeria governors forum wield the type of power they wield now?In fact, many people never knew that there anything like that until a gentle leader in the person of Jonathan entered.

I normally ask if these APC members see us as fools with all these their political gimmicks. Who is Buhari in Nigerian politics to talk when democrats are talking?if it were in developed climes,the likes of Buhari would be barred for life for participating in politics. This is a man that truncated our democratically elected government. He placed his Fulani brother,Shehu Shagari,under house arrest while Ekwueme was jailed without trial,that was leaving the anus that farted to knock the head.He gagged the press through his dastardly decree number four.Today,he stupidly tries to convince gullible minds that it is the turn of the north to be president,did he not know about this federal character or zoning when he chose another northerner as his vice when he was the military head of state even when the power was virtually with the north since July 29,1966 counter coup. What was he doing with his victims at SSS office at No 15 Awolowo road, Ikoyi Lagos during his regime as the military head of state?Today he wants to tell us that he has undergone some sort of metamorphosis and he is a true democrat who will obey the rule of law or will he act ultra vires?That SSS office was a place that once you got there after arrest,you would not come back again. The wicked decree number two allowed Buhari and his vice to arrest and permanently detain innocent citizens without trial or legal representation. This is the man that wants to come back as our president?I heard where he was saying that he would sue the federal government for linking him with Boko Haram,if it were in his regime,would somebody be sure of his/her life after making such proposal?This old man should honourably go and rest but he is still moving around making more threats about 2015 election believing that baboons and dogs would be soaked with blood. President Jonathan please what does it take to bring this man and his cohorts to book?He and the other politicians will explain to us how they proposed making the country ungovernable for Jonathan and Buhari,in particular, must tell us how baboons and dogs will be soaked with blood.

Expectedly, APC criticised the president for attending to an earlier-scheduled PDP rally when the nation was mourning the victims of Nyanya bomb blast and it was the same APC governors that refused coming to the national security council meeting. The meeting has been rescheduled on 23/04/2014,believe you me,APC governors will not attend the said meeting. Tomorrow,they will tell us that Jonathan is not only insensitive to the plight of the masses,he is also incompetent in protecting lives of the citizens. In our constitution,the governors of the states are the chief security officers of their states. What have they done to nip these security challenges in the bud in their respective states before calling on Jonathan?These Boko Haram members,do they not live in a community,in a local government? Where are the community leaders,councillors,local government chairmen in these Boko Haram states?Can they not assist the JTF with useful information on how track these Boko Haram mermbers.My country people,are the APC states not the strongholds of Boko Haram?What have these APC governors done to counter this Boko Haram sect?In terms of development,are APC states better than PDP states?Who are the members of this APC which many fondly called Angry People Congress?They are simply those frustrated elements in Nigerian politics. Consider for an instance,Buhari who has been losing all the presidential elections that he has contested and Tinubu who does not have any political value outside southwest and so many of them that were disappointed politically,they are the core-members of APC. Now they are using the principle of :if you cannot join them,kill them. Imagine El-Rufai that frustrated a lot of people through the destruction of their houses without compensation,now wants to tell us that he is a saint in Nigerian politics. Please tell these APC members that we are aware of their tricks since from their own standard, whatever Jonathan says or does is wrong. Recently,Nigeria was adjudged the largest economy in Africa,these disgruntled elements in APC still contested that. They cannot see any good thing in Jonathan-led government except bad things. Princess Stella Oduah is gone,they are presently disturbing us on the pages of newspapers about what the money Mrs Allison Madueke allegedly mismanaged should have been used for but they forget that the money they are paying the media houses to advertise that rubbish daily should equally have saved lives that the alleged Mrs Madueke's mismanaged money never saved. Who do they think they are deceiving?Believe you me,when they are through with Mrs Allison-Madueke,they will proceed with Dr Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala after which it will be time for Jonathan proper.

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