Parents, have you instructed your child/children to always tell you everything that happened when you were away from home? Children talk a lot, but are you patient enough to hear everything whether it sounds sensible or not?

I was going through my girl's work at school one day and I saw a topic 'Dignity' in her note book, then I asked her to explain to me how the class teacher explained it to them. I just wanted to know how she understood the topic, I was stunned as she said her Teacher told them that Dignity means Self respect so children shouldn't report to their parents everything which happens at school, they should just pretend as if nothing happened! I wanted to know how the class teacher expected little children to be able to discern what and what not they should report at home. Well, to cut my long story short, I withdrew my girl from that school because I was no longer comfortable with the Class teacher. Anyone who tells a child not to report at home is a Predator. I will not wait until when the deed has been done before I act. Parents, you must be PROACTIVE! Anybody whether class teacher, uncle, aunty, cousin, neighbor etc who tells a child not to report whatever to his or her Mummy or Daddy is a devil in disguise!

Anybody can be a Predator; A Reverend father molested an 11 yr old child.

A very sharp boy was being molested by his class teacher, he suddenly became an introvert and his performance at school started dropping. It was later his parents discovered that his class teacher was sexually molesting him........

A personal driver to a particular family was always asking their little girl to help him suck his nipples. The girl innocently told her mum, to make matters worse, the dad didn't believe her. Parents listen and listen good CHILDREN DONT TELL LIES ABOUT SUCH THINGS!!!When they report it, you must take immediate action!

SEX EDUCATION starts from 18 months old. It's all about letting the little kids know the parts of their body and calling it the correct names for them. Penis is penis, Vagina is vagina! Until recently, a mother told her little girl that her vagina was called 'front' bum bum , while her buttocks is her 'back' bum bum .She said *don't allow anybody touch your front bum bum or your back bum bum*.Note:She said 'touch', we all know touch goes with the hand. Meanwhile, d penis is not hand and if a Predator uses it, that is not touch. What am I trying to say is that our Instructions must be clearly stated, there is no point shying away from it because somebody somewhere may explain it to them in a confusing manner.......

My points today are...
1.Parents must be always ready to hear a 'detailed daily report' of everything that happened when they weren't with their kids.

2 .For those who have house helps, keep a close watch on them. Don't be a negligent parent. How old is your house help? Do you even know the HIV status of your house help?

To be continued next week...........
Bukola Afolabi Ogunyeye

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