Sexual education for every child starts from 18 months.Parents of children between ages 18 months - 3yrs need to tell/teach their kids to

- Identify body parts,
- Pronounce proper names for body parts,
- Differentiate between private n public parts,
- Protect their private parts.
- They should also learn the four golden rules.
Children between this age group learn more through SONGS.

All the same,we can just let them know their private parts which are:

Laps,lips,breasts,bum bum,vagina,penis.All these private parts are to be covered except d lips of course!

The public parts among others are the eyes,ears,hair,hands,legs,nose, e.t.c

Parents should avoid kissing their kids on the lips.I'm guilty of this too!But I think even if Parents do that,nobody should be permitted to kiss a child on the lips because such a person is getting himself or herself unnecessarily familiar with such child.Parents should please discourage this from outsiders(relatives or not)It gets children confused and make them feel kissing from anyone is OK.

Interesting enough, many kids are not comfortable with it when outsiders do that but they are helpless.

For instance,when I was a child my distant uncle enjoyed kissing me on the lips right in the presence of my mum but I didnt feel comfortable with it.He was always calling me *Iyawo mi*. At a point,I had to device a strategy in order to avoid that, so each time he visited which I believed was majorly for the purpose of kissing I would run and hide myself in the toilet until he left.

Also,Parents should discourage anybody from calling their kids *Iyawo mi*/oko mi.'Most' of the Adults who call children that are Pedophiles Fact# They are in a way sexually attracted to a child and they are the ones who play with the child's bum bum,finger the vagina of little girls, etc.As a matter of fact,these Pedophiles are only trying to make those kids feel comfortable around them( the adults) by addressing those children as Iyawo mi/oko mi.

Another annoying thing is that these relatives/family friends - Pedophiles don't take their eyes off those kids forever even when the child has become an adult!There was a close family friend who was like an Uncle to a girl and her siblings.The man started off by playing with the girl's bum bum as a child,when the girl reached puberty (she was in the higher Institution)the man attempted to rape the girl in her dad's house!


1. My body belongs to me and also belongs to God.
2. I must report to my Dad and Mum whatever happens to me.

3. I have a right to say no to whatever I feel/know is wrong.

4. Anybody that says I should not tell my Dad and mum, or talk,wants to destroy my future.

Researchers have discovered that children of two(2) years of age can learn 50 words EVERY MONTH!So Parents,it's up to us to start developing d brains of our kids as early as possible ...........As a matter of fact, some children of less than 2 yrs can sing those Barney songs.....

' Barney is a dinosaur from our imagination
and when it's tall is what we call a dinosaur sensation......'such a kid has already learned 18 different words from that sentence.

To be continued next week
Bukola Afolabi Ogunyeye
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