Like I wrote last week, Parents need to tell their children about people who indulge in those acts I listed up there. Every child needs to be informed that a Predator can be anybody, A man/boy/woman/girl who wants to take sexual advantage over a boy child or a woman/girl/man/boy who wants to take sexual advantage over a girl child. They are everywhere........

It's not enough to tell our girl kids that they should keep off from males or our boy kids to stay away from females, it is also very important we let them know that there are children who enjoy to play e.g fondle with the nipples ,private parts and bumbum of other children of same sex. Tell them a boy may also want to kiss a boy. Let them be informed!

Bisexuality is sexual attraction towards males and females. Bisexual people can be found in all walks of society .Presently, there are children(pre-teens and teens) who are Bisexuals. Some ore-teens have confessed that they have had sex with both sexes (male and female).Did you know that most of the Parents of these children are not aware their kids have been sexually abused and they are already abusing other children? Abuse is a cycle which continues if not stopped! SOME CHILDREN,PRE-

TEENS & TEENS ARE PRESENTLY LIVING WIT HIV as a result of indulgence in all those crazy things in the name of sex, yet many Parents are still sleeping. I cant fathom how a child can manage to take his/her anti-retroviral drugs daily while living under the same roof with his/her parents/Guardians without them knowing! Yes, children are smart but their is no way a child can out-smart a dedicated parent!

It was to the shock of a Pastor and Pastor Mrs when in a particular school they were invited by the school authorities as the Parents of a girl and a report was made that their girl is a big time Lesbian and a chain smoker! Who introduced her to it? Their househelp.

Every Parent is expected to be busy but the dedicated ones have learned how to maintain a balance between their busy work life and a quality relationship with their children...........

I've come to understand that the act of Lesbianism/ homosexuality starts from childhood. It's rare for an adult to suddenly become a Gay/Lesbian.

A onetime Lesbian once confessed in a published Christian magazine (some of us must have seen the mag.)that she had partners among married women who are Pastors' wives and wives of Imams. The question is, did dose women learn the act as adults or as children???Apparently, they have been bisexuals before they got married, able to have sexual intercourse with their husbands as well as a female partner.

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