Today,I'll be dwelling on children between ages 3-5yrs.The objective of this is to assist/help children differentiate between male and female as well as answering some of the questions they already have that bother on identity.

Parents need to know that children between dis age group are VERY CURIOUS.They ask questions a lot so adults need to be very patient with them.

Peculiarities of children between this age group are:

-They ask all manner of questions.
- They have great energy and want to do things alone.

- They are very inquisitive.
- They love to listen to short stories n songs.
- They are imaginative @ 4 and full of exagerations.

- They love to play in groups.
- They argue a lot.
- They always feel like bigger boys/girls than the younger ones......

Children within this age group must also know the GOLDEN RULES which I already treated last week.

What is fire on the mountain?This simply means those things that children must run away from which are....

Bad movies.
Bad Pictures.
Bad songs.
Bad friends.

Bad movies: Basically,these are movies that do not uphold moral values.Any movie that shows romantic scenes,kissing,semi-nude dressing,violence,and sex must strictly be prohibited by Parents.Children of these days are smarter than adults think.When they watch these movies freely without anybody cautioning them,those things they watch register in their subconscious mind and they have a way of coming back to 're-play' itself. Parents(for dose who watch such movies) should not watch dirty movies with the kids.Let me say this,when kids see their Parents watching those bad movies but they discourage them,they know their Parents are only decieving themselves because they will watch those movies when their Parents are not there!I've seen children kissing themselves and I felt horrible about it! Where did they learn it?My Parents never encouraged us to watch such movies.Infact,till date,I cant watch movies like that because such scenes irritates me.I do ask myself a question,cant Nollywood pass their messages across to us without kissing themselves?Must they kiss?Must they go naked and lie on a bed?MountZion films Ministries act 'love scenes' too but I've never seen any form of kissing in their movies.We may say that's gospel but is somebody saying the kind of movies Nollywood show now were those kinds they showed many years ago?Those days,nobody went naked with anybody,yet some Parents were still cautious.Why cant we uphold the moral values which we claim we have in Africa?

The music Industry is thesame,I remember Chichi of Africa those days,that little girl didnt do the kind of songs some little ones are doing today.The irony of it is that many kids are attracted to these young singers who are bad examples!Interesting enough,some of them are Brand Ambassadors...........

Now listen,I'm not saying everybody must do gospel.There are secular songs which doesnt pollute anybody,Bukola Olamide-Asa is a good example anywhere yet, ASA is not a gospel singer.

Parents of this generation kids have a lot of work to do because this is the society where our kids must thrive!

Bad Pictures:addiction to pornography starts from childhood.Parents, be vigillant on the kind of books,magazines your kids are reading.Any book/magazine that exposes the private parts,boobs,penis,thighs,vagina,stomach,navel etc are bad pictutes.It is called pornography!

Bad friends: Children who have been exposed to all these things above as well as those who have been sexually abused by Paedophiles are the ones who sexually molest and abuse other children........Tell your kids to run away from bad friends,those children who want to touch their private part,kiss dem,etc.Children call it 'play' .Tell them it is not playing,it is called sex!

It has nothing to do with whether a child is from a Christian home or not.There are children from christian parents who are bad friends too.I dont feel too comfortable

with my kids relating too closely wit other children.This is because if my child should report anything of such,I will take it up.I dont care whose ox is gored!Since I know myself,I have already placed a limit to my child's relating with other kids.As a matter of fact,their should be a very good limit to allowing our kids relate with other children.

Bukola AFolabi Ogunyeye
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