Our country is Nigeria and I repeat, it is not for any tribe but for all Nigerians. Whatever is called a crime by Law of the land is nothing but a crime. No person or group or tribe or religion defines crime differently from that in the Criminal Code and Pena Code of Nigeria. Treasonable felony is a crime documented in the Criminal Code and Penal Code of this country. No tribe- Not Yoruba or ijaw or Hausa can tell Nigeria what is a crime is not. The killing by Boko Haram is a crime; the insurgency led by Asari is a crime. It takes the kind of ignorance that leads fools to life imprisonment to think Treasonable Felony when it is done by someone who claims he fights for a tribe or religion is a freedom fighting. To a group, it may be a freedom fighting but to Nigeria as a country bonded by Constitution, it is a Treasonable Felony, punishable by death by hanging.

To think what you have to offer this country is violence is absolutely primitive and anti-human and an archaic mentality. It is like writing an application letter to doom and mayhem, an application to unnecessary bloodshed.

To think it can be done by violence is an irrational thinking that cannot take anyone to any good destination. The demand of any group must be pursue in a logical manner. Any group or tribe or youth that allows it to be used as a negotiating factor, that allows it to be used like cutlass that clears the bush for some politicians who may not disclose their sinister political agendas may not live to make their parent happy.

To think you can hold a country into ransom is a dream that can never come to reality. The economic may be affected, the good name of the country in the international community may also be dented but the unity and interest of the country is the last thing that will be affected because Nigeria as an entity will defence it unity with all its military might which no militant group can surpass.

“A fowl resting on a rope, both the rope and fowl experience restlessness”. We all condemn BAGA killing but that is the kind of ugly drama that is associated with insurgency, it does not pay at all, both the country and the terrorists will suffer a great lost.

ASARI disposition, by law of this country (not by law of ijaw and am sure Ijaw has no special Criminal Law recognized by Nigeria) is a Treasonable Felony and rebellion, in the same vain, the Boko Haram insurgency is also a rebellion. So it is, irrespective of the tribe or religion that is the source of such act. By implication, it is a fallacy to say ASARI is a freedom fighter not a criminal. By law, he is a criminal not a freedom fighter.

The intellectual youth of this country need to rise to save this country from the bad eggs among youth, the cultists, the drug addicted youth, the frustrated youth. We must always realize that the poor masses will always suffer for unwarranted uprising against the government.

Several thousands of youth lost their lives in Niger Delta, they could not live to benefit from amnesty. Also, several thousands of member of Boko Haram were dead now, if the group is pardon, the dead is gone already. Why will you allow some clever people to use your head to break Coconut while you may not live to eat the Coconut?

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