A country is in their control and they tell us it is all right here in our land. Is it really all right amidst the insecurity and corruption, the highest in the history of Nigeria? Okupe wants to unintelligently present to us the picture of our country after it is govern for five years by his benefactor or his employer. Like the coming of the tail of the raining season, the APC primary election was a big blow to the clique that hang their fluke on the flesh of our country, so dramatically is the manner in which they respond, a childish style.

How ineffective are these foolish propaganda that dominate the social media through the agent of GEJ? That, it is Tinubu that chose the Vice-presidency for Mohammed Buwari is one of their frivolous propagandas. I must confess that Horade Walpoleinspired me through his words: “I do not admire politicians; but when they are excellent in their way, one cannot help allowing them their due.”A Yoruba adage says “eyan kan ki je awade”, a single person is not a group, cooperation and compromise between Mohammed Buhari and Bola Tinubu was not easy but it is the biggest threat to the ruling cabal in Nigeria. Surprisingly, as rigid as Mr. Integrity, he embraces political mixture for the goal of stronger opposition. All these dull and unconnected misinformation in not convincing at all and a waste of time it is.

It is in record that there was an agreement made and signed by Goodluck Jonathan with the influential men in PDP, he agreed to spend one term if he was allowed to run. Only a trustworthy will hold to an agreement, immediately he was elected he began a plot to invade the agreement he voluntarily made, it was the execution of the plot that caused fracas in the PDP, you can see a president who want to rule with deceit. The same man who was compared to the notorious biblical tyrant by a world renowned Prof. Wole Soyinka was successful in manipulation of PDP until he dominates and emerged the only presidential candidate of PDP.

Talking to GEJ and allies, If you lack integrity and stealing in your dictionary is different from corruption, we have Mohammed Buhari who you want to dent is image because he is the presidential aspirant of APC. Your administration has successfully assassinated and buried our EFCC and ICPC, the Pension scandal and NNPC scandal were all swept under carpet, the most corrupt administration in the history of Nigeria, yet want us to hear your propaganda. The same administration gave pardon to one of the notorious Nigeria most corrupt politician “Ibori”, because they share the same corruption reasoning. May I advise Mr. Doyin Okupe and other unintelligible noise makers and online hungry agent to devise another means?

A renowned Greek playwrite called Aristophanes described Mr. Doyin Okupe as follow: “… a horrible voice, bad breeding and a vulgar manner” In one of irritating speech, Okupe said “…[GEJ] he did not start this [insurgency] war, he inherit it” and I wonder, his boss inherit a land and the land was not developed, instead it is bushy. His boss inherited a house and left it unrenovated until the house collapsed, he must be a prodigal son. I ask question, what has he done to stop the insurgency? If he inherited it, is it not his responsibility to work and use the excess power he enjoys to save Nigeria from the mess. It is on record that the degree of insurgency in the country was just 10 degree when GEJ unfortunately took over the mantle of leadership of Nigeria, the activities of the Boko Haram was a mere hit and run, but today, under the leadership of an uncoordinated president, they have grown to 70 degree, and it has reached the highest level of mass kidnapping and territorial capturing. A disastrous tenure with unprecedented and unimaginable level of insecurity and corruption we have all gone through in the past five years of GEJ led administration, it beats imagination that part of Nigeria territory has being captured and occupied by terrorist, yet there is no encouraging and gallant reaction from the armed forces. At least, we heard loudly complains of lack of weapons by the soldiers who sometimes run away for Boko-haram. Yet. An America journalist and novelist, I read much about him, Thomas Kennerly said “It is very comforting to believe that leaders who do terrible things are, in fact, mad. That way, all we have to do is make sure we don't put psychotics in high places and we have got the problem solved.” So relevantly, If GEJ is not voted out in the coming election, Nigeria may fall into the total control of insurgence. The lives and properties of Nigeria is now nicked and not protected at all, yet, GEJ want to continue, they will want to remain in the position because of the honoure and wealth attached to the office, meanwhile, Nigeria under their leadership is not save and may not survive.

This bunch of failed political team hides under the fact that security issues are not to be exposed, yet their embarrassing failure is uncovered every day. The Chibok girls kidnapped was just a litmus-test of the unprecedented failure of GEJ. Nigerians are disappointed in GEJ and these sycophants who feed him the childish and unreasonable advice.

I remember, late Musa Yaradua, the ex-president of Nigeria also inherited a chronic problem of militancy in the Niger Delta, the home of GEJ. It was a peculiar quandary that directly threatened the economy of Nigeria. There was a moment when GEJ was advised to dialogue with the terrible Boko-haram, but he opted for the option of fighting without might. This foolish decision is the root of the death of thousands of Nigerian and that is the danger of having mediocre as leader. Comparatively, Musa Yaradua opted for dialogue in the eyes of GEJ as the Vice-president but the same GEJ chose to fight the terrorist when he was not sure Nigerian soldiers has the capacity to crush the terrorist.

Which lies is the next? GEJ and his employee were jumping up and down that power problem will become a thing of the past, Nigerian waited curiously to see a lighted Nigeria. At least, let there be a laudable achievement in one sector, except the photo-shops and video editing achievement of GEJ through which Nigerians are deceived by “TAN”, we could not come in contact any bold achievement of GEJ government. OKUPE acknowledged the fact that GEJ promised to improve the electricity generation and supply in Nigeria but could not achieve it till a day to the end of his tenure, at least, this statement acknowledged the GEJ failure. They failed to realized that “a week is too long in governance” says Sir james Halrod Wilson, an English Labour politician and Prime Minister. When they count their major achievement in power sector, it was the selling of Nigerian properties (PHCN) to wealthy Nigerians and friends.

Every year the GEJ and his buddies present Mr. Integrity as a man of violence; also recently, the weight of the statement of Rotimi Ameachi like a heavy punch was jab at them. I hope they have heard that “if you refused free and faire election comes 2015, Nigeria will witness for the first time a parallel government…” what is odd here? It is here in Nigeria that the incumbent use the machineries of the state, jointly own by all against the opposition and against the decision of the population and they feel nothing will grow out of it. They must be unaware of the Newton laws of motion: “to every action, there is equal and opposite reaction.” The lawlessness that we experienced in the last general election was a reaction to the mass rigging that brought Goodluck Jonathan to power, it unfair to have refracted the blame to an innocent man. You may cause it again and again if you have not ready for fare game in 2015, it is natural, particularly when it seems impossible for Nigerian court to rule against the incumbent president in an election petition, yet, the law of nature is the Newton law of motion and in resonance it is with the submission of the formal president of United State of America, John Fitzgerald Kenedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable”. This simple analysis unveil the cause of the death of NYSC members in the last election, our role (as youths) it not to be moot and stand in the part of Tornadoes, we must stand and preach free and fare election in Nigeria.

“Timid and interested politicians think more about the security of their seats than about the security of their country.” So accurate is the wise statement of Thomas Babinton Macauley to the timid that rule Nigeria, the Nigeria is burning, instead of putting off the fire, they want to remain in power. The recent survey and research conducted by “GOGLAI” revealed that the second term of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan will bring down new five Northern states under the control of insurgency, Kano and Jos inclusive. At a point, they told Nigerians that they were about to secure the release of the Chibok Girls and that the dialogue with Boko-haram was in progress, but the dread leader of Boko-haram was fast to exposed the GEJ government when he said “all na lies”. A deductive reasoning will reveal that a government that result to mendacity has missed it way, we cannot in anyway rely on them unless we lose our country in the hand of unfortunate opportunist leader

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