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We Live Inferiority Life

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I read some of my igbo brethren lamenting about putting our eggs in one solid basket instead of sharing our eggs in every basket including the one that harbors a snake and dogs, some are drooling saliva with vengeance .Some will lament that there is no APC senator in Alaigbo and some will yak yak and yak but read my lips ,ARA GBA CHI NDI AFU NTI [Great madness should use thunder and strike their ears deaf].

The Yorobas will be consistent on what they believe on ,come rain ,come shine ,they will stand on what they want ...

The Awusas will stand on what they believe ,be it right or wrong and it may tarry but they will get it ,,that is a way to A nation building ,but what irritates me is that those MORONS with igbo names that wants us to always share our beans in 4 different plates are educated ,so you imagine what they would,ve become without education ?

WE as a nation ,as a Race as an Ethnic setting ,as group of survivors ,we lived through the GENOCIDE of 1967 -1970 amidst the greatest hostility to the extent that immediately after the genocide ,they formulated a decree that provided firing squad for Armed Robbery because they thought that with the Policy of Chief Awolowo which denied us our money in the bank and present us with miserly 20 pounds per account ,they thought it would,ve driven us to Armed robbery ,but good a thing it was a Yoroba man OYENUSI and his kinsmen where the beneficiaries of that decree as they were tied to the stake at BAR BEACH LAGOS and shot for Armed Robbery.

Did we not survive the greatest conspiracy meted to us in all facet of life from the days of independence ? when the nation thrived on QUOTA system,where with your University education but igbo sounding names ,you will be playing third fiddle to somebody whose only education is in some strange language that should be equivalent to Primary school ,and yet we survived that episode too.

We survived the aggression of 1984 when your name as onye igbo made you a target of oppression ,when Igbo traders were single handedly driven out from importation and those that managed and imported some how ,got thier warehouse pried open and the goods sold as in PRICE CONTROL which will reduce your capital to nothing ,while those that sounded like DANTATA were offered Import license and they sale at prices they deem fit and prospered to no end .

We survived OBASANJO when he came back the second time and swore on his mothers grave that he will not forgive ndiigbo for fathering him and abandoning him ,he threw everything he has to us ,HE SHOWED IBETO CEMENT ,INNOSON MOTORS and so many igbo business the real brutality ,yet we are still standing ..

So i wonder why my brothers ,those i think that are some how educated became so slippery and treacherous ,they sabotage Ndigbo by all means just to be seen as third class players ,read my lips ,there is no amount of benevolence that will make your Girl friends son call you Daddy .

We may not like it but the hard truth is that until other tribes understand that we swim and sink with one mind ,that we have been sitting beside the fire place before the advent of Harmattan ,that 4 years or even 8 years cannot diminish us ,that we stand on the path of righteousness and on a FIRM GROUND ,they will not give us our dues.

The Awusas stuck with BUHARI even when all the odds were against them ,The Yorobas joined them because they have OSINBANJO as second in command and TINUBU as the man that they think will REMOTE CONTROL BUHARI ,THINKING THAT TINUBU IS NOW BRIGADIER TUNDE IDIAGBON ,the Yorobas pledeged un-alloyed support to the group but my people cannot stand on a side for a full 4 hours .

If you think that i will say TUFIAKWA ,i will not and cannot after all i knew that many of this with IGBO NAMES have a divergent DNA as for ezigbo ndi igbo ,anyi na ebu onu ,ju nri and with that i am off but on.By Oderaigbo

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