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The registration begins in the University of Ilorin, one of the best universities in Nigeria, located in the ancient City of Ilorin in Kwara state. The university is not only resuming a new session but also resuming with a new Vice-chancellor, Prof Ambali. The students and staffs are still looking forward to see what a professor emeritus, gentle man, humble, the new Vice-chancellor have in stock in terms of administration and growth of the university.

A strong request to the new administration, an administration of hope and fortune for University of Ilorin, the handling of students' matter and welfares is neglected in the university. That does not mean the university has not grown under the administration of Prof Is'aq Oloyede, “the Best Vice-chancellor of the Year” but we are not at all satisfy about the manner in which some crucial issues affecting students was handled. One of this is the problem that students encounter during registration, most of these cases are hidden problems many could not reach the authority and many got the attention of the ex-Vice-chancellor. What is wrong in giving students excess time to embark on the registration? Why are student's even ones with financial problem and many they are, are not considered when the decision of registration and timing is made. Many students encountered serious problems, some of these are negligent of the level advisers and the affected students played the price with a whole year, after all the students is always guilty in the case between students and the lecturers.

In 60s, 70s and 80s, university education was free and most of the dons we have now are beneficiary of this kind gesture, why is it difficult to design a favourable way out for poor students who may find it difficult to pay their school fee on time. The new Vice-chancellor is strongly urged to be students friendly in his administration. We are young, our experience is faint, we can make mistakes, and however, we dare for an administration that will assist the students in managing his mistakes. The past administration have its shortcoming in this sense, the mistake and negligent of students were complicated by the past administration. Examples is the mass failure at the period of introduction of the C B T, an ugly scenario with glaring circumstances that the problem is from the C B T. despite the cries of these affected students, nothing was done to assist them.

On the ground of technicality, many students have spent extra year in University of Ilorin.

As there were structural development, academic security, constant and consistent academics calendar, discipline and moral ethics during the Administration of Prof Is;aq Oloyede, there is serious need to compliment this with good handling of issues that generally affect students such as the registration issue, unless, the university will keep on producing sadist and frustrated graduate. OLOYEDE has performed excellently well and he is a gift to this country but not without his own lapses and that we have exposed.

The new VC is the new father and need to relate with students like father… do not judge us by our mistakes, judge us in a fatherly manner that will make our life to be better.


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