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Don't misunderstand me to imply mis-governance by Goodluck Jonathan's Administration. Impunity is there in most governance. It literally means that the ruler is autocratic. But this not what Impunity means in Nigeria's governance. Impunity means a system, a people that control machinery of governance and not the leader of Government who may however be autocratic. Impunity is imperialistic in Nigeria. It is a people that have been either directly favoured to disfavour others or impunitively grapples with power to powder others.

The definitive play out of power favouring Nigerian Impunity dates back to January 1, 1914. Lord Lugard, the Commander of British Army in Tanganyika, Present day Tanzania had just come in 1900 when Britain took over Direct Administration of Nigeria to assume the Leadership of the newly created Northern Protectorate. He had muddled up a West African Frontier Force (Army) in 1897 comprising British West Africans. Receiving still opposition from the comparatively lettered Southerners he stomached the salvo of challenges only to vow to dismember it in 1914. That he exactly did as he disregards the advice of Sir Walter Egerton and Colonel Moore House to give power to the Impunity.

Nigerian Council was constituted to favour Impunity. He left 1919 and gave his stooge power. Hugh Clifford continued to favour Impunity in the legislative Council even when it was obvious that it was a den of illiterates owing to no other reason but castrating influence of “that religion”.

Craeme Thomsolve took over from Hugh Clifford in 1925. He continued to favour Impunity. In April 1929, Ngwa people of the East taught Thomson the lesson of his life in the Marcus Ubani – instigated Aba Women Riot. Thomson handed over the baton to Donald Cameron in 1930. Cameron who founded Nigerianized West African Frontier Force, Nigerian Television Authority and Nigerian Radio but all located at Marina Government House only did not help matters as he favoured Impunity still. In 1935, Cameron quit the scene for Bernard Bourdillon to control. Bourdillon who in April 1, 1939 formerly divided Nigeria into Three Provinces: Northern, Western and Eastern Provinces received stiff opposition from the virulently emerging Nnamdi Azikiwe-led Newspapers – the West African Pilot and the Morning Star. Also, Azikiwe and his cohorts like Michael Imoudu, Alakija, Olowo of Owo and Awolowo gave the Whiteman his back tongue. No member of Impunity, not even one from the vast territory of Northern Provinces was lettered by this time to champion liberation course for Nigeria.

In 1943, Bourdillon gave in for Arthur Richards. Richard gave the most criticized Constitution in Nigeria which excluded the trio: Nnamdi Azikiwe of Eastern Provinces, Obafemi Awolowo of Western Provinces as well as Ahmadu Bello of Northern Provinces. In 1946 in Jos the very founder of modern Nigerianism – the very erudite and outspoken Surveyor Herbert Macaulay died in Campaign for NCNC in Jos. Arthur Richards engineered by Winston Churchill continued to favour Impunity even when it was glaring that Zik was the rallying point of Nigerian politics.

In 1948, Richards submitted to John McPherson who constituted and enacted the “Villagelization Constitution” in Nigeria at Ibadan as he called all Nigerians to discuss the emerging Constitution at their village levels. Greatest mark to entrench religions to wild islamic chauvinism happened here. Ahmada Bello had in 1953 enacted his 8 – point programme which pointed to seceded North from Nigeria and islamize the North. Early in 1945 in Kano, Northern Council of Chiefs has instigated the first islamic riot killing Southerners, majorly Igbos deemed Christians. In 1947, the Speaker of Northern Council of Chiefs – Mallam Abubakar Tafawa Balewa inciting muslims said “There is no basis for one Nigeria”.

Recall that Gowon quoted this obnoxious statement in August 3rd, 1966 before being immediately called to order by Harold Wilson, the then British Prime Minister, alleging that Impunity cannot really lead the North without the South.

In 1954, John McPherson submitted to John Robertson as the last British Governor Special of Nigeria. In 1956, Obafemi Awolowo touted to secede the West if Lagos was excluded from Western Region. British schemers could not take that shit from Awolowo. He was to be disciplined” by an arrangee embezzlement of Cocoa House Fund just as Azikiwe was by Faulter Futton's Inquiry was to be found guilty of embezzling African Continental Bank's fund. Both giants were both sidelined for neophitic Impunity to assume airs.

Then came December 1959 General Elections which was clearly won by NCNC. Robertson commanded Israel Esua from “South East” leader of the Electoral Commission never to declare Nnamdi Azikiwe as Prime Minister. British Prime Minister Macmillan ordered tinkering with the results to create room for coalition by introducing gerry mandering to favour Impunity. NPC of course was the favoured party to introduce formerly into the Nigeria polity, the rulership by Impunity. Okotie Ebo was to be used as a pun in NCNC political chess game to edge out Zik, introducing the “Golden Voice” and Okotie Ebo was to be adequately rewarded as Finance Minister to which Macpherson, Robertson, Ahmadu Bello, Tafawa Bello, Inua Wada, Bucha Dipcharima, Sultan Abubakar II, Shagari and Ribadu all agreed to.

Israel Esua signed on-the-dotted line and declared Tafawa Balewa the Prime Minister. Of course, Esua had no choice if he wanted to continue to lead the Electoral Commission.

Impunity with no vision for Nigeria was headed by a man who had in 1947, originated the hellish statement “there is no basis for one Nigeria”. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Obafemi Awolowo, the two pillars of the South and clearly very intelligent leaders of the South and Nigeria were “dividedly – ruled” by Impunity under the manipulative tutelage of Macmillan.

Under Balewa, Impunity was to occupy at least 70% of Nigerian foot soldiers, the police and paramilitary to give them rulership foothold in Nigeria forever, hence the acronym “born to rule”.

When crop of intelligent soldiers led by Nzeogwu realized the putrefying mess within the polity, they with some Northern soldiers countered the only true Coup in Nigeria. But realizing that they were schemed out became of clear mess and roguery, the Impunity played all ethnic card in the Counter Coup that restored Impunity to Power indirectly in Gowon.

Gowon is not part of the Impunity, but he was hoodwinked by Impunity to kill Aguiyi Ironsi to assume post so that Impunity could use Murtala Mohamed and Hassan Katsina to control him (Gowon). In 1975, Gowon was upstaged by Impunity so that the true son of Impunity would rule. The Middle-Belter – soldiers led by Bukka Sukka Dimka planned Counter Coup and killed Murtala, but lost out in restoring Gowon to power. Olusegun Obasanjo in complete fear of the Impunity, assumed power. He was to be checkmated by the “anointed son” of Impunity-Shehu Yar Adua.

Obasanjo lived pussilanimously in 100% fear of Impunity. Impunity made it clear to him that he was to hand over Power to Impunity in the return to civil rule in 1979. He perfectly did that and edged out his own tribe's man who clearly won the election numerically, the very Obafemi Awolowo.

When it became clear that corruption was ravishing the government of Impunity in the civil arena, Impunity in military attire replaced him. Another “anointed son” of Impunity counter-couped and introduced Nigeria into OIC IN 1987. Another son of Impunity, anointed one at, that couped-out the Gap-tooth favoured son of Impunity. When this anointed son from Chad, but born in Maiduguri died, some say amorously a top woman imported to sex him out of power, another anointed son of Impunity assumed office as “White Bead Specialist”. This Impunity gave power back to Obasanjo who was adjudged loyal to Impunity courses.

This time Obasanjo proved his mettle and divorced Impunity. Abubakar Atiku and several Impunity sons were displaced as early as 2003. Political equation seemed to tilt to Impunity again as Obasanjo could not manipulate third term. Obasanjo decided to bring in half- dead original not anointed son of Impunity to second him with his own choice, calculating that the half-dead original son would not survive two years of rulership. He was right.

Goodluck Jonathan has naturally outsmarted and replaced the original true son of Impunity to become the substantive leader of Impunity, but Goodluck Jonathan has cheapened himself in the hands of Impunity to appoint very sensitive posts bordering on security to the original sons, not even anointed sons of Impunity. These original sons of Impunity occupy the following posts: National Security Adviser (NSA), Defence Minister (two sons mooted), Inspector General of Police.

Recall that about 70% of Nigerian soldiers are anointed sons of Impunity; 70% of Nigerian Airforce and Navy are anointed sons of Impunity; 70% of Paramilitary of SSS, Prison Workers and Immigration are anointed people of Impunity.

Now out of Power, Impunity has to, by all means put either original or anointed son back to power. Vice President, Nemadi Sambo is anointed son of Impunity. All bokoharams are anointed sons or direct sons. Impunity does not savour being out of power, because they are “born to rule”

If Impunity is out of Power, every murderous plan must be made to restore it and this is why we have bokoharam in Nigeria.

So, Goodluck Jonathan in trying to please the unpleasable Impunity has appointed Impunity direct (original) sons, not even anointed ones, to assume leadership of security apparatus. What a blunder. Goodluck Jonathan should learn from the blunder of Aguiyi Ironsi and diffuse the security lean to Impunity, which has no mercy when the right time to shed blood is come.

Aguiyi Ironsi appointed anointed sons of Impunity to head his security out fit: Gowon, Danjuma, Murtala, Martin Adamu and Hassan Katsina. They killed him like a foul. Goodluck Jonathan has stubbornly appointed National Security Adviser, Defence Minister and Inspector General of Police as direct sons (not even anointed sons) of Impunity. Will he survive it?

No wonder bokoharam, through Dasuki the NSA, told him to his face that the only solution to stop them from suicide-bombing Nigerians to wit Christians, is only and only, for him (Jonathan) to convert to islam as David Jawara of Gambia did to become Dauda Jarawara in hell fire now.

Maybe Goodluck Jonathan has made up his mind to convert to islam like Dauda Jawara of Gambia, and like Dauda Jawara of Gambia, he has decided to spend his days after death in hellfire to join all the members of the lost joined tribes of Impunity.

Goodluck to Goodluck Jonathan
I am tired of talking to him. But I cannot be tired of talking.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah is a seasoned Human Rights Activist and an unbiased National Commentator. Also visit these facebook sites: Justice Stand, Nigeria Unity and Kindness Innocent Jonah. Read his write-ups also in: the [email protected] His Facebook Account is kindness Innocent Jonah. Please visit his site.


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