Re: Governor Abubakar And The Challenge Of Political Opportunism

My attention has been drawn to a publication with the above captioned poorly written by Mahmud Ahmed Konkiyel and sponsored by : (MANSUR MANU SORO SPECIAL ASSISTANCE TO THE GOVERNOR OF BAUCHI STATE ON DEVELOPMENT PARTNER'S AND NGOs) and was published by Daily Trust Newspapers Edition of Sunday June 5th 2016.

Ordinarily, I would have ignored completely the said article because of the obvious lies contained in the said write-up. Secondly, the author is a ghost writer except his sponsored. But as a man of integrity, credibility and honour, I have decided to respond.

Not because it is worth responding to, but judging from the fact that the piece in question is intellectually and academically deficient and defective from its wordly headline to its embarrassingly crippled paragraphs to its inelegant conclusion, thereby putting the intelligence of the author in doubt.

Although, Mahmud Ahmed Konkiyel is a ghost writer but his sponsor, MANSUR MANU SORO is someone with pathological disability for truth and sincerity.

However, it is a well acknowledge fact that in striving to live up to the billing of his paymasters,and to serve his sinking job,the author often swerves into the realm of lies, half-truths and outright mendacity.

Mahmud Ahmed Konkiyel spewed uncontrollably in his piece ".For the avoidance of doubt, the governor has recorded giant studies in rehabilitating the various sectors of the Bauchi State political economy, barely one year in office".

Let’s make a detour from the fact that Mahmud Ahmed Konkiyel doesn’t even realize that it is “strides ” and not “studies ” and the "state economy and not" state political economy." Again examine the next couple of paragraphs from a piece that makes a complete mockery of the basic rules of logic, reasoning, grammar and proper writing.

Mahmud Ahmed Konkiyel, deviously tried to portray Rep Ahmed Yerima,whom many have consider as a man of purpose and foresight, a man who have successfully and silently inspired youth and humanity, a dynamic Nigerian, an advocate for peace and justice, a revolutionary politician and above all a consummate administrator as a failed politician and self acclaimed member of the House of Representatives who has resulted in attacking his political pay master to whom he attributes his frustration.

It may serve a useful purpose to whisper into the author's ear and wake him from his pathetic ignorance, that AHMED YERIMA born in 1960 is a duly elected member of the Federal House of Representatives, representing Misau/Dambam Federal Constituency of Bauchi State under the platform of the All Progressive Congress (APC) , he is the Chairman, House Committee on Commercialisation and Privatisation in the 8th Assembly.

Rep Ahmed Yerima is a distinguished man of high integrity, who was elected in the Federal House of Representative based on his track records of competence, honesty and integrity. Rep Ahmed Yerima had a remarkable stint in the private sector before joining politics. He served in various positions of trust and proved himself to be an astute manager of human and material resources. While in the House of Representatives , Rep Ahmed Yerima should be appreciated for having so eminently distinguished him self as the most cohesive, progressive, dynamic and focused legislature in the country .Hon. Ahmed Yerima is one of the best legislator that Bauchi State has ever produced, and one of the finest lawmakers in Nigerian history. Admittedly, Ahmed Yerima knows it all when it comes to the workings and operations of the legislative arm of government.

A delight to watch on the floor of the green chambers , whenever he rises up to make a presentation, the hallowed chambers becomes electrified and charged that even a drop of a pin would be heard.

Rep Ahmed Yerima , is very sound, sharp, vibrant and brilliant in his contributions, he has mastery of the House standing rules such that his point of order are hardly over-ruled by Mr Speaker . Rep Ahmed Yerima's presentations are always deep, incisive more often than not, his interventions are ever timely and enriching. He makes his presentations with all seriousness and articulates his points to the admiration of his fellow reps members who responds with thunderous applause.

No wonder he was appointed Chairman House Committee on Commercialization and privatisation and other committees, where he made appreciable impact in those committee. Rep Ahmed Yerima knows the art of law making as such he built into all the committees he represented.

Beside his primary assignment of law making, Rep Ahmed Yerima has open a new chapter in the index of development in Missau /Dambam federal constituency. His patriotic intervention in the process of good governance, particularly in the provision of social infrastructure and human development are visibly seen and felt by all and sundry.

Rep Ahmed Yerima is man of strong conviction who does retreat in the face of intimidation and risk.

He is lone notable leader in Bauchi state who stood resolute and upstanding against the greedy and evil government of Muhammed A. Abubakar..

Another question was also raised in the article which need to be clarified otherwise such uninformed prejudices about the policy could be taken as truth by the unsuspecting public:

According to the author,
"A major achievement of the Governor Abubakar administration, which was ironically misunderstood, and has drawn criticisms, is the staff verification exercise initiated by the government "

Well one is not here contesting the prerogative of government to carry out routine staff verification exercise to weed out fraudulently inserted names on payrolls and check other forms of frauds.

But the unstated rule of survival in Bauchi state politics right from the days of Ahmed Adamu Muazu until now, is that any administration that desires to spend eight (8) years in office should not cast the first stone against workers. This is the undiluted truth the Governor must be told.

Anything outside that, like the endless exercise currently going in Bauchi state civil service system, which workers have suffered untold hardship and they are certainly not offering kind prayers for the Governor.

Governor Muhammed A Abubakar is now in the bad books of more than 95 percent of the state workforce through his unpopular policies.

Citizen John Akevi writes in defence of Rep Ahmed Yerima, member of House of federal Representatives, representing Missau /Dambam federal constituency Bauchi state.

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