Governor Ishaku And His Satanic Agenda Of Kwararafa

My intention for writing it is simply to enlighten, educate and inform rather than to create rancour, tension, strife, division or stress. God tells us through the prophet Hosea (Hosea 4:6) that, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”

Therefore, I do not seek to incite anyone and neither do I believe in or advocate violence in any form or shape.

In the face of gross injustice and tyranny to a people who have sacrificed in no small measure for the creation of the Taraba state, they are expected to keep quiet. Whenever they speak out, they are quickly branded as tribal bigots, settlers, immigrants expansionist, and Xenophobists in order to silence them. For this reason I decline to shut up even though many who pick crumbs under Governor Darius Ishaku's table would wish I should because they don't want him to hear the BITTER TRUTH.

The Tiv and Jukun had existed in a symbiotically beneficial

relationship, the Tiv as farmers and the Jukun as fishermen . This relationship remained very cordial until the arrival of Frederick Lord Lugard the British terrorist who sought to place the Tiv of Waka district (now Wukari) under the Aku Uka (the Jukun paramount ruler) on payment of Tax and territorial prestige during the colonial era.

Lugard the British terrorist decided to adopt a policy that would preserve Jukun. He therefore, initiate the resuscitation of the JUKUN EMPIRE. The idea behind this satanic agenda was to rekindle the passion of superiority in this tribe, the Jukuns who had dwindled significantly in number. This renewal of Kwararafa Empire was mainly directed against the Tiv, whom Lugard was determined to wipe out.

As Eric Terfa Ula-Lisa eloquently put it: The British waged war against the Tiv from 18th century till up to 1906. Their desire was to subdue the Tiv to accept British rule. They killed and plundered.

They used the most sophisticated guns and their best-trained army against the Tiv armed with only bows and arrows. The Tiv refused to be brought under British rule, since they found it illogical and unjust that another alien race or group would impose a rule over them".

But before Lugard the British terrorist, there were no communal clashes, disputes or fear of any political domination between the two neighbours . Few of such demonstration of the friendly relationship between the two tribes was the help rendered to Jukun by the Tiv.

Indeed the Tiv military might saved Wukari and Jukuns during the reign of Aku Uka Atoshi Agbumanu in 1846-1866. Wukari was to be destroyed by Fulani warriors led by the duo of Mallam Haman Sarkin Wase and Yerima Sali of Missau who tried to overrun Wukari, it was Tiv people who fought and saved the Jukun tribe from annihilation with their bows and arrows (R.C. Abrahms 37).

Again in January 1906 in Abetse (now Abinsi) fighting broke out between the Jukuns and Hausa traders over trading rights at the Royal Niger Company's grains collecting centre.

Jukuns had the worst of the fight and called their "Tiv allies" {as reported in the Northern Nigeria Colonial records of 1906/1907} who came in their numbers and overwhelmed the Hausa traders.

Lord Lugard system of indirect rule ignite the flames of hatred.

According Eric Terfa Ula-Lisa "The Jukuns main hatred of the Tivs is not really directed at the Tiv perse, it is the Pathology of hatred of their condition. A once great Jukun empire existed in the 16th century that brought death and conquest to other ethnic groups. Sadly for the Jukuns their empire collapsed and they were roundly defeated" "Kpash"

Records of the fall of Kwararafa Empire indicate that when the Jukun marched against Bornu's capital Gazargamo in 1684, they were roundly defeated by the Bornu Empire. (See R.C. Abrahams p.33, and the Borno chronicles p.35).

The remnants at Kwararafa in Present day Gombe State, were again routed by Buba Yaro of Gombe and around 1860, "The Jukun melted away before Buba Yaro of Gombe and Abubakar, Alkalin Dagara, and Burba of Bakundi finally destroyed what was left of Kwararafa. (RC. Abrahams p.34).

Even before the final destruction, the Jukuns had fled westwards to meet the Tiv who had already occupied the Benue valley at Waka district in present day Wukari in Taraba State in the 17th century.

In conclusion, it is of utmost importance to let Governor Darius Ishaku and his kinsmen beware of the consequences of their evilcratic, jezeberic and satanic agenda.

The Governor should also realize that all former Executive Governors of Taraba state in the likes of Jolly Nyame, Danbaba Suntai, Alh. Garba Umar and Sen. Danladi Sani, never make attempts to renamed Dan - Anacha and other Tiv towns and villages.

So why is Governor Darius Ishaku busy wasting time, resources and tax payers money to revive long dead empire whose foundation is vested entirely on hatred instead of bringing dividends of democracy to the good people of Taraba state

After all, Mr Governor your Kinsmen had already acknowledge the fact that the British were the one clamoring for the resuscitation of kwararafa.


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