My Open Letter Of Thanks & Appreciation To Hon. Ahmed Yerima Misau

Dear Honourable Ahmed Yerima,
Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Citizen John Akevi. Sir, do you know the reason why I am addressing you with the appellation “Honourable” which is now mischievously ascribed to every vagabond that finds his or her way into the Legislature? The simple reason is that people shouldn’t be addressed as Honourables just by the mere fact of their membership of the Legislature. People should only be addressed as such if they do honourable things.

First of all, I'm not a praise singer for someone to assume that I am only raining praises on you for a favour.

Secondly, even if I am, the Prophet of Islam Mohammed (SAW) said, "Man laa yashkurannasa laa yashkurallah" (He who fails to appreciate the efforts of man, fails to appreciate the kindness of Allah). So even if I do that, I might not be wrong on the face of Islam.

But mind you Hon. Ahmed Yerima I will be the first to point it out to you if you do what I think is not right.

Because one of the cherished liberties which I enjoy as a citizen of this great country Nigeria under our democratic dispensation, is the liberty to say the truth and nothing but the truth and say my mind no matter whose ox is gored. Thirdly, history will be kind to me that I have never relented in doing this.

Hon. Ahmed Yerima, I have been following your exploits in the National Assembly with keen interest and politics of Bauchi state of late and I think I must be honest to tell you this.

Sir, I must confess that your contributions to the growth of democracy both at the national and state levels are immeasurable as the empirical evidence are glaring for all to see.

Indeed, you have been a stabilizing force and soothing balm that

beleaguered Bauchi state as it continued to grapple with insecurity,politics of stigmatization, bad leadership, injustice impunity and bitter rivalry amidst leadership quandary.

Sir, your performances at the Green Chamber and Constituency is worthy of commendation and appreciation.

So far , you have distinguished your self as the most cohesive, progressive ,respected, dynamic and focused legislator in the country today. Especially, in terms of intellectual erudition,legislative dexterity and clear appreciation of the dynamics of law making you one of the best legislator that Bauchi State has ever produced, and one of the finest lawmakers in Nigerian history.

Admittedly,Sir you knows it all when it comes to the workings and operations of the legislative arm of government.

There is absolutely no basis of comparison between you and other lawmakers especially from Bauchi State.

On the face-off between you and Emperor M. A Abubakar , I doff my hat and salute your courage and determination for standing up to his wickedness and tyranny.

As you are aware so many things has fallen apart to the extent that our daily lives have been yesterday is better than today and today will be better than tomorrow. There is no way anybody who sees what is happening in Bauchi State and would not believe that the state is already a failed state under the emperor.

Dear Hon Ahmed Yerima it is a notorious facts that Emperor M. A Abubakar is already a drowning man. His days of power, corruption,arrogance, dictatorship and shenanigans are numbered.

By special grace of God on Wednesday May 29 2019, by 11am the immunity he enjoys under section 308 of the 1999 Constitution of Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) will come to an end,he will become a private citizen without his bills; that of his family, friends and cronies been Oiled by the State treasury, without long motorcades and outriders, without uncountable routine of security men attached to him, without having access to State treasury and without his convoy obstructing transits along the way.

During that time, his predicament will be worse than that of James Ibori, the convicted former governor of Delta State who like Emperor Abubakar , looted his State blind, oppressed his people and exercised absolute powers while in office.

Thank you Honourable, as I rest my pen for now!

Yours faithfully ,
Citizen John Akevi
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