Gov. Muhammed A. Abubakar The Evil Man in Authority

It was Williams Faulkner, an American writer and Nobel Prize Laureate that says; “Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty, truth and compassion against injustice, lying and greed”. He further said, “If people all over the world would do this, it will change the earth”.

On Saturday May 21st 2016, someone called me on phone that Bauchi State government house has become a theatre of war between Muhammed A Abubakar's - led administration and the state work force which embarked on protest to demand months of unpaid salaries and allowances.

"Citizen Akevi there is no reason for you to be quiet on what is going on in Bauchi state right now. Your write up will remind Governor Muhammed A Abubakar of his oath of office and duties ".

"It is four months now that my department in the Bauchi civil service has not received any salary; some other department are being owed five months, four months , three months salaries while pensioners are owed five months salaries .

"Now I trek to work everyday like wise my colleagues and for the past one week there is no food for my children to eat. This is bad as we are dying of hunger".

This kind of lamentation is just a glimpse of terrible pains and pang that Governor Muhammed Abubakar has been inflicting on the good people of Bauchi State since assumption of office. While the protest was going on, Governor Muhammad Abubakar was reported to be far away in Lebanon on a “business trip” with over 100 praise singers and family members whom he labeled “industrialists ". This is not the first time this shameless governor would be wasting state resources traveling out to look for “investors”.It is a notorious fact that for the past one year Gov. M. A Abubakar has reportedly traveled to over 15 countries under the cover that he is looking for “foreign investors ”

Now, the good people of Bauchi State have realized and have taken a definite stand against this corrupt leader who not only bite the finger that fed him and his family fat but is busy looting the resources of the state shamelessly.

Today they people of Bauchi State have started reacting to the series of socio-economic, political and moral atrocities and blunders taking place in the state. This perhaps, inform the decision of Bauchi state sons and daughters (including non- Bauchi citizens) who are concerned about the state of affairs to joined in this crusade (writings) to expose the jezebelic, evilcratic, undemocratic and un-constitutional actions and style of Governor Muhammed A Abubakar who uses public funds to create limitless advantages, privileges and comfort for himself and for members of his family including his in-laws and bootlickers.

This evil-man is in authority has succeeded in his useless mission to destroy Bauchi state. Today Muhammed A Abubakar can not tell the people the number of schools that were constructed, equipped or renovated under his stewardship, he can not tell number of hospitals that were constructed, equipped or renovated, number of communities that were provided with electricity and access roads.

Muhammed A. Abubakar can not tell the people number of Bauchi students that were offered foreign scholarship as his predecessors did. He can not tell us number of communities that were provided with portable drinking water.

Wallahi Tallahi, it is a well acknowledge facts that lack of access to water supply has gotten to a peak in the state , as residents can't recall last when water run through their taps.

Within one year of Muhammad Abubakar administration, the population of water cage pushers popularly know as (Mai-ruwa) which are very glaring in every nook and cranny of the state is a clear evidence of the obscurity the residents face over water scarcity.

Prior to the coming of Muhammad Abubakar, a 20 littres of water cost 10 naira but today, it goes up to 50 naira while a saccets of pure water was 5 naira, but it now goes on 10 to 15 naira respectively.

The most awful situation in Bauchi state which was created in 1976 is now weeding behind Katsina state, Yobe state, Taraba state and Gombe State, 1987,1991,1991and 1996 interms of physical and human developments despite huge allocations from the federation account and mouthwatering revenue generated internally yet workers in the state groan under the weight of many months of neglect, with unpaid salaries and allowances running into billions. What about pensioners? Their case is particularly pathetic. They are owed several months of pension. From available records hundreds of them have died fighting in vain for the release of their pensions. Those still alive are like living dead.

What a shame!
The definition of bad governance is written all over Bauchi state. The once economic hub of North - East and, by extension Nigeria , has become the personal economic hub of this evil governor, his family members and friends.

Citizen John Akevi writes on the face-off between Governor Muhammed A Abubakar, of Bauchi State and the state civil servants who are asking to be paid their salaries and allowances.

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