My Thoughts on criticism in Nigeria

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If you believe in what you are doing than let nothing hold you up in your work. Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities. The thing is to get the work done-Dale Carnegie (1888-1955) American writer.

My recent criticism on President Mohammadu Buhari’s style of leadership in Nigeria has become unbearable for Nigerians to bear. In as much as many pretend to be okay with his kind of leadership but few ones will be voicing out their minds to bring the change mantra to pass.

Nigerians never voted for President Buhari’s personality but saw in him the required leadership skill needed to move the country to the Promised Land. He won the Presidential election with wide margin against former President Goodluck Jonathan and everybody thought Nigeria will change overnight. Only constructive criticisms can make President Buhari’s adjust in his kind of undemocratic system of government.

Corruption crusade is not new in this part of the world, knowing full well that previous leaders wickedly embezzled the country’s coffers and allowed poverty to prevail. The All Progressives Congress (APC) as opposition political party then, destructively and constructively run the past government down with mendacious manifestoes. For the past 9 months, government has abysmally failed to fix the ailing sectors that needed urgent attention to salvage the country.

For President Buhari to take several months to appoint federal ministers which many thought only saints and technocrats would be appointed into various ministries but the reverse was the case seeing recycled political leaders with corruption charges hanging on their necks. From the National Assembly screening of ministers, I knew that Nigeria had missed the messianic leadership agitated for.

If possible our leaders can attend some of Nigerian established leadership schools like Daystar Academy, Bishop Oyedepo’s leadership school, Bishop Leonard Umunna’s leadership academy and Lagos Business School before assuming such enviable leadership position, Nigerians would not be crying for help because leaders have already be groomed on 21stcentury leadership tools. If Nigeria can toe the same democratic system of US where each party nominates aspirant to speak publicly on the plans to lead, the country would have known the qualities of leadership in President Buhari.

The media debates on candidates before general elections have not yielded any positive result in getting the best hands to lead Nigeria.Yes, the government is vigorously tackling corruption to the barest minimum but its selective system has given Nigerians great headache to be cured.

Nigeria is nose-dived with shortage of power supply, fuel scarcity, high cost of living, security challenge, poor educational system and just mention but a few. The issue here is that our political leaders have been overwhelmed with leadership and cannot fashion out ways to move the country ahead of other developing nations.

With the promises made by President Buhari before the general elections cannot be fathomed in the sense that security operatives can no longer fight this perennial security situation in Nigeria. Social critics have helped many countries to grow their leadership development but in Nigeria, we see criticisms as insults and nothing more.

Some renowned Nigerian critics like Prof Pat Utomi,Yinka Odumakin,Joe Odumakin,Pastor Tunde Bakare, Dr. Austin Nweze,Zakka Bala,Darlington Agumuo, Dagatola, Dele Momodu,Dr.Austen Eugene and just mention but a few, have offered useful advices to grow its leadership over time. Charles Baudelaine(1821-1887) says ‘it is from the womb of art that criticism was born’. Criticisms in Nigeria should be given a thought of building strong economy.

Futuristically speaking, Nigeria should be looking forward for leaders that have the minds of the people. The issue of party politics or geo-political zoning should not be considered than voting for trusted leaders that can deliver the goods in the coming elections. Fortunately, our leaders don’t pay rapt attention to social critics on different media platforms. It is time for this present government to graduate from misleading facts and faced reality of modern leadership.

Godday Odidi
Social Media Analyst

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