Gov. M.A Abubakar's Life Of A Treachery

A scorpion being a poor swimmer asked a turtle to carry him on his back across a river. In its wisdom,the turtle stressed that what of 'if you sting me while swimming and I will drown'. The scorpion replied that there was no logic in it because 'if you sink, I will sink with you'.

With this dialogue,the turtle was convinced that the Scorpion would keep its sting for safety too,but the expected happened in the middle of the river as the scorpion sting the turtle heavily while still at its back,and the turtle began to sink so also the scorpion.

However while the duo were sinking,another round of conversations began,turtle said:'but I thought you said that there was no logic in citing me while helping you to cross the river,what made you do it now'? and the drowning scorpion sadly replied. 'It is not a matter of logic,it is my character'.

It is in the nature of scorpion to sting,pray for scorpion,anoint it with the most sacred and potent anointed oil,fast and pray for a scorpion not to sting,you will end up being disappointed,because it cannot deny itself of its original nature.

When I began to ruminate about the dwindling economic situation in

Bauchi State since Barr. M.A Abubakar took over the mantel of

leadership in the state. The ancient fable about turtle and scorpion

unnatural partnership comes to mind. Like the scorpion,on April 11th

2015,to be precisely Barr. M.A Abubakar hop on the back of Bauchi

state electorates to became the chief Executive officer of the state.

It is a notorious fact that when Governor M.A Abubakar took oath of

office,he promised the good people of Bauchi state fish and bread. He

promised to take them to the promise land flowing with milk and

honey. But today he is rather given the people scorpions and snakes

instead. He is busy looting the state resources shamelessly. Recently

a group of patriotic citizens under the umbrella of "Concerned

Citizens of Bauchi state "wrote an open letter to Bauchi state House

of Assembly which was published in the Daily trust and other medium

,informing and alerting the shamelessly and toothless Bauchi

lawmakers who are suppose to be organ that have the power to checkmate

the excesses of the state government under the leadership of Governor

M.A Abubakar,but instead they suddenly gone cold and have turned their

back over the brazen corruption and lack of good governance going on

in the state.
In the letter,the group called the attention of the lawmakers as

matter of urgency investigate the Governor on the following issues;

1.That Governor M.A Abubakar took a N4 Billion Naira loan from UBA for

the purpose of addressing financial obligation confronting the state

with the approval of both Executive Council of state and Members of

the State House of Assembly,even when it is an incontestable fact that

the state Executive Council of Bauchi state has not been constituted

till date.
2. That why should the Governor's son (Abubakar Sadiq) will collect

estacode as well as traveling allowances,of which he is not an

official of the government.
3. That Governor should disclose to the general public how much is in

the hidden secret accounts of the civil servants.
4. That apart from salaries paid to the 20 local government

workers,what has the governor done with over 17,billion funds accrued

to the local government areas,from May till date. When there had not

been any infrastructural projects undertaken in the local government

5. That the Governor approved N3 millions naira imprest for his wife

through ministry of women affairs from June till date when the wife of

the Governor,must have collected N21 million as imprest.While she is

not the official of the ministry.
6. That the Governor award N6 billion Naira road contracts without

State Executive Council in place.
7. That the Governor should give a vivid detail and account of how

the bailout fund of N8.6 Billion Naira was expanded.

I rest my pen for now!
John Akevi write from Bauchi.

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