Human Rights Report: Why Goodluck Jonathan Lost Power

It is no longer news that Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is now ex-President of Nigeria. Only change is permanent. Time really changes things. But what defunds human psyche is not that Jonathan lost power, but the manner he lost it.

Bible says “he that is often rebuked, but hardeneth his neck, shall die and that without mercy”. Jonathan hardened his neck against islam when he knows what islam really is with respect to power. We shall discuss this topic in 5 sections:


Is islam peace as claimed? What is peace then? If islam is peace, then what is peace? Do you see bokoharam, ISIS, ISIL, hezbola, hamas, ansadine, alshabab, Taliban and aqaida and stil say that islam is peace.

When satan is called holy, what do you expect? The person of Mohammed the prophet of islam is satan made flesh. Mohammed is satan and satan is Mohammed. Koran is the book of hellfire, book of satan, book of bloodshed. Toilet Roll has more value than Koran, the very book where islam is coded.

Mohammed defiled a 6-year old girl called Aisha. Can you beat that? To cover his crime, muslims say he married her at 9. What is 9 years? Has a 9-year old girl started menstruating? What is 9 years? That tells you of what muslims are. The fountain of their faith is corrupt, is defiling, is rape-personified. What do you suppose followers of Mohammed would become? To the muslim, Mohammed is called “holy prophet”. How can a rapist, a pedophilist be called holy?

Mohammed was a notorious armed robber in the desert of Arabia between 585 AD and 632 AD when he died. In 52 AD, Mohammed sexed a dead woman, called Fatima, his aunt “to prepare her for heaven”. This is called necrophilia. How can necrophilia enter heaven? How can a necrophiliac be called holy? Mohammed sexed cattle, goats, sheep and cows severally in the desert of Arabia. Muslims Fulani-Hausa cattle rearers today still repeatedly sex animals.

Yet muslims say of Mohammed “peace be upon him”. How can peace be upon a serial rapist, a necrophiliac, a pedophiliac? The greatest undoing of muslims is to follow the crocked personality of the animal called Mohammed.

Bokoharam, aqaida, alshabab, cannot stop until Jesus comes because Mohammed the prophet is satan instead of being condemned for the criminal he was, he is yet being revered, respected and worshipped? “Whatever snake delivers must belong” “Like begets like”. So, muslims must behae like Mohammed. It is a truth?

Goodluck Jonathan failed to understand what islam really isand he drowned.


Bible says, infact Jesus Himself asked the rhetorical question, “can a man put fire under his bosom and fail to be burned?” How can you fire on petrol, stay there, and fail to be consumed?

Aguiyi Ironsi surrounded himself with muslims and was butchered like a cow. Islam is lawless in practice and lawlessness by definition. Killing is part and parcel of islamic religion.

Like Ironsi, Jonathan was stupid in dealing with islam. Jonathan surrounded himself with:

  1. Gulak, his Political Adviser Hausa Fulani who voted even against him at the pools.
  2. PDP National Chairman, Adamu Muazu who voted against Jonathan at the pools.
  3. Inspector General of Police from Jigawa State who used police to rig Buhari in.
  4. All PDP Governors of the North that are of Hausa-Fulani stock or are muslims.
  5. Jonathan was virtually living in Lagos to please muslim Oba of Lagos who was laughing at him secretly. Tinubu as a muslim was in constant touch with co – muslims from the North.
  6. Jonathan above all, failed to remove Jega, the arrowhead of islamic power armstring. So, Jega removed him. Jega was attending secret meetings in Saudi Arabia with top islamic APC, PDP leaders and sultanate council of Sokoto. Jonathan knew this; it was laid bare for him to act. Everybody told him to remove Jega. But like the Igbo proverb says “when death wants to kill son of dog, it does not want it to hear the smell of shit”. Jonathan died politically with Jega in his cabinet.
  7. Jonathan appointed Defence Minister form Zamfara State, a muslim jihadist. Jonathan appointed SA on defence from Sokoto, a strong caliphatan.
  8. Jonathan made his stronghold in Katsina State, on Shema, a strong muslim Governor, sorry for Jonathan.
  9. Jonathan appointed his vice from Kaduna, a strong muslim personality who voted against him even in Aso Rock.
  10. Jonathan was listening to Barak Obama from America who is a taliban and so, an ardent muslim in White House.


Bible says “fear has torment”. Jonathan’s morbid and unfounded fear of Hausa-Fulani cost him the Presidency. Jonathan went extra mile to please muslims whom nothing except conversion to islam can please.

Jonathan established 20 new universities and built 14 in the North to please Hausa-Fulani. Jonathan appointed Hausa-Fulani Minister of Abuja Capital Territory. Recall that no Ubayji has been appointed Minister of Capital Territory because they are majorly Christians, though they are owners of Abuja.

Former President of Gambia, David Tawara made the mistake of Jonathan, but unlike Jonathan he agreed to convert to islam and so, had peace in Gambia. He changed his name from David to Dauda. But Jonathan refusing to convert to islam, but appointing muslims to juicy posts, wanting to please them, was wasting his labour and time: islam cannot take that. He had to go and he went.

You cannot put live snake inside your bag and be free. Islam is a live snake. Jonathan should have learnt from David – to Dauda Jawara of Gambia.


It was generally believed that if Buhari did not win, violence and bloodlet would be Nigerianized. The fear of mayhem of which islam is known for was blown out of proportion by Jonathan which came to be believed by the rank and file of Nigerians. Hence, the fear of what Hausa-Fualni would do made Jonathan give muslim Hausa-Fulani all security or better put, all Political Security apparatuses. Jonathan, thus empowered his enemies, the Hausa-Fulani muslims. Bible says “fear has torment” and the torment of fear of Hausa-Fulani tormented Jonathan to submission.

Recall that Jonathan never wanted to hand over power in the first place, but he was beaten to it by morbid and unnecessary fear of what Hausa-Fulani would do, which fear pushed him to appoint Hausa-Fulani muslims into all key political security posts. Yet, they connived and undid him. What a fate!!!

Goodluck Jonathan could have learnt from Aguiyi Ironsi. Ironsi was told that Hausa – Fulani would kill him. He rejected all entreaties by his fellow Igbos to restructure his cabinet. He was told to sack Gowon as Chief of Staff Supreme Headquarters and his next in command. Ironsi refused. By then, all Northen Christians in the Military were subservient to Sokoto Caliphate. Thought Christians, Gowon, Theophilus Danjuma, Martin Adamu, Jeremiah Useni and other Christian Northerners were apron strings of Sokoto Caliphate, and danced to tune of sultan of Sokoto. Even when Ironsi was told not to go to Ibadan by his own wife Victoria, he refused.

Theophilus Danjuma and Jeremiah Useni killed him at Mokola Ibadan, on 29th July, 1967 at the instance of Yakubu Gowon and Murtala Mohammed. Goodluck Jonathan is not a good student of history. Ironsi surrounded himself with islam surrogates and paid for it. So also Jonathan surrounded himself with islamic diehards of Sokoto caliphate, and he had to pay for it by bowing out of power.

How can you beat the likeness that Joanthan Vice President Namadi Sambo voted for Buhari? How can you explain the fact that Jonathan’s SA on Political Affairs, ALhaji Gulak from Adamawa voted for Buhari? How can you imagine that Jonathan’s PDP National Chairman, Adamu Muazu voted for Buhari? How can you explain the fact that all the PDP Governors of the North except Joanh Jang of Plateau State voted for Buhari?

Jonathan did not underrate islam, No!!! Rather, he feared them as he would fear God. He believed that Hausa Fulani hold the monopoly of violence in Nigeria. he believed it is the prerogative of Hausa Fulani muslims to shed blood any time. That fear cost him the throne of Nigeria’s Presidency.


Whosoever tells you that of Jonathan had sacked Jega hell would have broken loose, is dead wrong. Just as Jonathan lost out nad nothing happened, had Buhari lost out nothing would have happened. Hausa Fulani would be 100% decimated if entire Nigeria rise up against them. Nothing could have happened. Only that Jonathan was too unprepared to rule Nigeria.

Jonathan could not have stood for election in 2015. He could have picked a Christian Northerner and bulwarked him to power. After 2011 general elections, he could have sacked Jega. Or, when Jega tampered with election registration of 80% in the North, he could have decoded the handwriting on the wall and sacked Jega by sending him on compulsory leave.

Or, when news filtered in that Jega was attending secret meetings in Saudi Arabia, he could have sacked Jega. Or, when he saw that under aged were voting in Northern Nigeria and Jega allowed it, he could have sacked Jega and cancelled the election. Jonathan received all secret documents about Jega, but neglected all entreats to sack him. Jega grew wings upon wings out of control by Jonathan because Jonathan was really a millipede in power.


Much has been clamoured about the massive unrestrained killing had Buhari not won or had Jonathan not conceded defeat. Let we take it one after the other:

Hausa-Fulani would be wiped out of Nigeria in less than one month if they foistered war simply because Buhari did not win election. Buhari had lost election before, nothing happened. If he lost this one, nothing and absolutely nothing would have happened. And if Hausa-Fulani started their normal islamic killing, that could have been the end of that murderers race in Nigeria. Hausas are Nigerians, BUT Fulanis are NOT Nigerians, but islamic-migrant-ethnic- cleansers. Buhari is not greater thatn any other Nigerian, and so, nothing would have happened and if they foistered war, they would be eliminated in days.

The truth is that Jonathan was like a millipede in power. The ethnic cleansers as islamic Hausas-Fulanis capitalized on this toothless bulldog in power called Jonathan to wreck havoc to collect power. Jonathan was too weak, too tetra weak a leader to rule such a volatile country like Nigeria. The Hausas-Fulanis by their nature as blood suckers and blood shedder and blood pourers cashed in on this cleavage to terrorize gullible Nigerians that if Buhari didn’t win, blood would pour. Nothing would have happened because Buhari had been losing elections and nothing had been happening.

Yes, this is true. Had Jonathan NOT conceded defeat, Hausas-Fulanis could have KILLED him and nothing could have happened. This should not surprise anybody. Ironsi surrounded himself with enemies of his soul called Hausas-Fulanis, and at the auspicious time they killed him. Also, Jonathan surrounded himself with enemies of his soul called Hausas-Fulanis as muslims and jihadists. Had Jonathan not conceded defeat, he could have been butchered like a cow as Theophilus Danjuma, Martin Adamu and Jeremiah Useni butchered Aguiyi Ironsi at Mokola Ibadan July 29, 1966. Nothing happened on Ironsi in 1966 and certainly nothing could have happened on Jonathan in 2015. Nothing, I say, is nothing, and means nothing.

The results of the election were faring in favour of Buhari – the doctored election results, and Jonathan allowed the doctoring ab initio. So, why should Jonathan NOT permit the result now? Jonathan could have stopped Jega and relieved him of his post of INEC chairman:

  1. immediately after 2011 general elections
  2. immediately Jega faltered on the Card Reader
  3. immediately Jega registered more people in the deserted North East more than South East and South West combined.


  1. immediately it was beamed in CNN, BBC, VOA, Radio Nigeria, Voice of Nigeria, NTA, AIT and other world-class televisions and radios THAT UNDER AGED (Children) were voting in Northern Nigeria.

Jonathan clearly saw these 4 – hellish signs of Hausa-Fulani manipulation through Jega, YET, played along. Hwo then do you suppose that Jonathan would refuse the election results when it had been clearly manipulatedly won by Buhari? Jonathan could have been killed and nothing could have happened, because, like Ironsi, he played into the tiger – like hands of the bloody Hausas-Fualnis.

Igbos should not ever make the mistake of both Aguiyi Ironsi and Goddluck Jonathan by being soft unnecessarily towards Hausas-Fulanis. The Governors of Igbo stock should RISE UP now and not go cap-in-hand to Buhari. RATHER, look him to his face and declare political autonomy of the East – not Biafra, but one Nigeria not dictated by Hausa-Fulani – controlled Central Government, not dictated by sharia Legal System, not dictated by sultanate Council of Sokoto, not dictated by quoran – instigated National Assembly, BUT purely, 100%, dictated by the revered ETHOS of democracy, enthused in Jeneva Convention on Human Rights called United Nations Convention on Human Rights (UNCHR) 1948.

Buhari is one of those that propagated bokoharam in Northern Nigeria. he is also one of the Chief Sponsors of bokoharam and all islamic agenda. Buhari is no democrat at all. Please make no mistake about this. Buhari was asked in BBC as he visited Britain during his campaign “should you win and become President of Nigeria, would you disbar sharia?” Buhari replied, retorted:

“I will not only make sharia a code of governance in Nigeria, but in entire Africa”.

This is a man who was declared winner of Nigeria Presidential elections shortly after. What do you expect from Buhari? Buhari is the incubation of islamic interest.

Buhari is the doyen of corruption in Nigeria. in 1978, as Petroleum Minister when naira was far more than dollar, Buhari siphoned 2.8 billion naira, equivalent to 5.6 billion dollars using his in law, the man that married his first daughter as surrogate. This young man was intercepted in Uganda by the Ugandan dictator – Idi Amin Dada and compromise reached. Idi Amin was settled and Buhari proceeded to Saudi Arabia with his CUT. Obasanjo was the Head of State and was privy to it and had his CUT too to have permitted it. Obasanjo could not have said no then because he was a toothless bull dog as Head of State because Sokoto Caliphate was the defacto Head of State.

Obasanjo was checked seriously by Sokoto Caliphate syndicates in his cabinet especially the duo of Buhari and Shehu Musa Yar’Adua. But in his second Missionary Journey, Obasanjo recollected himself and recoverd from Hausa-Fulani hypnosis. But due to unkempt zeal for third term, Obasanjo who was on the best vantage position to correct Nigeria, wasted a golden opportunity to tame islamic insurgents of Hausa-Fulani.

With that recovery, the islamists recovered and recouped in Nigeria to bounce on Jonathan through his inherent weakness. Jonathan was busy laughing everything out and laughing power out, surrounding himself with muslims.

Then came the 53 suit cases, a corruption racked by Buhari via Colonel Abubakar Kangiwa Umar, the then Military Governor of Kaduna State. He was caught in Airport, laundering money for Buhari, stuffed 53 suit cases with Nigeria’s hard naira currency. Umar was asked who owned it? He said, “from Head of State, “so, it cannot be searched”.

In 1984, Buhari set to exonerate himself and Obasanjo in the 5.6 billion Us dollar – saga o f1978. He was the Military Head of State then. He wrote a well crafted script, exonerating himself from blame in the squandering or siphoning of 5.6 billion US dollars in 1978 with Obasanjo. He called Ayo Irikefe, Justice of Supreme Court to READ the script and legally free him from the gulag of blame in the siphoning – squander mania.

Ofcourse, Ayo Irikefe could not have said no, since Buhari was a maximum ruler. He could not muster courage to refuse. It is only people like Comrade Kindness Jonah that can resist Buhari even in Power as a maximum ruler. Only few on earth have that courage to say no, no matter the reward or punishment. Ayo Irikefe was not in that category of human beings. He acquitted and exonerated Buhari and Obasanjo in the clearly looted 5.6 billion US dollars in 1978.

If you convert 5.6 billion US dollars of 198 to the same billions of dollars in June, 2015, what do you have? Answer me!!! Surely, you have multiple billions of dollars not less than 700 billion dollars. If you convert it to billions of naira, no calculator, and hardly any computer can carry it. That is the money Muhammadu Buhari carted away in 1978. Recall that the money, how many billions of naira in the 53 suit cases is not known. Only Buhari, probably Colonel Umar Kangiwa and certainly GOD Almighty knows the quantum of money in naira value.

In 1995, Sani Abacha called Tunde Idiagbon to head the Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF), Idiagbon flatly rejected. Idiagbon was a no nonsense soldier, not tainted with corruption, except that he was an islamic bigot and a terrorist, like every muslim on planet earth. Buhari was the alternative, and he wasted no time in accepting the gold mine called PTF Chairman after all, he had headed Petroleum Ministry in the 70s and knows all the cleavages of eating money. The traces of the 5.6 billion dollars he siphoned in 1978 were hardly recovered because he burnt all paper works. Recall, there was no computer then. But Divinity exposed him in Uganda, another world saw it, it is no hidden matter as every Radio and Television in the world carried it live. Buhari cannot deny it. It is an open secret. AIT Television even aired it in 2015, giving every details of it. That was why Buhari threatened to shut down AIT, but forgot this is no longer military rule. Jesus who is GOD said “there is nothing covered that shall not be made known for the day shall declare (reveal) it”.

So, Buhari stealing 5.6 billion US dollars in 1978 and many billions of naira in the 53 suit cases in 1985 cannot be hidden no matter how hard he tries to cover them. The day has declared it and revealed it according to Jesus statement.

Buhari became PTF chairman in 1995. He made Afri Consortium (APC) the sole firm in handling ALL PTF contracts. Buhari had major share in Afri Consortium (APC). Buhari as a typical tribalist, concentrated more than 90% of ALL PTF contracts in the North, especially in Hausa-Fulani typical lands.

As at May 28, 1999, Buhari had stolen, siphoned, mismanaged 25.76 billion naira. Obasanjo came in and set up inquiry into the activities of PTF which reportedly discovered missing 25.76 billion naira traceable to Afri Consortium of which Buhari made the sole contractor of ALL PTF contracts.

So, which corruption is Buhari set to fight as President of Nigeria now? Which corruption? Ahmadu Bello, the defacto Prime Minsiter of Nigeria in the first Republic, wanted Northern Soldiers in Nigeria Army, whether or not they qualified. Ofcourse majority of them were illiterates by then. Bello went to the secondary schools, convincing male students to get out of secondary schools, not finishing or waiting to write their school certificate examination and join Nigeria Army, and grow in the military.

Buhari was one of them. He was in Katsina Provincial School in class three (3) in 1961. He left in class 3 and joined Nigerian Army. He never finished or took WASCE. He was commissioned in 1963. Buhari rose to become Major-General in Nigeria Army, and became also Head of State.

By Nigeria’s Constitution, Buhari is qualified to be President of Nigeria with Elementary Six Certificate because he had served more than ten (10) years in the Public Service. So, why lying on your certificate, Buhari?

To cover lie, you lie heaps. That is the irony of it all. Buhari can rule Nigeria with only Elementary 6 certificate so far as he had served more than ten years in the public service. But recall that satan is a great destroyer of character and reputation. He destroyed Buhari’s character and reputation. Buhari stood before a Court of Competent Jurisdiction and Lied on Oath claiming that he has WASC which is lies.

Buhari, like every other army officer, attended military schools like Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) which is a tertiary institution, not a secondary institution. Hausa-Fulani was the next to GM in Nigeria by the time Buhari attended NDA, so WASC was secondary to being from Northern Nigeria, especially from Hausa-Fulani.

So, Buhari being a noted son of Sokoto Caliphate, like other Northerners or muslim Hausa-Fulani was admitted by fiat into NDA without WASC. This is the truth about Buhari: he has no WASC even until now.

So, in the heat of the forgery saga, to cover his sahme, muslims in the military, in the tutelage of Sokoto Caliphate, said they found the result of Buhari. NDA result was found, not WASC. Buhari has no WASC, but he has NDA which military claimed to have found.

Today, Buhari is the President of Nigeria. As at June 2nd, 2015, Muhammadu Buhari is the Commander-in-Chief, Federal Republic of Nigeria. The euphoria of Buhari becoming President has passed. Buhari cannot really do anything outside Islamizing his principles and their applications to foster the course of islam.

Jonathan was given power on a platter of gold, something he never worked for. But he abused it without knowing it without acting on it. Nothing can be expected of Buhari as a muslim outside Islamizing Nigeria in principle; setting probe on Central Bank to foster islamic banking; setting up sharia courts everywhere to foster islam. Nothing is expected of Buhari because you cannot gie what you do not have. The expectation from Buhari is Zero because islam is not democratic and neither indeed can be.

Who we expected to transform Nigeria was Jonathan, but he fluffed the chance, wasted the opportunity. Today Jonathan is deceived as “an Envoy of UN on global Crisis”, a post posted as a bait to lure him out of Power by Barak Obama, the muslim President of America.

Jonathan fell hook-line-and-sinker to islamic cage propelled by Jega. Enough for Jonathan that he has been once President of Nigeria, and that is alibi. Enough is enough for Jonathan. Let him go and rest: he has ruled Nigeria.

But posterity will not forgive Jonathan for failing to restructure Nigeria when he has the whole chance in the world.

Jesus Bless!!!

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