Bible says “A double minded man is unstable in his ways”. Bible says “I wish thou art either hot or cold, but now you art lukewarm, I will spew you out of my mouth”.

The problem of God is Lukewarmers. Radicals and ofcourse anybody God uses anybody God uses must take stand on one side before attracting God. So it is with man. Any double dealer is the most repugnant fellow on earth. God and man hate anybody called “all-weather”. He can deceive at anytime because he takes no stand. “Anything goes” is his name.

Recall that in the case of Dr. Oti Alex, the questionable authentic candidate of APGA in Abia State Guber Race, it is normal for Aro people to live anywhere: normal to them and Hausa Fulanis as their Northern brothers in Nigeria: both ethnic nationalities behave alike.

But in any same sane society, it is abnormal, but Aros say it is normal.

But let us now say that its normal. The problem of dual personality is the issue. Even if you are an Aro living in Ngwaland having your ancestral home in Aro as there are many Ngwas living outside Ngwaland having their ancestral homes in Ngwaland or living in Ngwaland and being an Ngwaman with Aro origin.

The two are, 100%, separate. There are many Aros outside Arochukwu who cannot return home again but have naturalized in their places of domain. They are Aros with lost parental identity which makes it inhuman to regard them as Aros in the places they live because they have 100% imbibed the culture of the places they live in.

For instance, Alex Ekwueme, the former Vice President of Nigeria is from Oko in Anambra State, but history has it that his fore fathers are from Arochukwu in Abia State. So, also the cerebral writer of Ndikelionwu in Oko axis also – Chukwuemeka Ike. Also the present and past Governors of Ebonyi State – Martin Elechi and Sam Egwu. Also in this category is the former Governor of Central Bank Paul Ogwuma of Isiala Ngwa.

These people are Aros by migration, but have 100% internalized and acculturalized in the places they live in and maintain 0% link with Arochukwu in Abia State, so that it will be 100% anti God, anti human, anti Bible and 100% satanic to say they are Aros. Traditional Ruler of Nike Community Igwe Edward Nnaji is from Aro in Abia State, but 100% an Enugu Man and has no house, link with Aros in Abia State.

Therefore, it will be satan speaking to say that:
1) Alex Ekwueme is from Aro rather than Oko.
2) Chukwuemeka Ike is from Aro rather than Ndikelionwu.
3) Martin Elechi is from Aro rather than Ebonyi State.
4) Sam Egwu is from Aro rather than Ebonyi State.
5) Paul Ogwuma is from Aro rather than Isiala Ngwa
6) Edward Nnaji is from Aro rather than Nike in Enugu State.

These people have 0% link with anything Aro:
1) No House in Aro
2) No Family in Aro
3) No Compound in Aro
4) No Village in Aro
5) No Community in Aro
6) So, No DUAL PERSONALITY one in Aro, another in their current dwelling places. No such thing.

1) Has a House, an ancestral home in Nvosi Umuehim in Isiala Ngwa, South L.G.A.
2) Has a House, an ancestral home in Arochukwu in Old Bende, Ogboo Area of Abia North.

Recall that it is not a crime to have house in Arochukwu and Ngwa land. That is not the problem. The issue is ANCESTRAL HOME.

You CANNOT have two Ancestral Homes as a human being. You are born into one family, not two at a time; into one village, not two at a time, into one country, not two at a time.

If you grow up to change your citizenship, declare it wide open that you, henceforth wish to be called ……………………… no more this …………………… this is what women do when they get married.

You cannot come from Arochukwu and come from Ngwa at the same time. When the father to Alex Otti died, he buried him in Ngwaland, but quickly ran to Arochukwu, no Ngwaman chasing him out, to build a house in Arochukwu, claiming to be from Arochukwu, publicly stating such and saying such. Of course, no Ngwaman queried him. By that time, he had no political clot and no body knew him. AROS REJECTED him. He quickly RAN BACK to Ngwaland and built another big house there, apart from the one he built in Arochukwu where they rejected him.

1. Sell off the house he built in Arochukwu and publicly declare to
be Ngwaman, Alex Otti would not do that.

2. Sell off the house he build in Nvosi Ngwaland and publicly
declare to be Aro man, Alex Otti would not do that.

How can you be from Aro and from Ngwa at the same time? Is it obtainable anywhere, where is it obtainable in the world?

Anybody supporting Alex Otti is supporting a rolling stone that gathers no moss. Anybody supporting Alex Otti is supporting somebody God Alimighty has rejected for being neither cold nor hot; for having dual citizenship.

Alex Otti:
1) Where are you from?
2) Are you an Ngwa man or are you an Aro man?

This question must be answered by Alex Otti alone and alone before the Guber Elections: No sentiment or saber-rattling can divert this attention.

I am a human rights activist of note in Nigeria, I stand for justice at all costs. I have no special interest in Otti ruling Abia State. I have no special interest in Okezie Ikpeazu ruling Abia State.

My interest lies in, 100%, correcting the injustice meted against Ngwaland in Abia State for more than a century today by no other than fellow Igbos who always galvanize interests at the dying minute to deny Ngwas the right to rule despite their being in majority in the entire Igboland.

This anomaly must stop.

Okezie Ikpeazu, a son of hated Ngwas by fellow Igbos means that Ngwa is the Unity of Igbos, meaning that when Ngwa interest is involved, all Igbos wherever they come from unanimously unite to frustrate it. This is the game since ages.

This issue I have pointed out in Alex Otti here is enough to call Alex Otti to order. But no Igboman would do that if only to deny Ngwas the right to rule Abia State when the chips are down at the last count.

That informs why All (100%) stranger – elements in Aba Town, have been DONATING millions to have summed up to hundreds of millions or billions in support of Alex Otti who is not qualified to stand election in Abia State because of dual citizenship. They collectively play down on this injustice because Ngwa is involved.


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