Ohakim performed very well in his first tenure.
He built solid roads
He addressed water issues squarely in Imo State by building 1950 water schemes including 4 regional water projects

He is not corrupt. He is free since he came out of Government

He can fight Okorocha project for project,quality for quality,governor for governor,4 years for 4yrs, contacts for contacts,clean environment for clean environment,political structure for political structure. None is better to jam the dragon (Okorocha) than a tested hand.

He is not vindictive and is a good family man, loving and caring

In his first tenure money circulated in the state
He gave Imo youths quality education and quality jobs

He did not lose the last election
He created directly 10,000 graduate jobs and 30,000 non graduate jobs for Imo youths.

He promised Imo youths to bring back the 10,000 graduates that were sacked by Okorocha as well as creating additional 40,000 graduate jobs

He built PDP after the political war of 2007 and none decamped.

He acquired a large portion of land for PDP and designed the parental segment and commercial office complex

He assisted PDP accordingly
Supporting Ohakim means rejecting liars, mudslingers, rumour mongering and pull him down syndrome

He never marginalized any zone or LGA in Imo both in appointments, projects and programmes

He assisted Imo business men and contractors
He built 27 first class and equipped health canters in Imo State

He addressed the issue of environmental degradation in Imo squarely

He should be allowed to complete the 6 flyovers in Owerri across Orlu Road,Okigwe Road,Texto Road, Aba Road and Onisha Road

He should be allowed to complete 3 inner ring roads, all township roads in Owerri, Okigwe,Orlu which are all designed and approved

He should be allowed to implement the actual hand over of schools to missionaries

He should be allowed to upgrade our University to world class University

The choice of Ohakim will address the issue of anti party activities either by Okigwe, Owerri or Orlu

Ohakim will reposition PDP and Imo State for actual rotation

Ohakim needs to complete well thought out programmes for Imo to avoid the total loss of N200 billion projects to abandonment whose design and studies have been made and certified

Acquiring landed properties was not Ohakim's interest

He knows the State government more than any other contestant in PDP

Ohakim has things to show such as quality projects, world class projects and he can compare with Okorocha inch by inch

Ohakim knows PDP in Imo inside out.
He knows Imo State inside out, village to village, ward to ward, projects to projects, traditional rulers to traditional rulers, 10,000 jobs beneficiaries, disbanded LGA officials, Entraco personnel, development centre coordinators, autonomous communities created by him, last state executive committees all totalling 400,000 votes that PDP can harvest

He is well known in all the nooks and crannies of Imo State

The catholic revelation that he did not flog any Rev Father as revealed by Rv Father Mbaka has made him even more popular

He has sympathy of the youths in Imo , the women, clergies etc

He is the only contestant irrespective of party that forgot something in Govt House

Let Ohakim complete the Eco foundation and blue print for Imo

Let him commence building projects for others to take over

We now know that Ohakim is the messiah and not Rochas Okorocha

Ohakim has begged Imo people for forgiveness and promised to do better

Do we forgive him or do we not?
What did he do wrong?
Did he build or did he destroy?
Was he vindictive?
Has any allegation levelled against him been proven?

Was he found wanting in the discharge of his responsibility before and during the last election?

Was he not deliberately castigated in other to destroy him?

As a Christian, a family man, a delegate and party member cant we do something to address these human damaging injustice against Ohakim?

For the interest of justice, equity, law and order, the 10,000 graduate jobs, our dying civil service, labour force, market men and women,dying school system lets bring back Ikedi Ohakim. Imo youths must regain their jobs.

Rochas has only 4 years, Ohakim has only 4 years
One vote at the primaries not given to Ohakim is a vote indirectly given to Rochas as Ohakim has the PDP structure to knock out Rochas. This is an indisputable fact in Imo today zoning or no zoning

Ohakim has the capacity and advantage. Let's use Ohakim to wrestle power out of the dragon and to continue the rotation

Ohakim is a veteran
He has advantage of 4 years
He has advantage of leadership qualities
He is known all over the villages in Imo State
He has political structures in the 3 political zones in Imo State(Owerri,Okigwe,Orlu) unlike other aspirants that are known only in their constituencies.

PDP should harvest the over 400,000 votes that Ohakim can attract from development centres he created,LGA former councillors and chairmen, party representatives and leaders from the 305 wards of Imo State to national level, autonomous communities and ezes he created, lawyers and students who enjoyed his bursaries and scholarships, catapulted profile as a result of the revelation that he never flog a priest as revealed by Rv Father Mbaka

Those in PDP who are today urging in-experienced aspirants on for the sake of money know the importance of second tenure.

Some of the PDP aspirants are former commissioners during Ohakim's tenure.Can anybody know his mother more than his father? Let them collapse their structure to that of Ohakim.

Ohakim has the best media team among the PDP aspirants and has been in the fore front in the quest for PDP to reclaim Imo State since 2011

He stands in a unique position with regards to Imo chatter of equity and a return of zoning in Imo State

He is the only aspirant that his emergence will not offend zoning and the sensibility of Owerri people as he cannot qualify for a re election in 2019

He built quality roads during his tenure
Owerri was declared the cleanest state during his tenure

Having been a governor, he still commands a very high popularity in the state

His name recognition is unmatchable by any aspirants in PDP

He remains very highly liked in Imo
He has the most intimidating political structures among all PDP aspirants

Let him come and re- introduce his vision that obviously led to massive job creation, youth and women empowerment, industrialization, solid road construction, rural development driven by democratically elected local government system and environmental cleanliness that made Owerri the cleanest state capital in Nigeria during his time

Ohakim should be supported to come back to power in Imo before Okorocha finally mortgage the future of our unborn children through his abracadabra. Save Imo Now.


Kenneth Uwadi
Mmahu-Egbema, Imo State , Nigeria

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