Human Rights Report: Open Letter To Governors Of Igbo Speaking States On The Necessity Of Power Rotation Your Excellency Sullivan Principle Is The Tonic To Salvage Igbos From Political Emasculation By Fellow Igbos In Igbo-Majority States

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His Excellency, Barrister Sullivan Iheanacho Chime, as the Executive Governor of Enugu State, is solidly against retainership of Power more than is necessary by any one particular individual in the law makers or any one particular zone in the case of Presidency or Governorship. In the Presidency or Governorship, the Constitution is clear on the maximum of two terms. In the case of law making, the Constitution is not clear. Sullivan Chime has not hiden his hate against Cloning of Power by deprivation of others or less privileged others. He has maintained that a serving law marker, either in the State or at the Center, who has served two terms, should step down for upcoming younger ones or others who have not felt of it.

In other words, Power should not reside in one particular individual law maker forever even if the Constitution is not clear on tenure of law makers.

As human rights activists, we, 100% pitch tent with Sullivan Chime to realize this in Igbo-speaking states, at least.

In Ebonyi State
Since this State was created in 1995, nobody from the South Senatorial Zone has ruled or has been allowed to rule the State. Worse still, only about 5% of the State work force come from the South Senatorial Zone.

They are treated as 3rd-class or even 4th -class citizens in the State, despite their population and high literacy rate compared to other sectors of the State. This is inhumanity of man against man. We state categorically clear that somebody from Afikpo Zone should be the next Governor of Ebonyi State.

In Enugu State

Our darling Governor Barrister Sullivan Chime has clearly stated that Power must go to the North, the Nsukka Zone, and we all support it. This Zone comprises the following Local Government Areas: Nsukka, Igbo-Etiti, Uzo-Uwani, Igbo- Eze North, Igbo-Eze South and Udenu. Of these, Uzo-Uwani and Igbo-Eze South are in very clear minority by virtue of appointments so far into State and Federal Government portfolios since Enugu State was created. We as human rights crusaders, advocate that the State Governors has to come from these minorities in the Zone if equity is to be seen, to be done.

Also, Governor Sullivan Chime should out rightly drop his intention to go to the Senate if and only if, the Senator from his Zone sees reason to drop his quest for the upcoming ones. Otherwise, Sullivan should go to the Senate to stop him.

We as activist, do not subscribe to a sitting Governors whose tenure is retiring to wangle his way to the Senate as if corridors of Power is their eternal farm land in exclusion of others. We say that anybody who has served two tenures whether he is Governor or land maker or Counselor or Chairman Local Government, should leave for others to occupy the Post. In this way, the blessings of continuity would be presented and development would soon overtake Nigeria.

In Anambra State

HUROCON undertook to write the former Governor Peter Obi during his tenure of the necessity of Power shifting to Anambra Nor6th for Onitsha man and his brothers to having a sense of belonging since the State was created in 1991. Anambra North People's Assembly invited HUROCON to sermonize on this relevance in a Seminar held at Tourist Garden at Aguleri. Today it has paid off as Dr. Willie Obiano from Anambra North has assumed Power. At least, there is a sense of belonging in Anambra State. Whether Peter Obi ruled well or not, he has at least, allowed Power to shift, and we praise him for that.

In Delta State

The people of North Senatorial Zone, the Igbos, the Aniomas, are like sheep for the slaughter in distribution of political patronages since the State was created in 1991. They form less than three (3%) percent of the workforce. The political marginalization is 100% too glaring to be hidden. Even the marginalizers themselves agree to the political emasculation.

We advocate that Power should shift to Delta North in 2015 and that Emmanuel Uduagham as the sitting Governor, must do all he can to actualize this.

In Imo State

Since the State was right rephraised in 1991, the Mbaise man of Imo West Senatorial Zone, despite his high literacy and dense population, has been technically denied access to the Government House. And as the hate game and political gerrymandering continue, the possibility of Mbaise man becoming Governor of Imo State, without adequate measures to stem the imbalance by the powers that be, is near zero.

We activist, affirm that Power should go to Mbaise Section of Imo West Senatorial Zone for equity and fair play to bear on the State.

In Rivers State

The State was created in 1967 and Diette Spiff was made Military Governor by Yakubu Gowon. When civil rule came, Melfond Okilo from Ikwerre became Governor. Since, then nobody from Kalabari or Ogoni has ruled Rivers State. Recall that Rivers State owns its name to the intertwining Rivers and Greeks in Ogoni and Kalabani lands, others are mainland.

Good a thing, the sitting Governor, Rotimi Amaechi has towed the line of Sullivan Chime and Peter Obi, by stamping his feet on the ground that Power must shift to Ogoni and Kalabari Section.

We as human rights activists praise him for the decision in the midst of hawks against it from his own Ikwerre Clan.

In Abia State

It appears that the situation or do we call condition of Ngwa man in Abia State is the most pitiable in the whole Federation of Nigeria. Ngwa man is in very clear majority in the State. Infact, more than 70% of the population are Ngwa people, others share the rest 30%.

But, the democratic dictum that 'majority carries the vote' is not true in Abia State. It is rather the opposite, minority rides and carries the vote.

Since the State was created in 1991, the by far majority Ngwa man has been relegated to more than 10th-class citizen. The Ngwa's supplied information to HUROCON that their plight did not start today in the hands of fellow Igbos. In the distribution of political patronages in defunct old Imo State, they were denied Governorship despite their being the most populated Clan even in entire Igbo land; they were denied, as they claim, the Imo Airport considering the commercial nature of Aba. They claim that Sam Mbakwe sited University Campus at Aba, but when Ike Nwachukwu came, we activists can clearly attest to this, he put the littered campus into one campus university at Uturu, Old Bende.

The Ngwas still lamenting their woes in Abia State, clam that Abia Charter of Equity says that the State Capital should be between Ntigha and Ubakala that is, part of old Aba Division. And part of old Bende Division, thus short changing the larger Ngwa community. But when Babangida created the State in 1991, Ike Nwachukwu worked to change the Charter by ensuring that the Capital was put at Umuahia, entirely in Old Bende Division, short changing the larger Ngwa community.

We activists, in receiving the report from Ngwa people on their plight in Abia State, as we are now documenting, do appeal to powers that be, that the sordid situation of Ngwa man in Abia State should be critically re-addressed with an air of positivism.

Of the Judges in the State Judiciary, they claim that only three (3), representing 2% are from Ngwaland. Of the work fore of more than 10,000 people, only less than 1,500 representing 2.5% are from Ngwaland, they claim, the rest 97.5% of workers of the State are from Old Bende Division.

Aba, the commercial nerve center of the State is an eyesore, and we activists, as well as every Nigerian who goes or passes through Aba attests to this. Through we may not be from Abia State, but as activists, we have dossier on the State, on the condition of Aba Town in particular which we use to extrapolate on the position of Ngwaland generally.

We, therefore, make passionate, spirited appeal to this Excellency, Dr. T.A. Orji, the Executive Governor of Abia State, to please, as a matter of urgency, END this HATE-GAME against Ngwas in the State by handing over the reigns of Power to somebody from Ngwa land EXCLUSIVELY come 2015.

We were duly informed that when Power was leaving Abia North Senatorial Zone to Abia Central, The Umuahia man argued that Power should not leave them and swing over to Ngwa man in the same Senatorial Zone based on clannish consideration, and people of the State agreed. Now the Power is leaving Central Senatorial Zone Purportedly to the South Senatorial Zone. The question now is what is the position of the Ngwa man in the Abia Central Senatorial Zone? We, therefore, imploy His Excellency to use his initiative to give equity to Ngwa people in Abia Central Senatorial Zone. In all, we say that Power MUST shift to the Ngwa man as in clear majority in Abia State.

Copy to:

His Excellency, Barr. Sullivan Chime Executive Governor, Enugu State,

His Excellency, Dr. Willie Obiano, Executive Governor, Anambra State,

His Excellency, Chief Martin Elechi, Executive Governor, Ebonyi State

His Excellency, Dr. T. A Orji, Executive Governor, Abia State

His Excellency, Owelle Ananyo Okorocha, Executive Governor, Imo State

His Excellency, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, Executive Governor, Delta State

His Excellency, Chief Rotimi Amaechi, Executive Governor, Rivers State

His Excellency, Goodluck Jonathan, Executive President, Federal Republic of Nigeria


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