The recent declaration of the state of emergence by President Goodluck Jonathan over three dreaded and coldhearted terrorist afflicted northern states, Borno, Yobe and Adamawa indicated the massive loss of lives and property worth billions of naira destroyed by the self-styled terrorist groups in Nigeria. The 1999 amended constitution of section 305 (1) Subject to the provision of this constitution, the president may be instrument published in the, official gazette of the Government of the federation issue a proclamation of a state of emergency in the federation or any part thereof(2) The president shall immediately after the publication, transmit copies of the official gazette of the government of the federation containing the proclamation including the details of the emergence to the President of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives each of whom shall forthwith convene or arrange for a meeting of the House of which he is President or Speaker as the case maybe, to consider the situation and decide whether or not to pass a resolution approving the Proclamation (3) The President shall have power to issue a Proclamation of a state of emergency only when (a) The federation is at war; (b) The federation is in imminent danger of invasion or involvement in a state of war(c) There is actual breakdown of public order and public safety in the federation or any part thereof to such extent as to require extraordinary measures to restore peace and security;(d) there is a clear and present danger of an actual breakdown of public order and public safety in the federation or any part thereof requiring extraordinary measures to avert such danger; (e) there is an occurrence or imminent danger, or the occurrence of any disaster or natural calamity affecting the community or a section of the community in the federation; (f) there is any other public danger which clearly constitutes a threat to the existence of the federation; or (g) the president receives a request to do so in accordance with the provisions of subsection (4) of this section with the provisions of the 1999 constitution, President Goodluck Jonathan has every right to declare on the terrorism-afflicted north eastern states without reservations.

Since 2009 when the indigenous Islamic sect popularly known as Boko Haram was formed by the late Mohammed Yusuf which was allegedly sponsored by one prominent northern politician and over 10,000 innocent and hapless Nigerians have been unscrupulously and callously murdered with no just cause including Christians in the north. Though many state of emergencies have been declared by Jonathan's government, yet the security situation is clinically deteriorating as a result of certain northern cabals who felt the apex leadership ought to be zoned to the north after the demise of President Musa Yar'Adua.The issue of Boko Haram against western education is no longer relevant rather than a political undertone to capture the leadership of the country at all cost with severe security threat while second term of President Goodluck Jonathan is being threatened by powers that be. Although senseless killings in the north started politically since 2001 when former President Olusegun Obasanjo was still in power. The political Jihadists started their public killings far back in the colonial era but were not facially pronounced but it was orchestrated in the formation of Nigerian Political parties while unnecessary crises erupted in the north at then. The Boko Haram emergence could also be traced to the high level of poverty ravaging the north in spite of many key northerners in power and youth unemployment is at geometrical progression. One of the notable northern business moguls said many low income earners in the north cannot care for their children who averagely 75 percent of children are perpetual beggars while their parents have besieged their homes.

It is sad that Boko Haram is now compared to Niger Delta militants that fought for the total marginalization of the people in the Niger Delta region which prompted the creation of Niger Delta Ministry and Amnesty for the repentant militants by the late President Musa Yar' Adua, while some traitorous and voracious prominent northerners were frontally agitating for amnesty for Boko Haram members. The issue of Boko Haram fighting against western education is no longer relevant but decides to take delight in killing human beings as animals. Even setting up an amnesty committee by federal government to confront the perpetual killings of hapless Nigerians cannot solve the security situation because some political cabals are part and parcel of the callous violence in the north. Most of the operations of Boko Haram are politically masterminded by some highly placed persons who hate tranquility in the country. To some extent, Boko Haram operations have been linked to the Arab world while members of the sect are digitally trained and fully armed to the core than Nigerian security operatives.Boko Haram has brought untold hardship and create unnecessary disunity of the people in the country. Security operatives are now

preying to the infamous activities of sect and cult groups in the north. The federal government is unable to tackle the security threats over the years with empty promises to the armless Nigerians. The fear of living in the north is beginning of many people dying innocently while property worth millions of naira destroyed by these unrepentant sect members who refuse federal government amnesty plan recent times.

Despite the urgent declaration of the state of emergence in the three northern states by President Jonathan, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) Secretary, Rev Faye Pama Musa was shot dead in Maiduguri's residence by unknown gunmen.Boko Haram operatives have sophisticated arms and ammunition to confront the Joint Military Task Force(JTF) without hesitation. The fact remains that some of our security operatives are part and parcel of giving Boko Haram operators information to attack government. Thousands of security operatives have been killed across the country in course of protecting and serving their father's land.Apart from the three states which the federal government has declared a state of emergence, states like Gombe, Kano, Kaduna, Bauchi and most recently Bayelsa, Taraba, Benue and Nasarawa states have been greatly attacked by the Islamic sect members. Even Lagos, Kwara , Delta and other states are prone to Boko Haram attacks but be intercepted by security operatives. The problem is that Nigeria as a country is under the siege of Boko Haram which only prophetic prayers from great ministers of God can save the country from breakup. If security operatives are killed in thousands on daily basis in Nigeria, then who will bail the country out? President Goodluck Jonathan cannot protect Nigerians only because we have shortage of security operatives across the country

Again, some of the political leaders and elders must be cautioned on statements in the media over Boko Haram attacks which deduced that some of these callous attacks are being carried out by paid members of the sect while sponsors of this act are at alert to watch government algebraic formula to fight security situation in the country.Boko Haram members are not spirit but human beings who decide to make the country ungovernable for President Goodluck Jonathan. Does Allah allow people to be killed unjustly and wickedly? Many Christians living in the north have been killed while ultra modern churches destroyed by the sect members. Boko Haram has been divided into several rivalry groups to terrorize innocent people in the north.

Lastly, President Goodluck Jonathan should genuinely tackle security challenge without any political undertone now.

BY GODDAY ODIDI. PUBLIC AFFAIRS ANALYST. 08058124798. 20 Oro street , Ajegunle Apapa Lagos.

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