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The following are unrepentant sponsors and protagonists of bokoharam in Nigeria:

1. sultan of Sokoto- HRH S. Abubakar III
2. Vice President, Nemadi Sambo
3. emirs of Hausa – Fulani origin
4. sheiks, imams and alfas of the North
5. Senator Ali Ndume
6. Governors Shettima, Ibrahim Geidam, Isa Yaguda and Governors of Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi, Katsina and Kano.

Otherwise, how can somebody in his right senses call on the President to grant amnesty to killers, maimers and suicide bombers? How can somebody solicit for amnesty to somebody guilty of treasonable felony? So, everybody would handle gun when he is displeased with the system, and kill only to seek for amnesty.

Biafra seekers called MASSOB should be given amnesty for seeking to secede from Nigeria. Infact, MASSOB don't harm, kill, don't carry gun. Why shouldn't MASSOB be given amnesty?

Hausa-Fulani remains the problem of Nigeria until tomorrow. islam remains the problem of this world until tomorrow. Mohammed remains cursed until Jesus comes, so manufacturers of toilet roll in Nigeria should stop production forthwith because toilet roll has value, while Koran has zero value. Every page of Koran should be torn and used for toilet to clean the anus. Respect should be given to toilet roll and not to Koran. Recall that Mohammed married a nine year old girl, and was chased out from Mecca, and he ran to Medina from where he founded this religion from bottomless pit called islam. African proverb says: whatever the snake produces must be long. So, I am not surprised at all at what muslims do. They are simply doing the biddings of and are representatives of their father called rapist Mohammed.

This piece is submitted by Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah, President of ROMKEEP: Rights of Man Keep, a, Human Rights Activist Group with motto. “Dismantling the structures of injustice whenever man is found”. You can Google his other write ups.

Comrade Kindness Innocent Jonah
+234 803 – 6662 – 901
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